Cloud Computing is Key to Digital Transformation

Businesses across the globe are making the move to innovative platforms and using applications that drive better business results. As the digital transformation continues and demand for new technologies increases, cloud computing is gaining significance.

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Without cloud computing, much of what’s required for a successful digital transformation is not possible. That’s because the cloud enables necessary change. Remote servers do the heavy lifting to store, manage and process data and for businesses large and small, that helps to reduce spending, eases complexities and allows them to remain competitive.
With cloud computing predicted to grow from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020, it’s becoming key for businesses as they move into the next generation.
Here is a closer look at more of the ways cloud computing is critical to digital transformation.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers the much-needed support businesses require today. With less time worrying about IT-intensive tasks, businesses can put more time into their employees and focusing on the business functions that matter.
Plus, new technologies are data intensive and require large storage and computing power. Since there is no equipment on premise to store and manage, it also reduces costs and makes it easier to scale as growth occurs and new technologies are introduced. For businesses with remote and global workers, the cloud also makes programs and data easily accessible.

Challenges with Cloud for Digital Transformation

Even with all of the benefits cloud computing provides for businesses looking to their digital future, there are still hesitations about making the switch from legacy, in-house systems. Understanding security risks and working with a cloud provider that’s trusted as well as fears around losing control of their data have kept some businesses from making the move.
In addition to the loss of control and security, some even fear not knowing what to do with all of the data they will suddenly have access to. Increased costs to make new innovative technologies work and extracting insights that are actionable from the data is a fear many are struggling with.

3 Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2019

As businesses begin coming to terms with the changes that must happen if they want to survive into the future, there are changes happening with cloud computing to make this possible. Here are 3 things that will allow for this shift in 2019.

  1. Spending on Cloud Increasing

With all of the new innovative applications being introduced to the market, businesses will ramp up their investments in cloud technologies to gain access to the tools and solutions.

   2. Enterprises Depend on Cloud

For businesses looking forward to success into the future, the cloud has quickly become a channel they depend on to offer the flexibility and lower costs they require to stay ahead of the competition.

   3. Private Cloud Becomes a Viable Option

For businesses that still want all of the advantages offered by the public cloud, but without the risks, private cloud is becoming the leading choice. With compliance requirements at play, they’re turning to private cloud housed in their own on-premises data centers and using the same software public cloud utilizes, so it’s just as innovative and intuitive.
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