IT Staff Augmentation Services: Essential Things You Need to Consider

The lack of skilled professionals is the biggest barrier to adoption for two-thirds of emerging technologies. The IT industry is facing a severe shortage of tech talent.  

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The lack of skilled professionals is the biggest barrier to adoption for two-thirds of emerging technologies. The IT industry is facing a severe shortage of tech talent.

Table of Content: 

1. When Do You Need to Choose IT Staff Augmentation? 

2. Things You Need to Consider for Using Staff Augmentation  

3. How to Choose the Best Staff Augmentation Service Provider? 

4. How IT Staffing Augmentation with VLink Works? 

5. FAQs– 


According to PwC research, the skills gap & talent shortage in the United States alone are projected to total a loss of $8.5 trillion. That's where IT staff augmentation services come in!  

Staff augmentation helps companies minimize upfront recruitment costs and shorten the time to fill talent gaps.  

Undoubtedly, IT experts' demand has skyrocketed, and the staff augmentation industry is growing faster than ever. Statista states worldwide IT sector revenue will reach $1,570.00 billion by 2027.  

So, if you are considering adopting an IT staff augmentation model for your business, you must consider a few essential things. In this blog, we will explore when to choose tech staff, how to use staffing agencies, and things to consider right IT staffing services. 

Let's go for it. 


When Do You need to Choose IT Staff Augmentation? 

 When Do You Need to Choose IT Staff Augmentation

You can choose IT Staff Augmentation in several scenarios: 


If You Need Specialized Skills with Experience 


Small and mid-sized companies may struggle to hire fully skilled and experienced candidates for every web and mobile app development services. Even large companies with expert IT staff may require hyper-specialized consultants.  


Staff Augmentation provides flexibility by allowing companies to accept projects despite skill limitations. 

If You Want to Manage an Increased Workload 

IT companies frequently encounter challenges related to the growing workload placed on their employees. Companies often opt for seasonal hiring as a solution to effectively address this issue.  

By leveraging staff augmentation, you gain the advantage of flexibility in hiring resources specifically for periods of increased workload. This approach relieves your company from hiring full-time employees and downsizing the workforce once the workload stabilizes. 

If You Want to Complete a Short-Term Project 

The IT industry is the most rapidly expanding sector, showcasing remarkable technological advancements and substantial revenue generation. However, businesses often encounter challenges when presented with projects involving cutting-edge technology for which they lack the necessary expertise.  

In such cases, Staff Augmentation can be a valuable solution. By leveraging the services of outsourcing companies, you can hire skilled developers with relevant experience.  

In addition, you can seamlessly integrate them with your existing team, enabling them to confidently accept and undertake your development projects. 

If You Need to Save Costs 


Staff augmentation offers a viable solution if you're concerned about the costs associated with maintaining a complete workforce. 

By hiring temporary developers to support your existing in-house teams, you can save a significant amount of money compared to maintaining a larger, full-time staff.  

This cost-effective approach allows you to access the talent you need without incurring the expenses of a permanent workforce. 


If You Want to Upgrade and Innovate 


Software companies often encounter a sense of stagnation when working on multiple projects, which can lead to a lack of innovation. This lack of innovation affects the company's overall performance and leaves the staff feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. 

By leveraging the staff augmentation approach, companies can bring new perspectives and fresh minds to rejuvenate their teams.   

Diverse talent helps establish a culture that fosters result-oriented ideas and encourages innovative thinking. By embracing Staff Augmentation, companies can invigorate their workforce and create an environment conducive to generating creative solutions. 


Things You Need to Consider for Using Staff Augmentation  


 Things You Need to Consider for Using Staff Augmentation

A flexible workforce, wide talent pool, and cost-effectiveness are some benefits that define how IT staff augmentation can drive your business to success.  

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However, it’s essential to know implementing these services to enjoy staff augmentation benefits.  

Here are some things you need to consider implementing staff augmentation correctly. 

Identify Your Company's Skill Gap 


Before embarking on the staff augmentation process, it is crucial to identify your specific needs.  

Do you need a particular skill set or expertise for a project? Do you require additional resources to meet a demanding deadline?   

Understanding your needs will assist you in selecting the appropriate staff augmentation provider and guaranteeing the achievement of your desired outcomes. 

Go with the Right Staff Augmentation Agency 


The market is flooded with many staffing agencies and providers. So, selecting an organization with industry-specific expertise and the ability to deliver the talent you require becomes crucial.  

Seek out a provider with a sterling reputation and a well-established history of accomplishments. 

Define the Scope of the Project 


Establishing a clear scope for the project is crucial to ensure a seamless staff augmentation process.  

Defining the scope will enable you to identify the precise tasks, deliverables, timeline, and budget associated with the project. This clarity will contribute to a smoother execution of the staff augmentation process. 


Establish Communication Protocols 


Effective communication is crucial in collaborating with a remote team or augmented staff. Establishing well-defined communication protocols, which involve regular check-ins and progress reports, is essential.  

These protocols are instrumental in fostering a shared understanding among team members and ensuring the smooth progress of the project according to the established plan. 


