Things You Should Know Before Hiring React Developers

An important member of the JavaScript family, ReactJS is a widely used framework that has helped in the development of some very famous mobile and web applications.

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An important member of the JavaScript family, ReactJS is a widely used framework that has helped in the development of some very famous mobile and web applications.

All types and sizes of businesses choose ReactJS development services to develop modern and user-friendly applications that boost operational efficiency and contribute to business success.

If you want to leverage ReactJS for your next app development project, you need a highly talented team of ReactJS developers to help you tap into the true potential of React. Here is everything you need to know to hire the right talent for your project and business goals.

What Makes React Popular?

Also known as ReactJS, React is an open-source JavaScript library built and maintained by Meta (formerly Facebook) and a community of individual companies and developers. Developing software with React requires minimal coding to craft apps and web pages with better, more interactive UI components.

ReactJS’s growing popularity can be attributed to its performance assurance. It prevents DOM (Document Object Model) updates and assures you of fast-loading apps with better UX than you can build with any other frameworks.

According to data from Stateofjs and Stackoverflow ReactJS web development is the most preferred JS library for building rich and engaging UIs.

Popular Companies Utilizing React

ReactJS is behind the creation of some famous applications like Meta (formerly Facebook), Uber, and Netflix. Today, over 100,000 websites and 9.750 leading companies use React. For instance, AirBnB leveraged React for its component reusability, and the company’s developers have since contributed immensely to the React library.

Dropbox adopted React in 2016 with the intent to improve its service globally. Combined with other JS tools, React helped Dropbox make its operations quicker and smoother across all browsers.

Traits of a Skilled React Developer

React has everything you need to develop high-performing applications. However, you also need to hire ReactJS developers with the right skill set to get the most out of React.

A good place to start is to ask what technical skills are required to work on your project. These can include proficiency in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React Core Concepts, Style, Testing Tools, and Optimization. In addition, your ideal developer must also have strong command over JS features, operations, syntax, and ECMAScript.

A potential developer would require hands-on experience in adjacent technologies compatible with React. The most sought-after technology includes MERN Stack. This is important to achieve a scalable and reliable ReactJS application.

Other key skills to look for:

  • Testing tools and frameworks
  • JavaScript build tools
  • Vision control systems
  • Styling strategies and React fundamentals

React Developers’ Key Roles and Responsibilities

The role of a React developer entails the following responsibilities:

  • Write clean and concise UI code using stylesheets, CSS preprocessors, and JS features.
  • Monitor code constantly to boost app performance.
  • Create reusable UI components and ensure their cross-compatibility.
  • Manage the app’s libraries for developing asynchronous API calls.
  • Use React workflows to draw data from asynchronous API calls.
  • Perform Quality Assurance process, which includes testing tasks like unit, integration, and end-to-end testing.
  • Incorporating necessary plug-ins to support app maintenance.
  • Use software app development resources to create an app around the client’s vision.
  • Deliver a responsive application that works seamlessly on various devices, OS, and resolutions.

Crucial Factors to Consider When Hiring React Developers

  1. Industry Knowledge

When considering potential React developers to hire, test their fundamental knowledge about the industry. A candidate who has done their part to acquire key information on the industry’s trends and terms should be the ideal fit for the role offered.

2. Past Projects

Potential React developers should have a portfolio of the apps they have previously built in React. Their project portfolio helps you evaluate their potential capabilities and how accurately they meet your criteria.

3. Work Experience

Many companies offering ReactJS development services let you opt for an engagement model. It enables you to only pay for the features used in your project. In most cases, you are also allowed to scale up and down with evolving project requirements.

4. Flexibility in Engagement Models

Your chosen software company should be flexible to customize an engagement model based on your business needs. This clarity will also help you understand their scope of involvement in your project and whether they offer full-stack services or only a select few based on the developers’ expertise.

5. Time Zone

Consider the time zone of your offshore software development team to establish a smooth and streamlined workflow. Ensure proactive communication and extra diligence on your part when working with remote developers.

6. Guaranteed Delivery Dates

A service provider should commit to predefined deadlines from the get-go, even before they take up your project.

7. Privacy and Confidentiality

Check if the client privacy and confidentiality policy are in place.  It might be a good idea to sign an NDA prior to sharing assets and documents related to the project.

8. Adjacent Technologies

Potential software development teams should integrate or have the plan to integrate with the technologies in place. For example, if an existing CRM system is Salesforce, it is beneficial if the developer has sufficient knowledge of the tool.

9. JSX and Other React Components

Go for a developer who is open to learning new tools and has as many adjacencies as possible. A potential offshore team should also be experienced in several coding languages.

Cost of Recruiting a React developer?

When Hiring ReactJS developers, look for a team that meets the specifics of your software development project requirements. However, the cost is also a key deciding factor in the search for an ideal offshore team. Several factors influence the cost of recruiting a React developer for a project. To solve the puzzle of cost for any business, start by determining these basic parameters:

  • The size and scope of the
  • The complexity of the features needed in the dream application.
  • The type of engagement expected with the developer.

A thorough evaluation of the project is needed to decide if it can be done with a junior or mid-level React developer or seek a developer with significant experience in the industry.


When hiring ReactJS developers, businesses are looking for the right skill sets and the right fit to help meet and exceed expectations.

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