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According to Zipdo report, 73 percent of companies perform test automation on their applications.  

Isn’t that a big figure?  

Automation testing and testers are disrupting the software development industry like never before. So, have you hired an automation tester yet? 

If NO, let us tell you hiring testers for automation testing is easier said than done. This is when VLink comes into the picture.  

VLink is the ultimate and effective solution to hire automation test engineer in 2 days. Do not believe us? 

Let us dive in and break down how VLink simplifies the hiring process, making sure you hire the best tester in record time.  

How Can an Automation Test Engineer Empower Your Team? 

How Can an Automation Test Engineer Empower Your Team

Here is how your team can benefit from an automation test engineer:  

  • Improve Testing Proces 

When you hire an automation tester, you get a chance to create innovative automation frameworks and methodologies that can not only streamline but greatly speed up test processes.  

You can also bid a final adieu to all the repetitive time-consuming testing operations like regression testing, performance testing, and cross browser testing. 

They simply save manual labor and shorten test cycle times. So not only are projects completed more quickly but feedback is faster, thus improving the velocity of software development. 

In addition, by means of technologies like distributed and parallel testing, automation engineers improve resource utilization as well as test efficiency increases. This eventually results in rapid iteration and delivery of software. 

  • Enhance Test Coverage  

One of the key goals of an automated test engineer is ensuring that tests provide comprehensive coverage throughout the system.  

You can create careful test cases that span the full range of application functionality and behavior by using their knowledge about test design techniques like Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis and Pairwise Testing.    

This means, by covering all tests, you not only reduce the risk of regression defects but also gives the product reliability and resilience. In turn, end-users are satisfied with their use and trust in it increases. 

  • Ensure Software Quality  

You must continually improve the quality of the software. Automation test engineers make this happen by deploying solid testing frameworks, incorporating advanced automation tools, and complying with industry best practice. 

In other words, they help to find and fix both hardware problems and software during the development lifecycle, which reduces costs in downstream stages.  

This way, you will improve communication and alignment, enabling the early discovery of defects. Therefore, you can better ensure that you always get software products of higher quality that match your customer's expectations. 

  • Facilitate Continuous Integration and Delivery  

If you prioritize CI/CD, you must hire an automation Test Engineer.  

Automation test engineers make it possible for code changes to be swiftly fed back by ensuring that all regression tests, integration checks and smoke tests in CI/CD workflows are executed automatically. Bugs are detected early, and quality is checked thoroughly, ensuring deployed artifacts meet stability requirements.  

By adopting tools, automation test engineers optimize the entire CI/CD process—from code commit to producing the artifacts on which production systems run. This enables greater agility, efficiency, and reliability for all those involved in delivering software your way. 

Why Must You Hire Automation Test Engineer in 2 Days? 

Why Must You Hire Automation Test Engineer in 2 Days?

Now, let us understand why you must hire automation test engineer in 2 days:  

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve  

To win the innovation race and get your product to market faster than everyone else, timing is everything. 

Hire an automation test engineer in 48 hours (about 2 days) and you are going to be in better shape than your competition. They will take a week to hire and another 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) to train because on top of that, they are learning on your dime. 

When you have a short recruiting cycle, you can bring onboard qualified people for a fraction of the hiring process in QA testing and get the product to market faster and of higher quality for your waiting customers. 

  • Cut Down Time-to-Value  

Every day you do not have a dedicated automation engineer on your team is a missed opportunity for efficiency and added value in your development process.  

If you can compress your hiring cycle to just two days with VLink— you will be able to save on both time as well as considerable costs, 

Hiring a dedicated automation expert means you can put your tests on autopilot without ever losing a step — or the time required to do so. 

With the ability to begin automating tests, optimizing workflows, and identifying critical defects immediately, you will maximize the return on your testing efforts from day one. 

  • Improve the Overall Productivity  

When an automated test engineer is present on the team, its productivity and efficiency will both be increased dramatically. 

They automate many extended periods of repetitive or routine testing (in regression testing and smoke). This, in turn, enables you to shift resources from more critical activities into feature development and innovation. 

With one on board within a couple of days, you can aspire to an entirely new level in agility and effectively cut down the effort it takes for your team to accomplish things. 

  • Mitigate Risks  

At many points in your project lifecycle, delaying the hiring of an automation test engineer introduces certain risks to internal and external stakeholders alike. 

When your team lacks dedicated automation expertise, they might struggle to identify and address crucial defects, leaving you with costly rework, project delays, and unsatisfied stakeholders. 

But when you prioritize the recruitment of an automation test engineer within 2 days, you suitably deflect these risks. Your projects stay on course, on budget, and lined up with business objectives from commencement to delivery. 

How Can You Hire Automation Test Engineer in 2 Days with VLink?

How Can You Hire Automation Test Engineer in 2 Days with VLink? 

Now that you know the benefits of hiring automation test engineers in 2 days, it is time to explore how VLink do it in 2 days:  

  • Share Your Requirements  

The journey begins with you sharing with our dedicated team your particular needs and preferences for the automation test engineer role you are looking to fill.  

Whether it is experience in automation frameworks like Selenium or Appium, proficiency in programming languages like Java or Python, specific testing tools and approaches in need of experience or the definition of testers in your environment, our team works with yours to find the perfect match for your requirements. 

We also factor in project size, project deadline, team dynamics and organizational cultural characteristics as we strive to ensure compatibility with not just the technical requirements of your role, but also the relate to your objectives, strategies, and company policies. 

  • Filter Out the Candidates  

We have a large network of professionals plus many industry contacts and exclusive candidate resources, so we can seek potential employees for your organization. 

