How Much Does It Cost to Create a Navigation App like Waze?

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Navigation applications are becoming highly popular these days. The usage of location-based services is expected to grow in the future. Total revenue in the Navigation market was USD 1.25bn in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 2.15bn by 2027. Undoubtedly, having a navigation app can bring lots of profit to your business.  

Total revenue in the Navigation market

If you are also planning to create a Waze-like GPS navigation app, you are on the right track. 

Along with features, tech stacks, and purpose, one thing is also important: you need to think about "How much does it cost to build a Waze-like navigation app?" 

In this blog, we will explore everything, from incredible stats to features to factors influencing Waze, like navigation app development cost.  

Why Should You Invest in Waze-like Navigation App Development? 

Here are several stats that investing in Waze, like Navigation app development, is profitable for your business: 

  • The industry is projected to reach a valuation of USD 36.6 billion by 2028, with a growth rate of 14.8 percent. 
  • Google Maps has an average of 1.8 billion monthly users, while Moovit has around 1.5 billion users each day. 
  • The indoor navigation market is anticipated to achieve a valuation of USD 41.13 billion by 2026, experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.4% from 2021 to 2026. 
  • It’s estimated that the downloads of indoor navigation mobile apps will reach 6.2 billion by the year 2023. 
  • Waze alone is garnering USD 97.3M in annual revenue.  

Cost to Create a Navigation App like Waze 

A navigation app like Waze usually costs USD 27,500 to build. The overall cost may range from USD 10,000 to USD 60,000.  

A navigation app with minimal features, often referred to as an MVP, will be more economical compared to an app that incorporates all planned functionalities. 

To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, here are some rough cost estimates for creating a basic, mid-range, and high-end navigation app: 

  • Basic navigation app: Around $20,000-$30,000. 
  • Mid-range navigation app: Around $50,000-$70,000. 
  • High-end navigation app: Around $100,000-$150,000. 

But the exact cost depends on different factors, such as app complexity, features, and functionalities. 

Factors Influencing Waze like Navigation App Development Cost 

Factors Influencing Waze like Navigation App Development Cost

Factor #1 - The complexity of the app

Creating a more intricate application tends to incur higher costs. For instance, an application incorporating real-time traffic updates and enabling user-generated content will be more intricate and, consequently, more costly to develop compared to a more straightforward app that offers basic turn-by-turn directions. 

Factor #2 - Platform

The choice of platform for app development can impact costs. Creating an app for iOS tends to be pricier than developing for Android. Additionally, the cost increases when developing for both platforms compared to designing an app exclusively for one platform.  

Factor #3 - Development team

The proficiency and experience of the development team also influence the cost of mobile app development. A team with extensive experience in constructing navigation apps is likely to command a higher price compared to a team that is relatively new to the field.  

Factor #4 - Maintenance costs

Developing a navigation app involves more than just initial expenses; ongoing maintenance costs, including updates, bug fixes, and hosting, should be factored in when budgeting for the app. These continual expenses accumulate over time and need to be considered for effective financial planning.  

Factor #5 - Features

Numerous factors contribute to the interactivity of an app, encompassing aspects like loading speed, an intuitive interface, and accessibility. The success of your app hinges on the functionalities it provides to users, particularly in the case of Waze-like navigation apps, which require specific features.

Features of a GPS Navigation app like waze


An integral component of apps like Waze is the creation of personal accounts post-registration, allowing users to provide reviews, make notes, and engage in communication with others. Logging in is possible through either email and password or by linking to a social account, such as Facebook. 

Push Notifications

In a mobile app like Waze, user messages are displayed engagingly, either directly in their chat box or through push notifications. This feature can be utilized in navigation apps when a user enters a specific region or location. 

Voice Navigation

Ensuring driver focus during vehicle operation is crucial, underscoring the significance of this feature. The speech function guides actions like turning left and the distance in kilometers, allowing users to turn off voice control effortlessly if they find it disruptive.  

Geopositioning & Navigation

Maps form the fundamental basis of a navigation app, serving purposes such as user location determination, search functionality, and path visualization. Waze utilizes location tracking within its navigation system. 

