Rebranding Announcement: VLink introduces a new look to highlight the ability to ‘Engineer Your Experiences’

IT resources partner VLink has expanded its online presence at to better visualize the leading-edge application and information management solutions it is developing for some of the world’s most progressive companies.

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Our re-branding showcases how far we have come from our beginnings as primarily an IT staffing company.  With more than a decade, 100+ satisfied customers, and almost 100% customer satisfaction rating under our belt, we are updating and refreshing the VLink corporate brand identity. 

VLink 2.0 is helping our customers Engineer digital experiences that align with their business goals often with dramatic results.  Recent notable accomplishments include a video-based eCommerce app for one of the country’s major retail chains; 22nd-century artificial intelligence in an automobile manufacturers’ assembly line, a mobile app that is helping diabetic patients live healthier lives, and much more. Check success stories here.

“We’re all about engineering great experiences, whatever experience means to you”, says VLink President & CEO, Sharad Patney. “Maybe you’re a bank and you want your customers to have flawless experiences with a mobile app. Or maybe you’re an old-line manufacturing plant that’s developing and implementing AI right there on the floor. Every company has a vision of how to leverage IT to drive revenue. The best part of this business is partnering with our customers and turning their what-ifs into reality.”

Updated VLink Tagline, Logo, and Color Palette

The ‘Engineering Your Experiences’ tagline is supported by VLink’s updated corporate identity. The re-branding introduces a fresher color palette, fonts, and logo.  They give VLink a contemporary, accessible feel while conveying its core ability to “link” its resources to client needs.

Blue is one of the primary brand colors on the new VLink website and represents authority, trustworthiness, dependability, and reliability. Mulberry, a shade of purple, is another color representing creativity, wisdom, and happiness.  We deal primarily with C-level IT decision-makers who are looking to VLink to resolve their IT challenges.  Our customers trust us with the solutions to improve their business and bottom line.

VLink’s Values Remain the Same

In the spirit of rebranding and refreshing our look the commitment we have provided to our customers has remained the same.  Our CEO, Sharad Patney, and the 400+ team he leads believe whole-heartedly in the ‘VLink Way’ which is supported by the three pillars of Trust, Collaboration, and Accountability.

VLink is headquartered just outside of Hartford in South Windsor, CT, equidistant from its offices in the northeast corridor tech centers of New York City and Boston. It operates with a local/global model, with representatives throughout the country linked to global IT delivery centers in India, Indonesia, and elsewhere. Core services include engineering digital solutions such as web and mobile apps; helping companies migrate to the cloud and optimize their environment; deriving meaningful analytics from data, and contingent workforce staffing.

It’s exciting to share this news with you and we look forward to many more years of serving up excellence in your digital journey, and always doing business the VLink Way!

For more information, contact Tracy Gardner, marketing manager.

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