With innovative search strategies, our team brings hidden candidates to light or introduce you to a broader spectrum of high-level potentials 

Utilizing a combination of resume screening, technical examinations, and initial interviews, we meticulously examine each candidate's skill sets, experiences and qualifications to ensure that they meet your requirements in terms of cultural fit as well as expectations. 

This way you save a lot of time and effort. All you need to do is go through the list provided by our team and select the best-fit candidates for further interviews.  

  • Interview  

We will help you to interview candidates once we have found you an interesting, qualified candidate that meets your requirements. 

You have a lot of flexibility here, and you can choose interview formats and structures that suit your hiring taste and needs. 

Our recruiting team works on scheduling and provides help all the way through the interview process, making the recruitment process easy for you. 

Finally, we are also always open to offering advice on assessing candidate qualifications effectively and tips on asking the most appropriate questions, thereby simplifying your decision-making process.  

  • Take a 7-Day Risk Free Trial  

We are happy to extend a unique 7-day risk-free trial period for candidates to allow you peace of mind regarding your hiring decision. 

The 7-day risk-free trial period allows you to see the candidates’ performance in person— their technical skills, problem-solving ability, communication style, and how they will fit with your team’s dynamics and your corporate culture. 

Look at it this way — you get an extremely low-risk opportunity to examine the candidate’s technical prowess firsthand, observe their professionalism and teamwork in action, and evaluate how well they integrate with your team and project. 

If our candidate does not meet your expectations for any reason, we will not proceed with hiring and will continue our search until we find someone who is a better fit for your needs. 

  • Decide & Hire 

If at the end of that trial period, the candidate has performed to your expectations and their attitude is also a good fit, then proceed to add them to your workforce as a formal team member. 

We are here to help you negotiate that deal and handle the administrative tasks associated with it. Our team will guide you so that new candidates are successfully onboarded and seamlessly integrated with your organization. 

That is it!  

This is how VLink helps businesses hire automation test engineer in 2 days.  

Pre-Hiring Tips to Hire Automation Test Engineer in 2 Days with VLink  

Pre-Hiring Tips to Hire Automation Test Engineer in 2 Days with VLink

VLink understands that the recruitment process should be faster and smarter. Especially when it comes to hiring automation test engineers. 

To ensure a seamless experience for you and us, we suggest you have the following four things ready beforehand:  

  • Research 

Before diving into the recruitment process, conducting thorough research is crucial before proceeding. Familiarize yourself with industry norms such as how many automation engineers are required and what wages do they get paid. 

We also encourage you to find out more about VLink, our status in the industry and a record that spans years. By doing so, you may feel confident from the very first step. 

  • Collaborate With Your Team   

To identify requirements for the automation engineer role, collaborate with your team and schedule a meeting to discuss the skills, experience, and qualifications needed. 

Ask for their perspectives and insights. This will help involve key stakeholders at an early stage and ensures that the desired candidate profile is aligned and agreed upon. 

  • Prepare a List of Needs 

Make a comprehensive list of automation engineer job requirements based on your research results and the insights of your project/team. The list should cover skills in technology, domain knowledge, familiarity with tools and technologies, and other important conditions for success. Knowing what your essential requirements are will help our team to quickly filter out candidates who can best fit your project needs. 

  • Decide Budget  

Establishing a clear budget for the recruitment process will help reduce resources and save time. 

By setting a budget from the start, you can focus your search only on candidates who fit within your financial projections. 

This step equally helps our team to find and give qualified candidates without delay. 

How to Interview Automation Test Engineer? 

When hiring an automation test engineer, you should look beyond technical skills.  

While knowing how to code is critical, equally important is evaluating cultural fit and soft skills: candidates should be adept at problem-solving, communicating, working in teams, and adapting to new circumstances.  

Your test engineer especially will need to work with other stakeholders—make sure they are able to do so smoothly and within your company culture.  

Use behavioral questions to find out how they approach challenges and conflict. Past projects and experiences can be a great way to show you how they handle problems and they come to decisions. 

These strategies will not just help you make sure your candidate can do the job—you will come away with a better sense of how their personality and approach would fit in with your team and what your company values. 


10 Skills to Consider When You Hire Automation Test Engineer  

There are many but here are the top ten skills you must consider when you hire automation test engineer:  

  • Proficiency in Automation Testing Tools (e.g., Selenium, Appium) 
  • Programming Languages (e.g., Java, Python) 
  • Test Scripting and Frameworks 
  • Understanding of SDLC and Testing Methodologies 
  • Experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Tools 
  • Knowledge of Version Control Systems (e.g., Git) 
  • Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills 
  • Attention to Detail 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Collaboration and Teamwork 


Why Choose VLink to Hire Automation Test Engineer in 2 Days? 

Hire automation test engineer in no more than 2 days by using VLink, streamlining your hiring process. 

Having 18 years of experience allows our team to understand what your unique hiring needs are and deliver the best results. 

Use our exceptional features such as our zero- day exit policy and 7-day trial periods. Also, our 48-hour quick hire guarantees you get top-tier talent immediately.  

So, let VLink finish your hiring process, and deliver skillful automation test engineers, who can naturally gel up into your team and show desired results on projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the salary of an automation tester?
As per Glassdoor, the salaries of automation testers in the United States range from $55T to $94T per year depending on their overall experience and skill.
Are automation engineers in demand in the United States?
Yes, demand for automation test engineers is increasing dramatically. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of software developers, QA testers, and engineers will further increase by 25 percent by 2032.
Is automation testing difficult?
Mostly, automation can be a bit tricky for beginners. But once you get a hang on it, you can do the whole process with utmost speed and accuracy.

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