Big Data Producing Big Results In Healthcare

The healthcare industry is driven by analytics that allow for smarter decisions about intervention and treatment options.


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As the industry continues to face more pressure to reduce costs while improving outcomes, big data is an invaluable tool that produces results.
Data collection and data sharing are the two areas where healthcare can benefit as data management improves.  Both electronic medical records and health information exchanges are becoming more prevalent as enterprise data warehouses, and analytical tools are introduced into the healthcare environment.

Big Data in Healthcare

Because evidence-based medicine is becoming more mainstream, clinical data must be made available and factored into clinical and advanced analytics.  Capturing and bringing new depths of information provides caregivers and researchers a more complete view to determine the best health management.
Improved healthcare analytics leads to improved programs and the ability to create new ones. The use of big data to drive medical decisions has the potential to improve patient outcomes and contain medical costs in the healthcare industry.

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