Why Should You Hire a Test Automation Engineer? 

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QA automation engineers use a wide set of tools to test and verify the functionality of the software. Automated testing is beneficial as it ensures that software operates seamlessly after major upgrades. Companies from different sectors hire test automation engineers to maintain technical software and processes efficiently.  

According to reports by Grand View Research, the automation testing market size was estimated at USD 25.43 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 30.24 billion in 2023. Don't these facts say it all? The rising demand has also increased the jobs and salaries of QA automation testing engineers. Instead of spending a high salary on full-time testers, companies can outsource experienced engineers at the best cost to VLink. We provide IT staffing augmentation services to companies at cost-effective rates. What’s more? Read this blog to find out! 

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How Does a Test Automation Engineer Help Companies? 

Test automation engineers are software programmers who create and write programs to perform automated tests on new or existing software. It is an essential component of the software development cycle. Why? This is because it ensures effective management of technical systems or processes. Additionally, automated test engineers help companies save time, money, and resources by automating processes.  

Key responsibilities of a QA automation engineer include:  

  • Creating and writing test automation scripts 
  • Using test automation frameworks  
  • Effectively managing the testing process 
  • Investigating software issues arising from testing 
  • Researching and evaluating new tools 
  • Develop and monitor testing processes 
  • Work with software developers to find solutions  
  • Informing clients and coworkers about the test results.  


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Test Automation Engineer?  

Automation testing is a good career opportunity for engineers. Why? Because each company requires a QA testing engineer to ensure that their software application is working properly. The report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average annual salary for software quality assurance analysts and testers is USD 99,620. Doesn’t the salary of an automation engineer look fascinating? Though it is captivating for developers, it might be a con for automated testing engineers.  

Let’s look at it this way: Consider a case where you need to hire a QA automation testing engineer for your new software application. It is the most important project for which you require highly skilled and experienced candidates. Considering the above statistics, we can conclude that hiring full-time QA automation testers will cost an arm and a leg for your business. 

On the contrary, hiring automated testing engineers from an IT staffing augmentation services company like VLink helps save both time and money. How? We offer different price models: fixed cost, monthly, and hourly pricing plans. Companies can analyze their business requirements and hire a QA tester at business-friendly prices.  

The Benefits of Hiring a Test Automation Engineer from VLink

The Benefits of Hiring a Test Automation Engineer from VLink

There is no denying that there are many IT staffing companies. However, we at VLink claim to be exceptional because of our unique offerings. We create a dedicated team for a project to ensure that we meet the precise requirements of our clients.  

Here are some more reasons to hire a QA automation testing engineer from VLink:  

Zero-Day Exit Policy  

We at VLink provide the best IT staffing services to foster long-term relationships with our clients. However, due to any reason, if the customer wants to stop using our services, they can take advantage of our zero-day exit policy.  

Pre-Screened Automation Testers 

We commit to providing skilled and experienced test automation engineers. But how do we do it? We have a large pool of pre-vetted QA testing engineers who are available to join immediately. Companies can interview these initially screened candidates to find the best fit for their requirements. 

Hire QA Testers Within 48 Hours 

We make the process of hiring a QA automation engineer super fast and easy. Companies can hire the most suitable tester for their project within two days. We create a dedicated team to filter the candidates as soon as we understand your requirements.  

Business-Friendly Rates  

Recruiting an automated testing engineer in a traditional way is costly. Companies may have to pay huge salaries to hire experienced testers. However, we at VLink provide companies with the flexibility to hire QA testers either full-time or part-time at budget-friendly rates.  

1-Week Risk-Free Trial  

Another advantage of hiring test automation engineers with VLink is that we provide a 7-day risk-free trial. This means companies can assess the skills of the shortlisted testers through an ongoing project and onboard them with confidence.  

Low Churn

We have the lowest churn rate, which means our developers will not leave you hanging in the middle of nowhere. This is because we provide a collaborative and engaging environment for our resources.  

The Process to Hire a Test Automation Engineer From VLink

The Process to Hire a Test Automation Engineer From VLink  

Given below is the process for hiring an automated testing engineer with VLink:  

Share Your Requirements:  

Tell us your business needs. For instance, let us know if you want an automation engineer who is specialized in all the latest automation tools and technologies. We will record your requirements and create a dedicated team for your project. The team will filter the QA test automation engineers from a large pool of pre-screened candidates to meet your specific business needs.  

Interview the Automation Testers:  

Further, our team will share the resumes of all the pre-vetted candidates with you. Companies can go through the resumes carefully and shortlist the candidates for interviews. Thereafter, we will schedule an interview of the shortlisted candidates with your stakeholders.  

Take Your 7-Day Risk-Free Trial:  

After taking a verbal interview, companies can assess a test automation engineer during a 7-day risk-free trial. During this period, companies can check the candidate's technical and non-technical skills and determine if the candidate can work in your company’s environment.  

Onboard the QA Tester Confidently 

Once a trial period is finished, companies can share their feedback with our VLink team and onboard them with confidence for their most important projects.  



To sum up, VLink provides the best IT staffing augmentation services, assisting businesses in filling skill gaps and hiring test automation engineers effectively. Our zero-day exit policy provides flexibility for companies to hire pre-screened candidates whenever required. Additionally, companies can hire QA testing automation engineers within 48 hours to start their important projects efficiently. The process? Just share your business needs, interview the candidate, assess them in a 7-day risk-free trial, and onboard with confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Call us right away!  

Frequently Asked Questions
Which are the best programming languages for automation testing?

There are various programming languages that can be used for automation testing. These include Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript. Each of these languages has distinct features and capabilities, making it better suited for specific types of automation testing.

Which is more useful in QA: Python or Java?

Both Python and Java are popular programming languages for QA automation. Python is popular because it is easy to learn and use, while Java is known for its support for OOP and its performance. Thus, both languages are useful, but your choice will depend on specific needs and the requirements of the project.  

What are the factors that influence the choice between manual and automated testing?

The choice between manual and automated testing depends on numerous factors, including project requirements, time constraints, budget, system complexity, and the skills and expertise of the testing team.

Which is better for QA test automation: Selenium with Java or Phython?

If you are new to Selenium coding or prefer a language with a clear and simple syntax, Python is a suitable option. If you are already familiar with Java or require higher performance or multithreading capability, Java is an amazing alternative for Selenium scripting.

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