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Now it's easy to hire  Java programmers to create and maintain robust applications at a fixed cost or on an hourly or monthly basis with VLink. Dive in for the details!

Transformation is part and parcel of our lives. When it comes to developer trends, many new languages are emerging. However, Java stands out as a popular language among programmers. A worldwide developer survey highlights that 63.61% of developers use Java. Though the facts are fascinating, the popularity of the language might cost an arm and a leg for companies.

Simply put, companies often struggle to hire Java experts at budget-friendly rates. This is where VLink holds companies back. Whether you want to hire a remote Java developer on a fixed, hourly, or monthly basis, we at VLink empower businesses in each way. Looking for more reasons to outsource Java programmers with VLink—the best IT staffing and augmentation service provider? Keep reading this blog to find out!  

Why Should You Hire Java Programmers From VLink?


Java specialists are responsible for building robust applications and software using the Java programming language. They play a significant role in the complete developmental life cycle of a business application and system. Additionally, Java developers can identify and analyze potential issues and devise effective solutions. When it comes to hiring a Java developer, it is the best approach to outsource pre-screened Java programming experts from VLink. Given below are some reasons to hire Java developers with us:  

  • Hire Skilled Java Experts  

VLink has a large pool of IT professionals with expertise in the Java programming language. Regardless of whether companies want to hire a developer at the junior, mid, or senior level, VLink can cater to your unique business needs. Thus, companies can ensure the timely completion of their projects with our skilled Java experts. 

  • Access to Pre-Vetted Developers   

The major reason to hire a Java specialist from VLink is access to pre-vetted developers. Companies need not indulge in a time-consuming process that involves job posting and screening of candidates. All they need to do is share their requirements with VLink to hire the right talent within 48 hours on a fixed-cost, hourly, or monthly basis.  

  • Hire Developers Within 2 Days 

VLink provides IT staffing augmentation services to help businesses scale their efficiency. To illustrate, suppose you need Java programmers to work on an ad-hoc project. From job posting to onboarding, the internal recruiting process will become time-consuming. But VLink has readily available pre-screened candidates that companies can hire within 2 days.  

  • Multiple Engagement Models  

VLink empowers businesses by addressing their specific business needs. We offer three engagement models: dedicated teams, team augmentation, and fixed prices. An organization can determine their business needs to hire Java developers based on their requirements. For instance, if you need a dedicated Java expert to get assistance for your new project, you can select a dedicated team engagement model. 

  • No Freelancers  

Companies face struggles in communicating and managing with freelancers. Isn’t it? However, we at VLink provide companies with access to top Java professionals, either on a part-time or full-time on a contractual basis. Companies have full control over our developers and can manage their projects efficiently.


Pricing Models To Hire Java Developers With VLink


Consider a situation where your developer is working only for 4-5 hours per day, but you pay them as you are working full-time. Not feasible, right? So, to help businesses get access to top-notch IT professionals at a minimal cost, VLink provides different pricing models. These include:  

  • Fixed Cost 

A fixed-price model is ideal for businesses seeking a dedicated Java developer for their long-term projects. Companies pay a fixed fee determined by a recruitment agency at the start of a project.  

  • Monthly 

What if the deadline for your project is 3 months? Would it be right to hire a Java programmer at a fixed cost? The answer is no! We at VLink provide flexibility for companies to hire a Java specialist remotely every month. Whether your project is 3 months or 6 months, companies can outsource a Java developer conveniently.  

  • Hourly 

Consider a project for which you need a Java developer with expertise in specific skills for your ongoing project. You can either recruit a full-time expert or outsource it to an IT staffing and recruitment agency. The best approach is to hire a programmer from the best recruitment firm, VLink. Why? This is because VLink enables companies to hire a remote Java programmer on an hourly basis. You can hire the expert within 48 hours and pay based on the employee's working hours.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Java Programmer With VLink?

It is undeniable that hiring a full-time resource can cost an arm and a leg for your business. According to the statistics, the average salary of senior developers in the United States is USD 220,000, which is the highest-paying developer job. Thus, companies looking for Java developers can either hire them remotely with VLink.

When you hire a Java developer, you can get access to a dedicated team of Java experts at budget-friendly rates. The average cost to hire remote Java programmers with VLink will range between $25 and $120. Isn’t it much more affordable than full-time Java developer jobs? Additionally, hiring a remote Java developer from the best IT recruitment agency, like VLink, gives companies the flexibility to outsource the right manpower at a fixed price or on an hourly or monthly basis.

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How Can You Hire Java Programmers With VLink?


Companies can hire Java developers remotely within 2 days, as we have a pool of pre-screened candidates who can join immediately. Given below is the process that companies can follow to hire remote Java experts with VLink:  

  • Inquire With Us 

The first step is to reach out to our dedicated team, working 24*7 to empower companies' IT staffing and outsourcing needs. Tell us your precise business needs to onboard the right talent at a budget-friendly price. For instance, communicate with us if you want to hire a Java programmer with a precise skillset for 3 months to work on an ongoing project. Based on the company’s requirements, VLink will suggest a monthly pricing model and share a list of pre-vetted candidates.  

  • Interview Candidates  

The next step in hiring a remote Java programmer is interviewing candidates. We will schedule an interview for all the shortlisted Java specialists with your team. You can again select the most suitable candidate and further examine their knowledge on a 7-day risk-free trial.  

  • Start Your Project 

Companies can onboard a Java developer remotely after a 1-week risk-free trial. After introducing the resource to their internal IT team, they can start working on their project.  

  • Performance Feedbacks 

Ensure that you monitor the KPIs and performance of an outsourced Java expert and share the feedback with us regularly.  

Final Words

Companies looking for a skilled Java programmer can outsource to VLink, the best IT staffing and augmentation agency. The company can hire Java developers within 2 days without any hassle. Additionally, we at VLink provide different pricing models, including fixed costs and hourly or monthly pricing. The process of hiring a Java expert remotely is quick and hassle-free. All companies need to do is approach us, share their requirements, and onboard them on our project.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is JavaScript and why do we use it?

JavaScript (JS) is a cross-platform object-oriented programming language that developers use to create interactive web pages. It enables Java developers to create dynamically updated content, use animations, pop-up menus, clickable buttons, and manage multimedia.

Why is Java the most trending language?

Although there are newer languages available, Java has remained popular due to its versatility and robustness. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including developing Android apps and building enterprise-level applications.

What are the technical skills to look into while hiring a Java developer?

Given below are the hard skills of a Java developer:  

  • DevOps principles 
  • Spring Boot 
  • Java system update knowledge 
  • Knowledge of Java build tools 
  • Application programming interface skills 
  • Java testing and testing tool knowledge 
  • Java enterprise edition components 
  • Java virtual machine knowledge 
  • Familiarity with application containers 
  • Knowledge of Machine learning 
  • Understanding of GitHub 
  • React User Interface Framework knowledge 
  • Amazon Web Services and Blockchain skills

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