Why Today’s Manufacturing Industry Needs DevOps

The manufacturing industry has undergone drastic changes thanks to technology and innovation. From automation to robotics and software advancements, there are so many ways today’s factories are working harder, faster and smarter.

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At the root of these advancements is the coming together of developers and operations teams who are no longer siloed in their approach to updates and changes. Together DevOps are increasing productivity and using automation and monitoring to ensure performance levels are reached. This rids the manufacturing industry of expensive and slow processes and allows them to keep up with today’s fast-paced, competitive environment.
According to Forrester research, 50% of organizations are implementing DevOps in their push toward a successful digital transformation. Driving the innovation forward are industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and insurance.
DevOps in the manufacturing industry is also becoming more and more necessary as industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things find more applications in the space. Software components integrated with machines and processes are key to moving the industry forward.
Here is a closer look at why today’s manufacturing industry needs DevOps.

More Agility

Automation has been a key factor in moving forward manufacturing. In addition to speeding up processes, automation has also allowed companies to become more agile and quickly respond to customer and market needs.
With DevOps, that also means being able to shift and quickly update software and programs to meet needs quickly. Automatic code testing, continuous integration and delivery have removed the slow pace of getting new systems up and running at these facilities.

Better Efficiency

Along with better response and implementation time, efficiency is also changing manufacturing. With DevOps, system admins already tasked with other duties can leave development teams to work on servers and tech requirements while they focus on other necessary IT functions. By working together, the necessary tasks can be completed quickly and deployment times are improved.

Faster Time to Market

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons manufacturing needs DevOps today is the chance to win out the competition and bring products and services to market quickly.  After all, to stay competitive today you need to beat out the competition and offer the most cutting-edge solutions.
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