Why Digitization Is Needed For Telcos

Communications is the lifeblood of business. The ability to collaborate with coworkers, maintain relationships with customers and partners, and so much more – is all made possible thanks to advancing communications.

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As the market continues this transformation and new innovations emerge daily, it’s important for businesses to pay attention.

In this post, we’ll look more closely at the current state of the telecom industry and what’s next. We’ll also discuss how a digital makeover can provide telecom companies with a leading advantage.


Telecom Market Overview


Over the last several decades, communications capabilities have moved quickly from analog to digital and then the next generation of networks. While 3G and 4G capabilities were once the best forms of mobile connectivity possible, today we’re quickly moving into a 5G world that makes communications capabilities stronger and faster than ever.

Industry experts suggest U.S. telecom operators will, “spend around $104 billion between 2015 and 2025 to upgrade existing 4G networks to the upcoming 5G standards and consequently, execute full installation of 5G wireless services.”




With new markets emerging and fixed voices services on their way out, it’s important for telecom providers to start answering to the demand for better collaboration capabilities and technology offerings if they want to keep a competitive edge.

The challenge is in creating new digital offerings that set telecom providers apart from the competition while also helping resolve some of the most important issues plaguing businesses – from customer service to productivity demands.


The Answer is a Digital Makeover


The only way to achieve this is through a digital transformation. Not just by offering better network capabilities, but also the tools and solutions necessary to support a more mobile workforce. That means stronger security measures, more advanced connectivity options and IT teams with visibility and control of the entire network.

Telecos need to invest in digital sales tools, pay attention to market demands, analyze and understand important customer data and deliver on needs in a timely manner to survive.

To get there, they’ll need a group of professionals skilled in developing next-gen offerings that matter. By leveraging DevOps and Agile methodologies, they can better develop critical solutions and maximize efficiency. Also, they need to take advantage of microservices architecture to achieve better flexibility and functionality of applications – ultimately make transitions to new offerings more seamlessly.

At VLink, we’re focused on helping carriers to gain a competitive edge in the crowded field and offer improvements in operations by assisting with the modernization of outdated manual processes as well implementing new technologies and innovations with make it possible to answer future demands, now. 

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