The Link Between Customers and CIOs

There is no doubt that delivering exceptional customer service is at the root of success for any business today. You don’t typically associate CIOs with customer-centric solutions but they play an important role in developing solutions that deliver the experience improvements customers are looking for.

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Since most customers have admitted that their experience with a business plays a key role in repeat business, it’s become more important than ever to focus on improving those interactions each time they occur. Where does the CIO fit into this? CIOs implement the strategies which enable businesses to uncover significant insights on the needs of customers by collecting the right data and leveraging analytics tools. Choosing the right technologies that deliver seamless, quality experiences is also crucial for these initiatives. Here are 3 things to start doing now to get more in tune with customer needs.

Understand the Relationship

To begin, it’s important to understand first why customer experiences are important for growth and what role exactly you will play in helping the company to achieve that level of satisfaction. Understanding customer goals by researching who your customers are and what they want means you can prioritize objectives, choose technologies that meet demands and even set-up methods to measure success.

Uncover Roadblocks

Being in the role of CIO, it’s nothing new to have to work with other departments within the company to bring the best solutions forward. Without the focus on customer initiatives from the top, there will be less chance of success. Other roadblocks include IT disparity or a lack of understanding of how to meet customer needs.

Invest in Technology

Aside from getting the entire company focused on customer goals, it’s essential as the CIO to put priorities to meet their needs above others. Investing in new technologies that support their desires means you can win them over. If you’re choosing the tools in the background (such as those that collect data and analyze it) you can also hone in on true customer needs and make decisions to align best with their desires.
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