14 Best Pet Apps for 2024 & Beyond

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Technology has completely changed the way we live and how we interact with the world. It also holds true for our pets. Using smartphone apps, we can schedule veterinary appointments, order treats for our dogs, or even find a babysitter for when we go away for the weekend. But why? 

Here are some stats about pet app development in the USA and Europe.  

pet app development in the USA and Europe

The global pet tech market is expected to grow from $5bn to $20bn, 2021-2028.  

The global pet tech market is expected to grow

The number of apps available to download on mobile devices continues to develop rapidly. So, if you want to build a successful pet app within your budget, here are different categories you can go with for your business.  

In this blog, you will learn about different types of best pet app categories.  

Best Apps for Pet Owners & Lovers 

Best Apps for Pet Owners & Lovers

#1 - Training Apps for Pets

Good Pup - The New Standard in Dog Training 

If pet owners want to provide flexible and less hassle training for their dog at home, nothing can be better than Good Pup. It comes to the first list of best training pet apps that allows pet owners or pet lovers to schedule sessions with a certified trainer via video. Furry friend lovers can also access their trainer outside of sessions for any queries.  

Key Features of Good Pup: 

  • Weekly Video Call 
  • Daily Goals 
  • Text Check-Ins 
  • Guaranteed Results 
  • Available for the iOS platform 

Puppr: Ideal for Dog Training and tricks 

Whether a pet owner needs at-home help with teaching their dog to shake hands or wants to speak to a vet about how to stop puppies from nipping, Puppr is the best app to consider. 

Puppr includes step-by-step photo instructions and an integrated clicker to help pet lovers train their pups. The lessons cover over 50 tricks, from basic obedience like "sit" to advanced tricks like "skateboarding."  

Key Features of Puppr: 

  • Easy video instructions 
  • Live chat with expert trainers 
  • Progress trackers to monitor your dog's progress level 
  • Built-In Clicker 
  • Collect Badges 
  • Available for both Android & iOS.  

Cat Training: Great for Cat Trick & Training 

It's challenging to train cats for new kitten owners. That's where the Cat Training app comes in! Pet (cat) owners can seek advice from a certified and experienced vet. It also provides good guidance to new and experienced pet lovers alike.  

  • Ideal for Android & iOS. 
  • 50K+ Downloads 


#2 - Health & Care Apps for Pets

Pet First Aid: Ideal for both Dog and cat care 

If anyone has ever researched "What are the symptoms of a pet's allergic reaction?" or "a certified vet hospital near me", Pet First Aid is the right choice! This app helps both cat & dog owners take care of any emergencies their pets might encounter through step-by-step instructions.  

Pet First Aid also helps to locate pet-friendly hotels. In addition, you can set vet visits, create furry friend profiles and recognize toxic elements. Pet lovers can access expert guidance on maintaining their pet's health.  

  • Available for Android & iOS 
  • 100K+ Downloads 

Pawprint: Perfect for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 

Keep all of your dog's vital information in one location with this best pet app. Pawprint even allows you to access and store official medical records for your dog. It's excellent for keeping track of things like vaccination schedules, veterinarian visits, and even weight and feeding data. 

Key Features of Pawprint: 

  • Calculate your Carbon Footprint 
  • Understand the Impact of your Actions 
  • Contribute to Climate Projects 
  • Available for iOS 
  • 5K+ Downloads 

11Pets: Ideal for Pet’s Health 

Various resources are available for pet owners to use on the petcare platform 11Pets. Taking care of our pets' needs and health can occasionally become challenging. As a large family of animal lovers, we at 11pets have created the most excellent digital platform to assist people in providing better care for their pets. 

11Pets Key Features: 

  • Medication reminders 
  • Medical records 
  • Adoption papers 
  • Access to professional groomers 
  • Networking opportunities with other pet parents 
  • Easy tips for home care, house training, & preventative treatment 
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices. 
  • 500K+ Downloads  

#3 - Fun Apps for Pets

Enhance the well-being and entertainment of your furry friends with fun apps for Pets: 

Cat Fishing 2: An Interactive Game for Cats 

Cat Fishing2 features swimming fish on the screen that your cat can "catch" by tapping the screen. It's fantastic for playtime because it provides the mental stimulation to keep your cat's mind active while scratching their hunting itch. 

Key Features of Cat Fishing 2: 

  • Endless gameplay with no time limits or screen interruptions 
  • No ads 
  • Unlimited access to all particular fish types and settings 
  • Available for both Android and iOS 
  • 1M+ Download 

Bark Happy: A location-based app and community for dog lovers 

New to the area? Only in need of new friends who own dogs? Through its GPS, this app locates dogs in the area, dog-friendly establishments, dog-related events, and even lost-and-found notifications. Look for activities and playmates for both you and your dog. 

  • Available for both Android and iOS 
  • 50K+ Downloads  

#4 - Adoption Apps for Pets

WeRescue: Ideal App to Find Fur-Ever Friend 

WeRescue is the go-to choose for animal lovers seeking their next best friend. WeRescue app ensures pet owners have access to an incredible variety of pets. Ready to find their forever homes. Explore a wide range of adoptable pets, such as rescue dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and small & furry creatures.  

