VLink Collaborative Employee Program for Technologies (VCEPT)

Bring your ideas to VLink! VCEPT our internal program to foster idea generation that may lead to innovative solutions.

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VCEPT is designed to help you brainstorm and develop breakthrough technology innovations.
If your idea/concept creatively solves a business or technical problem within your industry or introduces a new service/product, please contact the VCEPT team.
Let’s discuss your idea and work collaboratively, share best practices, and turn your idea into reality!


Identify an idea or opportunity:

  • Think outside of the box
  • Be innovative
  • Identify the pain points in the industry
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Present the ideas


After pitching your idea, the VCEPT team will conduct a feasibility study to determine viability. Your idea will then either be accepted for continued evaluation or not accepted.


Now that your idea has been accepted, it is time to move to the solutions development phase. The VCEPT team will identify the resources you will need to design, develop and deliver the overall solution.
As a leader on the project team, you are in the driver’s seat as the Product Owner. Grab the wheel and start driving!


Congratulations, your solution has been tested and is ready for launch! But first, you need to market your product. The VCEPT team will provide the resources you need to effectively market your solution.

To submit your ideas, contact the VCEPT Team!
E: vcept@vlinkinfo.com P: 860-247-1400 ext. 152 /ext. 102

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