Set Clear Expectations 


Establishing clear expectations at the outset of the staff augmentation process is paramount. It is crucial to ensure that all parties involved comprehensively understand their respective roles, responsibilities, and the project's goals and objectives. 

Manage the Augmented Team 


Effectively managing an augmented team necessitates various essential aspects. These include offering comprehensive support and guidance, establishing realistic goals and deadlines, and fostering a positive and collaborative work environment, even working with remote team members. 

By following these practices, businesses can effectively use staff augmentation to increase their workforce and achieve their goals.  

How to Choose a Trustworthy Staff Augmentation Company? 


If you want access to the skills and resources your business needs to thrive in today's competitive market, hiring the best staff augmentation agency is essential.  

Choosing the best IT staff augmentation model requires careful consideration of your business needs, the different staffing models available, and the skills and experience of your staff augmentation partner. 

Here are a few steps you need to follow to select the best staff augmentation service provider: 

Check for Relevant Experience 


When selecting a partner for a staff augmentation project, finding a company with pertinent industry experience is crucial. It ensures that they comprehensively understand your business requirements and can furnish you with the appropriate talent for your project. 

Assess Technical Expertise 


Suppose you want the finest resources for your project. In that case, you must engage a proficient staff augmentation service provider equipped with a vetted team of professionals and a robust history of accomplishments.  

Such an agency guarantees access to top-tier talent and a proven track record of delivering successful projects. 

Look for Cultural Fit 


Selecting a staff augmentation partner requires careful consideration of cultural fit. It is crucial to ensure that their values harmonize with your organization's values to foster a seamless collaboration with your internal teams and acquire suitable talent. 


Identify Communication Skills 

Clear and effective communication plays a vital role in the success of any project. Therefore, hiring a software outsourcing vendor with outstanding communication skills is imperative.  

Make sure your augmented team has the capability to convey information concisely and understandably. 

Examining Security and Data Privacy Policies 


Regarding IT staff augmentation, it is of utmost importance to review and assess the security and data privacy measures in place.  

Choosing a company with well-established and stringent security protocols and policies is advisable to ensure your valuable data's safety and confidentiality. 

Check References 


Conducting a thorough reference check before finalizing an IT staff augmentation company is crucial. Engage in conversations with other clients to gain insights into their experiences and verify the provider's ability to fulfill their commitments. 


Assessing Costs 

When engaging in the staff augmentation process, evaluating costs becomes crucial. It is essential to compare the various pricing models of companies and ensure that competitive rates are provided without compromising quality. 

Select a Long-Term Partner 


Finally, seek out a company capable of delivering continuous support and possessing the potential to foster a long-term partnership. It will help you establish a robust relationship with the provider, access to the necessary skills and resources as your business expands and adapts. 

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How IT Staffing Augmentation with VLink Works? 


VLink is reputable and certified IT staff augmentation service provider with years of experience empowering businesses with highly skilled IT talent.  

Our team has extensive experience collaborating with diverse clientele, from well-funded startups and mid-sized businesses to agile enterprises. We have consistently delivered cost-effective and highly effective staffing solutions tailored to their project requirements.  

If your IT team is overwhelmed and lacks the bandwidth to take on new projects or deal with overloaded projects, VLink is here to help.  

Here is the process you can follow to select the right IT expert for your project: 

Share Your Requirements 

When you share your requirements with us, our team will analyze your demand regarding your project. Then you can discuss your required developer qualifications and the contract with us.  

Choose Development Team 


After understanding the requirements, we select suitable experts with the required skill sets. Then we will send their CVs to you.  

Take an Interview 


Once you approve the CVs, you will take the desired tech team's interview to verify their skills.  

Sign Contract 


Finally, you must sign the contract with the selected developers who cleared the interview. Now, you can get a tech team for your project.  

You can connect with our dedicated software development team by following these steps. It will help you bridge the talent gap and keep your business moving forward. 

Get started by scheduling a free onboarding meeting with our IT team! 

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Frequently AskedQuestions
Why should you choose IT staff augmentations services?

You should choose IT staff augmentation services because of several reasons: 

  • Quickly scale your IT team based on project requirements 
  • Access to a pool of highly skilled and specialized professionals 
  • Cost savings  
  • Increased productivity 
  • Faster time-to-market 
What are types of staff augmentation?

Different types of staff augmentation services include temporary, contract, project-based, and dedicated team staffing. Temporary staffing involves hiring temporary employees for a specific period.  

Contract staffing involves hiring individuals on a contract basis. Project-based staffing focuses on assembling teams for specific projects. Dedicated team staffing involves hiring a dedicated team for long-term collaboration. 

What is the future of IT staff augmentation?

The future of IT staff augmentation will likely continue evolving with technological advancements and changing work dynamics. Automation and artificial intelligence may streamline repetitive tasks, allowing IT professionals to focus on more strategic and complex projects.  

Remote work and gig economy trends could lead to a rise in freelance IT professionals, creating a more flexible workforce. Additionally, the demand for specialized skills like cybersecurity and cloud computing is expected to grow, prompting IT staff augmentation providers to adapt and offer talent with expertise in these areas. 

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