VLink™ and IntelleXt™ Collaborate for Webinar on Leveraging AI Superpowers | May 2022

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The Silicon Valley firm is using AI to revolutionize negotiations, particularly in the real estate sector. The firm has taken on an ambitious task. Contracts and negotiations are complex. A few years ago, Chan asked how stakeholders can drill down to understand the necessary elements of legal mumbo jumbo of these documents and how to drill down to the salient elements of the negotiations. They asked how remote teams – which often are worldwide and speak multiple languages – can stay in sync and work proactively to ensure that final agreements are beneficial.


The answers to those and related questions were the bedrock of IntelleXt™’s powerful AI platform. It aims to “eliminate contract noise, drive transparency in negotiations and empower communications and collaboration among stakeholders.”

That was two-and-a-half years ago. What Chan was trying to create is very complex, and it took four tries before he put a development team in place to successfully do the job.

The two leaders will discuss the support that a company like VLink™ provides. Nijhawan will elaborate on the idea that a key to successfully developing a platform – especially one as complex and continually changing as artificial intelligence and its offshoot, machine learning – is vital. A landscape of new possibilities has emerged, because of changes in how people work, the telecommunications platforms, and related tools available.

A particularly important piece of the picture as Chan will highlight is finding the right software development team. In many ways, this is the heart of the matter: Having a team on call to handle the dynamic changes that are characteristic of modern business. These changes occur at different levels and involve people with varying levels of expertise.  Nijhawan and Chan will come together in this Webinar to speak of mistakes made, lessons learned, and how to apply them to your industry in this new digital era.

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