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Electric vehicle (EV) companies have lately expanded because of developments in digital transformation solutions and environmentally friendly transportation. One of the most interesting areas of growth in the automotive sector is EV app development. By 2030, the size of the worldwide EV market is expected to reach $693.70 billion, as illustrated in the following figure: 

worldwide ev market size

This software helps in the management and optimization of EV consumption. The functions it normally provides vary from real-time battery monitoring to remote vehicle management, trip planning, navigation, and knowledge of the location and accessibility of charging stations.  

This blog is the ideal spot to learn about various sorts of EV app ideas if you're a business owner or entrepreneur trying to grow your corporation in this sector.  

Let's get going and discover the intriguing world of EV app ideas! 

Why Build Custom Electric Vehicle Apps for Successful Business? Time for Facts! 

Here are several stats on why you should invest in custom EV app development: 

Worldwide adoption of electric vehicles is continuously rising because of several factors, such as governmental incentives, falling battery costs, and environmental awareness. It's predicted that EV passengers will account for 58% of all vehicle sales globally by 2040.  

  • According to Statista, EV market revenue is predicted to grow $561.3bn in 2023, and this figure will reach $906.7bn by 2028, at a CAGR of 10.7%. 
  • In 2027, unit sales of EV are predicted to grow 16.21 million vehicles
  • The US electric vehicle market was worth USD 24.03 billion in 2020 and is projected to be worth USD 137.43 billion by 2028. 

Enhanced security, competitive advantages, improved user experience, and customer engagement are some common benefits business owners enjoy with custom EV app development. But there are two important reasons why you should invest in electric vehicle software; 

  • The shift towards sustainable transportation 
  • The rising demand for EV-rates Apps 

7 Successful Electric Vehicle Mobile App Ideas for Your Business 

7 Successful Electric Vehicle Mobile App Ideas for Your Business

App Idea #1 - Charging Station Locator App 

What is the Charging Station Locator App?  

A Charging Station Locator App is a software that helps electric vehicle (EV) owners and drivers find charging stations for their electric cars or plug-in hybrid vehicles.  

How Does Charging Station Locator App Work? 

This EV app uses a database of charging stations, offering map-based searches with filters, real-time status updates, user reviews, and route planning. Users input preferences, view station details, and can sometimes pay for charging via the app. Notifications and user contributions increase the experience. 

Key Features of Charging Station Locator App 

  • Map-Based Search 
  • Search Filters 
  • Station Information 
  • Real-Time Status 
  • User Reviews and Ratings 
  • Route Planning 
  • Payment Integration 
  • Push Notifications 

Incredible Statistics of Charging Station Locator App 

electric vehicle charging stations market size

The market for electric vehicle charging stations is anticipated to surpass USD 239.62 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 30.94% from 2023 to 2031. 

Over 138.100 plug-in EV charging stations will be available in the US by May 2023.  

Nearly 44,600 public and private charging stations may be found throughout California. 

Popular Charging Station Locator Apps 

  • Plugshare 
  • Tesla 
  • EV Energy app 

App Idea #2 - EV Trip Planner App 

What is the EV Trip Planner App?  

EV trip planner app users may organize and arrange their travel. These applications offer details on the availability, cost, and distances between the charging stations along the routes. In order to choose a convenient charging station for the journeys, apps now offer real-time data about the charging stations.  

How Does the EV Trip Planner App Work? 

The software uses the GPS in the user's smartphone or car to find charging outlets in the area. It offers details about the available charging stations, charge rates, and connection type. Some of these also enable users to schedule the station in advance.  

Additionally, it provides information on how long it takes a car to charge completely and recommends the optimal route depending on where the charging stations are located.  

Key Features of the EV Trip Planner App 

  • Route Planning 
  • Charging Station Locator 
  • Real-time Data 
  • Weather and Traffic Updates 
  • User Profiles 
  • EV Model Compatibility 
  • Charging Cost Estimation 
  • Navigation Integration 

Popular EV Trip Planner Apps 

  • Electrify America 
  • EV Trip Optimizer 
  • Greenlots 

App Idea #3 - Battery Health Monitor App 

What is a Battery Health Monitor App?  

EV owners may use EV Battery Health Monitor Apps to assess the efficiency and condition of the battery pack in their vehicles. These applications provide real-time information on the battery's voltage, temperature, charge level, and other important factors that affect the battery's overall health. 