Key Features of WeRescue: 

  • Advanced Breed Search 
  • Comprehensive pet details 
  • Filters of any pet adoption app 
  • Stunning high-resolution photos 
  • Available for iOS 

Petfinder: Ideal to Find Nearby Pets to Adopt 

Everyone might already be familiar with the popular Petfinder website, but did we know that the company now offers a mobile app? Like the website, you can view animals in the area and around the country, search for animals of a specific breed, gender, or size, and read about each animal.  

What's more, Petfinder helps pet owners to find their "favorite" cats and dogs so that they may return to them later.  

  • Available for Android & iOS 
  • 1M+ Downloads  

#5 - Lifestyle App for Pets

BringFido: A Great Place to Search Furry Friends 

There's a lot of planning to do if your dog is going to travel with you. Where are the hotels that allow dogs? What about restaurants that allow dogs? You can find out via the BringFido app. To locate the best lodging options for your dog, search by location and use the built-in price, dog size, and other filters. 

If you're planning a move and want to discover the best dog-friendly locations in your new neighbourhood, BringFido is worth checking out. You can even register to get notifications about future events that welcome dogs! 

  • Available for Android & iOS 
  • 100K+ Downloads 

Map My Walk: Ideal App for Pet Health 

Together with your dog, burn calories with Map My Walk. This best pet app tracks calories, logs your walks (time, distance, pace, and speed), and as mentioned above, interactively maps your walks using the GPS on your phone. 

Along with connecting with friends, you can get photos taken along your route to track your nutrition and workouts. 

This app makes walking more enjoyable for you and your dogs, like FitBit or other fitness trackers. It uses GPS to measure distance, speed, and duration and can assist you in switching up your boring old route.  

#6 - Monitoring App for Pets

Pet Monitor VIGI: Ideal Pet Tracking App 

Track your puppy or dog when it's at home. To stop barking, use two-way video chat; alternatively, carry on with puppy training. When your dog is barking or howling, or if your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety, you will be alerted by your pet camera's noise and motion activity sensors. 

  • Available for Android or iOS 
  • 1K+ Downloads 

Whistle Dog Tracker App: A Smart Pet Tracker 

It's no secret that pets occasionally wander, which causes pet parents a great deal of stress and anxiety. Luckily, you can track your pet's location with the best pet apps like the Whistle app, which you can download. Your pet's collar is equipped with a GPS tracker that lets you follow them around at all times.  

With the Whistle app, you can always find out where your pet is. Beyond merely tracking your pet's whereabouts, the Whistle GPS tracker and app can assist you in keeping an eye on their overall health and fitness. 

  • Available for iOS and Android users. 
  • 100K+ Downloads 


How to Build a Pet App for Both Android & iOS Platforms? 

To build the best pet app for both Android and iOS platforms, you can follow these steps: 

  • Conceptualize the Idea: Define the app's purpose, features, and target audience. 
  • Market Research: Study competitors and identify unique selling points. 
  • Design: Create wireframes and UI/UX design for a user-friendly interface. 
  • Development: Write code using cross-platform app development frameworks like React Native or Flutter for efficiency. 
  • Testing: Thoroughly test the app for functionality, usability, and bug fixing. 
  • Deployment: Publish the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 
  • Maintenance: Regularly update and maintain the app to keep it up-to-date and bug-free. 

Consider hiring dedicated development team for a smoother process. 

Contact VLink to create a successful pet app! 

Want to elevate your pet training and furry friend matchmaking business? We have got you covered! At VLink, we provide a wide range of professional pet care app development services to make your idea a reality.  

Our latest software development tools & technologies completely satisfy the dynamic companion animal health sector. Thus, we deliver the best pet app development for both Android & iOS platforms to you within your budget.  

If you want to build a pet app for your furry friend business, contact our experts!

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to build a pet app for Android & iOS?

The cost to build a pet app for Android and iOS can vary widely based on features, complexity, and development resources. An essential mobile app development costs around $10,000 to $20,000, while more complex apps with advanced features range from $50,000 to $100,000. 

What are the critical features of pet app development?

Critical features for a pet mobile app development services include user profiles for pet owners and pets, a pet adoption or marketplace section, appointment scheduling for vets and groomers, geolocation services to find nearby pet services, a social network for pet lovers, photo sharing, and in-app purchases for pet-related products.  

Push notifications, ratings and reviews, and a user-friendly interface are crucial for a successful pet app. 

What are the best pet pups for Android & iPhone Users?

Some popular pet apps for Android and iPhone users include: 

  • Petfinder: Helps users find and adopt pets from shelters and rescues. 
  • Rover: Join furry friend owners with local pet sitters and dog walkers. 
  • Chewy: An online pet store for purchasing pet supplies and food. 
  • Wag!: Provides on-demand dog walking and pet sitting services. 
  • iKibble: Offers information on safe and unsafe foods for pets. 

The best app depends on your specific needs as a pet owner or enthusiast. 

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