Dedicated Team Model Explained: How To Choose A Dedicated Software Developers Team?

Are you planning to hire a development team? Read on to figure out if it’s the right decision. 

A dedicated team model can be a beneficial choice, especially for your long-term project being a highly dependable, cost-efficient approach to outsourcing your software product development project partially or wholly while retaining your management control over it. 

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Are you planning to hire a development team? Read on to figure out if it’s the right decision. 

A dedicated team model can be a beneficial choice, especially for your long-term project being a highly dependable, cost-efficient approach to outsourcing your software product development project partially or wholly while retaining your management control over it. 

Here is a quick walk-through of the information you need to know to hire dedicated software developers. 

What Is a Dedicated Team Model for Software Development?

A dedicated team model is a group of remote developers that helps you accomplish specific tasks in your ongoing project or build a customized system to work for your business environment. Unlike the IT staff augmentation strategy, wherein you add talent to your in-house tech team to augment their productivity or capability, a DT model means the dedicated team of developers is dedicated to one client. It works according to the business objectives and has its own management process and a set of frameworks.

Hiring dedicated developers prove to be more advantageous for businesses than recruiting people locally. Putting together a dedicated team of developers with diverse skill sets takes very little time than investing time and resources to hire, onboard, and train an in-house team.

How Does It Work?

Hiring an effective dedicated development team starts with the client’s requirements. The first step is to determine your project needs, like the number of remote developers and the tech skills you need them to have.

With this clarity, your software development company will put together a dedicated team that best matches your project specifications and work according to your predetermined workload and project requirements for a specified time period. Now this team  works during your routine office hours. 

You will be able to manage the project and team. At the same time, your dedicated services provider will keep a check on quality standards and ensure that client expectations are met.

The Dedicated Development Team Advantages

Economically Reasonable

The tech world is fast-paced and gathering a team with the right skills and merits can be taxing and costly. It makes much more sense to hire a dedicated software development team that is configured to be a 100% fit for your project and business environment. Plus, it will save you valuable time and resources. 

Task Focused and Adaptable

A dedicated team of developers, who are 100% focused on your project, can give increased attention to the details. This results in the generation of inventive and diverse insights into effective problem-solving. 

High focus directly influences adaptability as it enables you to easily reconfigure your dedicated team model at every phase of your web development projects to better align towards achieving your evolving requirements.

More Control

The dedicated team model puts the client in control over the selection, motivation, and management of the team of dedicated developers. You can manage competent experts, project leaders, resources, equipment, and infrastructure depending on your needs.

Fast-Paced Development Cycle

Thanks to a focused development team and better management control by the client, the entire development cycle proceeds at a much greater pace with a dedicated software development team.

You can even integrate the DevOps processes for a streamlined workflow and automated routine operations. This flexibility enables you to adjust your dedicated team model to your constantly evolving project requirements due to technological progress and market performance.


The dedicated team model also emphasizes tight collaboration among the developers and between the client and the team to ensure proper long-term planning. Day-to-day communication gives you greater control over the project. At the same time, developers are better encouraged to brainstorm solutions, improve workflows, and determine pitfalls in the process.

Continuous Integration

A new or ongoing software development project’s success depends on constant evolution, like adding new features and updating existing ones. Hiring software developers to dedicated work on your project supports both its growth and evolution. Your team can stay working on the project as it progresses into another stage. 

Dedicated developers also prioritize continuous project optimization to keep up with the evolving technologies and ensure optimal maintenance and growth of the project.

Dedicated Team – Risks to Overcome

Low Efficiency for Short-Term Projects

The dedicated team model is more efficient in long-term projects as it gives your team significant time to grow together. Hence, other models of web development may work better for short-term projects.

Hiring the Right Team Might Take Time

The talent selection and requiring process will demand a high level of business involvement. Although a dedicated development team will be committed to meeting your goals, you still remain strongly involved in the working processes.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team With VLink

Outlining the Tech Requirements

Your tech requirements correspond to the opportunities and objectives you intend to accomplish. To clearly define these requirements, you need to determine the following:

  1. The number of experts required and their time investment 
  2. The preferred skill set that should be in your development team
  3. Your budget

Knowing these requirements beforehand will guide you toward your dedicated team’s right software development company.

Building a Dedicated Software Developers Team in Discovery Phase 

At VLink, the initial planning stage in a project development cycle is the discovery phase. The development team carefully brainstorms on project ideas, competitive market, and technical specifications. The discovery phase helps a dedicated team of developers to review the product ideas, requirements, and all the possible challenges and solutions.

The Flexible 5-Stage Software Development Process

The discovery phase in a software development project is the initial planning period which involves:

  1. Defining the goals: determining the present situation of the product and understanding the requirements like time-to-market, differentiation, problem-solving, and more.
  2. Market research: performing competitive analysis to identify product-associated analogs on the market as well as key competitors.
  3. Customer journey map: understanding how your product solves your users’ jobs to outline a clear user flow that would be appropriate in the market.
  4. UX Concept & wireframes: creating wireframes showing the UX approach and then creating the app design and mockups.
  5. Technical solutions: planning the product’s architecture and differentiating its functionality into multiple milestones.

Wrapping Up

A dedicated team model in software development is an economically viable and beneficial alternative to recruiting, onboarding, and training an in-house software team. Businesses can closely collaborate with the remotely-placed dedicated team on long-term projects and ensure a fast-paced development cycle.

VLink’s software development & staffing consultants help you come up with a customized strategy to successfully outsource your end-to-end software product development project and work with a highly talented, dedicated software development team. Contact the VLink team to discover how we can contribute to your project as your reliable onshore, nearshore, or offshore contract IT staffing service provider for your project needs. Have more queries in your mind? Check the most frequently asked questions here.

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