To enhance accuracy and reduce inaccuracies, you can integrate the Cell Identification feature into your application, leveraging information from wireless carriers. By combining Cell ID with GPS, your app's location services will attain greater precision.  


In the event of a road accident or an incorrect turn, your GPS software should promptly provide rerouting options, enabling drivers to resume following the essential instructions seamlessly. Users need not stay for the app to reevaluate the route; they can promptly proceed with the correct directions.  

Services for Payment

As a method of monetization, a GPS navigation application may incorporate in-app payments. If your app gains traction among drivers and service providers, there is an opportunity for potential collaborations.  

Social Networking

To leverage authentication and incentives offered by social media apps, it is essential to integrate your app with social platforms during the sign-up process.  

In addition, incorporating social network integration not only improves the customer experience but also mitigates authentication risks.  

In summary, the application allows users to quickly sign in by utilizing their existing accounts instead of mandating the creation of new ones.  

Synchronization of Google Calendar

Users can enhance the viability of their travels by syncing the Waze-like app with Google Calendar. When granted access to the calendar, the Waze navigation app compiles a list of upcoming appointments and their respective destinations. It allows users to locate their pre-entered destinations conveniently using the navigation app.  


Waze provides drivers the opportunity to earn complimentary fuel through its ridesharing service. On your device, you can view other users heading in the same direction. The trip's fuel cost is divided among the driver and passengers, with the Waze-like app setting a predetermined fee for each ride.  

The app automatically deducts the suggested fee from users' bank accounts and credit cards. 

What are the Monetization Models of Waze like Navigation App Development? 

What are the Monetization Models of Waze like Navigation App Development?

The monetization models for Waze-like navigation mobile app development services encompass various strategies that leverage the app's features and user base. Here are some critical monetization approaches:  

In-App Advertising

Waze generates a significant portion of its revenue through in-app advertising. Advertisers can place location-based ads, promotions, and sponsored pins on the map to target users in specific geographic areas. This advertising model takes advantage of the app's real-time navigation data to deliver relevant and timely promotions to users. 


Ridesharing and Carpooling Services

Waze integrates ride-sharing features, allowing drivers to offer rides to passengers heading in the same direction. The app calculates suggested fees for rides, and the cost is shared among the driver and passengers. This model not only promotes carpooling but also generates revenue through the fees collected from users for the shared rides. 

If you want to build an app like Uber, it’s essential to include this navigation feature into your app.   

Freemium Model with Premium Features

Offering a freemium model, the app provides essential navigation services for free but offers premium features for a subscription fee. Premium features may include ad-free navigation, advanced route planning, access to additional real-time data, or enhanced customization options. Users can choose to upgrade for an enhanced and ad-free navigation experience.  

Partnerships and Collaborations

Collaborating with businesses and service providers can open up avenues for monetization. For instance, partnerships with gas stations, restaurants, or other local businesses can lead to promotional tie-ins, where users receive discounts or special offers based on their navigation patterns and preferences.  

Data Monetization

Waze collects vast amounts of real-time traffic and location data. An additional revenue stream involves anonymized data monetization, where aggregated and anonymized user data is provided to businesses, city planners, or researchers for traffic analysis, urban planning, and market research. 

A successful Waze-like navigation app can deploy a combination of these monetization models to diversify revenue streams and create a sustainable business model while continuing to provide value to its user base. 


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Frequently Asked Questions
How to build a Waze like Navigation App?

Here are several steps to build a Waze-like navigation app: 

  • Conceptualize the App: Define the app's purpose and features. 
  • Choose Technology Stack: Select appropriate tools and platforms. 
  • Integrate Mapping Services: Use APIs for mapping and navigation. 
  • Implement Social Features: Enable user interaction and crowdsourced data. 
  • Monetization Strategies: Choose revenue models, such as ads, ridesharing, or premium features. 
What are the benefits of a navigation app?

Navigation apps offer real-time directions, reducing travel time and fuel consumption. They provide live traffic updates, helping users avoid congestion. Enhanced safety is achieved with features like turn-by-turn guidance, lane assistance, and traffic alerts. Navigation apps contribute to efficient route planning, saving users time and enhancing overall travel experiences.

What are the most popular navigation apps in the United States?

The most popular navigation apps in the United States are Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, & MapQuest.

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