How does the Battery Health Monitor App work? 

These programs function by gathering information from the EV's battery management system (BMS) and giving it to the user in an understandable format. The BMS continuously tracks the battery's performance while wirelessly delivering data to the app. The app may inform the user of the battery's condition after data analysis, including any problems or possible problems. 

Key Features of Battery Health Monitor App  

  • Battery Health Assessment 
  • State of Charge (SoC) 
  • Battery Temperature 
  • Optimization Recommendations 
  • Alerts and Notifications 
  • User Profiles 
  • Security Features 
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility 

Popular Battery Health Monitor Apps 

  • MyGreenVolt 
  • BMW i Report app 
  • EVBatMon 

App Idea #4 - Smart Charging Scheduler 

What is a Smart Charging Scheduler?  

The goal of this app idea is to help EV users to optimize charging schedules. You can consider factors including electricity rates, time-of-use tariffs, and the user's driving patterns. This app can automatically schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours, saving users money and minimizing strain on the electrical grid.  

How Does Smart Charging Scheduler Work? 

A smart charging scheduler optimizes the charging of electric vehicles by taking into account customer preferences, grid statistics, and power pricing. It efficiently meets customers' charging demands while decreasing prices and maintaining grid stability via several functionalities: 

  • Scheduling charging during off-peak 
  • Affordable hours 
  • Adapting to grid circumstances 
  • Integrating renewable energy sources 

Key Features of Smart Charging Scheduler 

  • Real-time Grid Data 
  • Rate Optimization 
  • Grid Demand Management 
  • Renewable Energy Integration 
  • Charging Rate Adjustment 
  • Fleet Management 
  • Grid Support 
  • Remote Control 

Popular Smart Charging Scheduler 

  • JuiceNet by eMotorWerks 
  • ChargePoint 
  • EVgo 

App Idea #5 - Eco Driving Coach 

What is Eco Driving Coach?  

Eco-driving coach's app can provide real-time feedback and instructions on how to drive efficiently and feasibly. It tracks sudden braking & acceleration to alert customers about safe driving conditions and increase the range of their EVs.  

How does Eco Driving Coach work? 

This software helps in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging environmentally friendly driving processes. It's vital to create eco-beneficial driving habits for a clean & green future.  

Key Features of Eco Driving Coach 

  • Real-time Feedback 
  • Fuel Efficiency Tips 
  • Speed Management 
  • Route Optimization 
  • Cruise Control Suggestions 
  • Driver Reports 
  • Safety Integration 
  • Mobile App Integration 

Popular Eco Driving Coach Apps 

  • GreenMeter 
  • Drivvo 
  • Fuelio 
  • OnBoard Speed & Timer 

EV cta

App Idea #6 - Peer-to-Peer Charging Network 

What is a Peer-to-Peer Charging Network?  

A Peer-to-Peer Charging Network for EVs enables individuals to share their private charging stations with other electric vehicle owners. Users can locate available charging spots, negotiate pricing, and arrange convenient charging sessions. It fosters community-driven EV infrastructure expansion and offers cost-effective, accessible charging solutions. 

How Does Peer-to-Peer Charging Network Work? 

A Peer-to-Peer Charging Network allows EV owners to share their private charging stations. Users register on a platform, locate available chargers, negotiate terms, and initiate charging sessions. Charging hosts set their rates and availability, promoting community-based EV charging, fostering cost savings, and expanding charging infrastructure through shared resources. 

Key Features of Peer-to-Peer Charging Network 

  • User Profiles 
  • Real-time Availability 
  • User Reviews and Ratings 
  • Mobile App Integration 
  • Charging History 
  • User Notifications 
  • Fleet Management 

Incredible Statistics of Peer-to-Peer Charging Network 

  • The global peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging market size was valued at USD 128,927.3 thousand in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.3% from 2023 to 2030. 
  • North America accounted for the largest market share and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 22.8% during the forecast period.  
  • The Asia Pacific is the second largest region. It's estimated to reach an expected value of USD 220 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 23.4% 

Popular Peer-to-Peer Charging Network 

  • EVmatch 
  • Chargie 
  • OpenEVSE 

App Idea #9 - EV Fleet Management Software 

What is EV Fleet Management Software?  

