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Whitepaper Summary

The first section describes the new era in which offshoring, and nearshoring are increasingly attractive. 
The second section, a conversation with VLink president and CEO Sharad Patney, dives into the critical issues as organizations decide whether they should outsource and, if they do, what conditions make one or the other approach optimal. VLink is an expert software development outsourcing & consulting company with 17+ years of managing and consulting for companies all over the U.S. including Fortune 500’s.


What you will learn in this whitepaper-

  • Why is the pendulum swinging from internal IT departments and in-house developers to outsourcing?
  • What is the difference between nearshoring and offshoring – and when is one preferable over the other?
  • Key things to look for in an outsourcing partner.
  • The risks of relying on an internal software development team.
  • The financial differences between nearshoring and offshoring.
  • Other significant differences between the two types of outsourcing.

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