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In this digital era, from start-ups to global enterprises, the cloud has been establishing itself as a significant deployment option for Business Intelligence.

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Beyond doubt, speed to deployment and easy scalability are some major factors for companies to consider when choosing cloud-based solutions.
A few years ago, some companies were hesitant to move to the cloud because of their concerns about security. However, today, security is one of the many benefits of transitioning to the cloud. Data is accessible from anywhere, on any device and at any time. With real-time monitoring, companies can now immediately detect potential threats and vulnerabilities and execute plans to mitigate the risks of any intrusive security breaches.
Moreover, cloud-based solutions are generally cost effective compared to traditional solutions. The initial investment is the biggest challenge when it comes to traditional BI solutions. When utilizing the cloud, the implementation time is short, the set-up is easy, and the cost of capital is less compared to traditional BI solutions.

Growth driven companies need efficient and cost-effective BI solutions to remain competitive.

BI in the Cloud offers companies a secure, easily accessible platform that delivers data-driven insights which lead to improved outcomes.
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