Why Hire Angular 14 Developers For Web Development in 2023: Top Features & Benefits

Angular 14 remedies the various problems and issues that developers have brought up in forums such as Github! For example, one of the problems led to the development of strictly typed reactive forms. 

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The Angular 14 update is now accessible to developers and comes with extensive documentation. Its primary goals are to simplify the development process and improve application performance. An AngularJS development agency can help you tap into the full benefits of this update for your business!

New Updates in Angular 14

The latest update of this google-owned framework hit the market in June 2022 after the wonderful success of Angular 13. Going by the release notes published before the upgrade, this is considered one of the most systematic pre-planned upgrades that Angular has ever received.

The face of Angular web development is certainly changing a lot with this new update. For example, the use of ‘ngmodules’ is now eliminated. This in turn reduces the time taken to build a boilerplate for Angular development. A few more updates that can be seen in Angular 14 are supported for typed reactive forms, Typescript 4.7, CLI auto-completion, and directives. We will look at these updates in detail a little later.

Hire Dedicated Developers Remotely or Onsite

It is a good idea to hire dedicated Angular developer or a team of Angular developers for any concerns regarding this latest update of Angular or using Angular for your platform. Alternatively, you can also tie up with any AngularJS web development company to receive some of their services or create customized solutions if they offer them.

Having hired dedicated developers remotely or onsite working with you will ensure you have someone who can find the correct and appropriate solutions for any problems you face along the way. Especially in case of such major updates, where navigating through the updates would prove to be a mammoth task for anyone not familiar with Angular.

New Features of Angular 14


Angular 14 has come out with some pretty exciting features. Let’s take a look at them next.

Angular CLI Auto-Completion

If you are an Angular developer, you would have worked with Angular CLI before. You would understand how it helps to create modules, directives, and components using commands. Although, this can be a bit difficult as there is a huge number of commands. You would have to sift through the documentation or search the internet to find the command you need.

This is no longer an issue in Angular 14. It offers a real-time type-ahead auto-completion feature. To initiate this feature, you will have to run the ‘ng completion’ command in your CLI for the first time. After that, you can type ‘ng’ and hit the tab to get a list of commands to choose from. Select one and hit Enter to run the chosen command. It is that simple!

Angular 14 can offer more commands like ‘ng generate’ for a project. This feature comes with a lot of benefits:

  1. Enhanced productivity
  2. Fast-paced development
  3. Minimization of errors during programming

Strictly Typed Forms

One of the biggest concerns about Angular was the strictly typed forms. It was also the most requested change for Angular on GitHub. Angular 14 introduces this change as it will be accepting generic type reactive forms.

The auto migration feature will ensure that existing Angular apps don’t break after updating the Angular version. The Angular dedicated developers’ team will also monitor the complexity to ensure smooth transitioning. Another good thing about this is that Angular 14 will not impact template-based forms and developers will still be able to use it. This feature has a lot of advantages:

  1. Improvement in the development architecture
  2. Migration of Angular apps is smooth
  3. No glitches in strictly typed reactive forms

Enhanced Template Diagnostics

This is a very promising update in Angular 14 as the previous version did not have any provision for detecting minor errors. Previously it would simply fail to build if there was a bug. This version, however, comes with a diagnostics feature that lets developers check for minor errors. This feature has added the following benefits to Angular:

  1. Diagnosis of errors, be they minor or major or critical
  2. Detailed diagnosis report
  3. Error-free app development

Streamlined Page Title Accessibility

In Angular 13, adding a page title was streamlined using ‘Route.title’. After this Angular 14 update, developers don’t need any additional imports for adding the page title. Adding custom page titles to better understand the content of the page is now easier than before. 

Optional Injectors

In Angular 14, you will need to use optional injectors via ‘TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView’ and ‘ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView’ to add any dependencies to the object.

Angular DevTools

Angular DevTools is an extension of Chrome DevTools with profiling and debugging capabilities. In Firefox, this plugin can be found in the add-ons section. This is also compatible with Angular 12 and later versions.

Installing Angular 14

You can install Angular 14 simply via the NPM. NPM is like a package manager that consists of the Angular package, its components, and CLI. You just need to write the command ‘npm install –global @angular/cli@next’ in NPM.

You can use this to install the latest version of Angular. If you’re looking to update the version of Angular, you can execute ‘ng update’.

Upgrade to Angular 14

It would be best to hire an Angular developer to get your Angular version updated. The update requires monitoring things like migration and installation which can be easily handled by an expert.

Why Use Angular 14

The updates in this latest Angular version seem very interesting and can prove to be very profitable to businesses. The best part is adding the standalone components feature to Angular. This will definitely make developing applications easier.

Why Upgrade to Angular 14

Keeping in mind the plans to simplify the developer’s work with Angular, it looks like a good decision to update Angular to the latest version. Angular 14 can help improve the overall performance with the help of unique features introduced in this update.


Looking at all these new features, we can say that it is a good idea to upgrade to Angular 14. If you’re facing any troubles it’s best to hire Angular developers to get better insights. You can also choose to approach an AngularJS development agency for your requirements. They can provide on-demand developers to meet your needs. VLink is an expert AngularJS development company that can provide personalized solutions for you to take full advantage of this latest Angular update.

To make the right choice between Angular and React web development frameworks, read the comparison guide that will show you how to choose to hire React developers or Angular developers for your software development project. 

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