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Your in-house IT team performs a wide range of important operations every day. Hiring offshore development teams is a smart move if you are planning a large-scale system or web application development project.

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Your in-house IT team performs a wide range of important operations every day. Hiring offshore development teams is a smart move if you are planning a large-scale system or web application development project. ASP.NET development companies are experienced and skilled in delivering projects helping you stay ahead of your workload demand and the industry’s fierce competition.

Let’s explore how incredibly beneficial outsourcing can be for your business.

Why is ASP.NET So Popular?

The factors driving the popularity of ASP.NET and its development services are aplenty. As a Microsoft framework, it brings tools, programming languages, and libraries to facilitate the creation of a wide range of web applications, websites, and web services. In addition, the other factors include:

  • The backend framework allows developers to create web services, mobile backends, online apps, and other IoT applications.
  • It lets you use any operating system like Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
  • .NET Framework applications can also be operated efficiently on .NET Core.
  • It supports both on-premise and cloud deployment of .NET Framework applications.
  • ASP.NET core supports DI (dependency injection) software design patterns, giving developers inverse control over classes and their dependents.

What is the Role of a .NET Developer?

The key responsibilities of a .NET developer are:

  • Actively engage in project requirement analysis.
  • Work with in-house IT staff to develop software design and architecture.
  • Write clean and scalable code using the .NET programming languages.
  • Test and launch systems and applications.
  • Update, review, refactor, and debug code.
  • Enhance current software applications.
  • Maintain documentation at each stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Extend expert assistance and technical support on applications.

Benefits of Hiring .NET Programmers?

benefits of hiring dotnet programmers

1. Adaptability

Flexibility is the biggest motivator behind businesses hiring ASP.NET developers. You have the liberty to employ or dismiss programmers from your outsourced team as may be required at each stage of your project.

Remember that flexibility is essential to a company’s growth and success, and software development is no different.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing your development tasks to an offshore .NET development company enables you to reduce overhead costs like monthly salaries, leaves, office leasing, insurance, recruitment expenditure, etc.

Hiring professionals outside your region allows you to find the right talent your IT team needs at very economical rates (because of lower living standard costs compared to your region).

3. Access to a Large Talent Pool

Outsourcing allows you to hire from a wide talent pool of diverse skill sets and pay scales. In countries like Europe and the US, the best local professionals already have secure and rewarding employment with the IT corporate giants. For them, joining a start-up feels like a risky venture.

Outsourcing allows you to hire superb talent from countries with a lower cost of living. You will be able to find capable IT professionals with the skill set relevant to your project at economically comfortable rates.

4. Balanced Work Division

Your in-house IT staff performs some of the most important duties like network management, issue tracking and resolution, and data security. Delegating some jobs to a remote team of ASP.NET developers will give your in-house IT professionals more time to perform these routine and important tasks.

A balanced division of work between your team and the outsourced team will not only lessen the workload on your staff but also increase efficiency in the performance of routine tasks and ensure top-quality software development

What to Consider When Hiring an ASP.NET Developer?

1.Choose A Clear Hiring Model

Businesses can follow one of the 4 hiring models when opting for ASP.NET development services. In a fixed-cost model, you can hire a developer for a fixed fee to finish your project or specified tasks in it. If you have long-term service requirements, a full-time model is the most cost-effective hiring model to have the .NET developer work closely with your in-house team. 

Freelance ASP.NET developers with specialized skill sets are also available at affordable hourly rates. Freelancing is a suitable hiring model to meet the urgent demand for IT professionals and will save you the time associated with lengthy hiring processes.

The most flexible hiring model is the staff augmentation strategy wherein you can hire managed ASP.NET development services that ensure the delivery of your web development project as per your specific guidelines. The augmented staff ensures better code quality, honored timelines, and reduced costs.

2. Clear & Detailed Job Description

A clearly defined and presented job description will help you find the most suitable professional from the wide pool of ASP.NET developers with varying skill sets and experience levels.

The focus should be on laying down the scope of your project, goals, and expectations. Even if your project specifics are articulated in an unconventional strategy, ensure that the project deliverables are clearly expressed.

3. Ability to Refactor Code

Any development project requires undivided focus and participation from both the organization and the developers involved.

You will find programmers to build a fully functional website or software and have it operating flawlessly. However, the application will demand continuous updates to keep it ahead of the changing market trends or to fix unaddressed bugs during the creation process.

Hence, you should onboard a professional who accommodates your long-term demand for the maintenance and development of your project.

4. Offshore ASP.NET Developers

When hiring talented ASP.NET developers outside of your country, heed their location. Each location’s market statistics are different, which dictate the charges/rates of the programmers in that market. Despite the equal qualifications and ASP.NET expertise, a developer from India can be hired for a much lower cost than those from the US or Europe.

Establishing a lasting relationship with a reputed global vendor with ASP.NET expertise will give you access to top talent at all times and save you hundreds of dollars on development costs.

5. Examine their Previous Experience

When outsourcing ASP.NET development services, the level of experience, technical skills, and competence are key criteria in putting together the right team. The developers should have significant experience developing apps from scratch and upgrading legacy systems as per the latest ASP.NET framework. 

They should also have the expertise in customizing ASP.NET solutions to work with different plug-ins, modules, and mobile operating systems. Also, remember to carefully evaluate their skill set regardless of how long the developer has been in the sector. Check their ratings and reviews from previous clients to see if the .NET development company will be a good fit for your project.

6. Conduct Interviews

Do conduct one-on-one interviews with your potential ASP.NET developers. The initial stage interview can be performed by your hiring team, and you can decide your level of involvement as if assessing the vetting process is important to you.

The next phase of the interview will be conducted by your technical team with a focus on evaluating the candidate’s level of knowledge in the field. It’s smart to leverage interviewing tools to keep the process on track and further help you with the onboarding of the selected candidates.


The popularity of the .NET Framework is growing year after year, and almost every third company chooses to hire talented ASP.NET developers residing offshore at competitive rates

See your project take a smooth flight with VLink’s specialized ASP.NET development services. VLink’s .NET developers adhere to coding best practices and code review practices and specialize in unit testing and code quality metrics to ensure speedy and quality delivery of your development project.

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