Apps for managing electric vehicle (EV) fleets are computer tools that provide businesses and organizations control over and improvement over their EV fleets. These programs provide analytics and real-time data on EV usage, charging status, necessary maintenance, and other crucial fleet management duties. 

How does EV Fleet Management Software work? 

In order to provide fleet managers with insights and recommendations, the EV Fleet Management App collects data from EVs and charging stations. By tracking the whereabouts of the vehicles, the battery levels, and the need for maintenance, fleet managers can use the app to make data-driven decisions that will improve the efficiency and performance of their EV fleets.  

The app may also provide features for route optimization, preventative maintenance, and driver performance monitoring. 

Key Features of EV Fleet Management Software 

  • Vehicle Tracking 
  • Battery Health Monitoring 
  • Route Optimization 
  • Telematics and Performance Data 
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring 
  • Billing and Cost Management 
  • Compliance and Regulation 
  • Integration with Charging Networks 
  • Inventory Management 
  • API Integrations 

Incredible Statistics of EV Fleet Management Software 

managing electric vehicle (EV) fleets management market

  • The global market for fleet management software would increase at a CAGR of 19% from $23.67 billion in 2023 to $79.82 billion in 2030. 
  • With a revenue share of almost 73.8% in 2022, the commercial vehicle sector led the market by vehicle type. 
  • With a revenue share of almost 64.6% in 2022, the solutions category led the market in terms of components. 
  • North American region hold a share of about 33.8% in previous years. 
  • Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% over the forecast period 2023 to 2032. 

Popular EV Fleet Management Software 

  • ChargePoint Fleet 
  • FleetCarma 
  • Greenlots 

So, if you have decided which EV app ideas you will go with for your business, it's time to think about electric vehicle app development costs. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build an EV App? 

The rough market cost of EV Software development in 2023 is as follows: 

Software Type 

Estimated Cost (USD) 

Estimated Time 


$40,000 to $60,000 

3-6 Months 

Moderately Complex 

$60,000 to $100,000 

6-9 Months 

Highly Complex 

$100,000 to $250,000 

9+ Months 


It’s difficult to determine an exact estimate of the EV mobile app development cost. You can consider development team size, stages, location, and other factors to know the exact development price. 

Factors impact the cost of building an electric vehicle app. 

  • App platform 
  • Complexity 
  • UI/UX design 
  • Team size 
  • Company location 

There is no need to mention that the hourly rate of developers, designers, and other experts depends on the region.  

  • For UAE, you may have to pay $60-$65 / hr.  
  • Around $95-$100 / hr in the US,  
  • $80-$90 / hr in Western Europe, 
  • $25-$40 / hr in Asia 

Suppose you are planning to build a successful Electric vehicle software for your business within your budget. In that case, it is better to get in touch with a dedicated EV mobile app development company in the U.S

EV cta

Choose VLink for an Electric Vehicle App Development Solution!  

VLink is a reliable EV app development company integrating the highest EV charging app solutions while building successful electric vehicle software. With our EV mobile app development solutions, you can provide a seamless experience to users, ease your business operations, and ease huge ROIs.  

From electric vehicle charging app development to EV fleet management software development and EV roaming software development, our dedicated development team caters to all your e-mobility software needs.  

For more information about electric vehicle software, contact us! 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you build EV apps?

To build Electric Vehicle (EV) apps, follow these steps: 

  • Define the app's purpose and features. 
  • Choose a development approach (native or cross-platform). 
  • Design the user interface and user experience. 
  • Develop the app, considering data integration, GPS, and charging features. 
  • Test thoroughly, ensuring functionality and performance. 
  • Deploy the app-to-app stores. 
What is the future of EV charging technology?

The future of EV charging technology is promising. It will see faster charging, increased charging infrastructure, wireless charging, bidirectional charging, smart grid integration, and enhanced user experiences through mobile apps. As EV adoption grows, innovation in charging tech will continue to support convenience, efficiency, and sustainability.

What is the role of technology in EV charging stations?

Technology plays a crucial role in EV charging stations. It enables real-time monitoring, user authentication, payment processing, remote management, and load balancing. Smart grid integration optimizes energy use, while data analytics and mobile apps enhance user experiences. Technology advances drive convenience, efficiency, and grid stability in the EV charging ecosystem. 

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