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If you're thinking of using this JavaScript-based front-end framework for your next app, you may wonder how much it would cost you to engage a dedicated development team. This post explains the cost of hiring a React.js developer

What is a React JS Developer? 

React.js developers design and implement the user interface of Android, Apple, Windows, or web apps using React. They create reusable UI elements, implement the app's logic and state management, and are responsible for debugging the app and optimizing its performance during the development process. 

Average React JS Developer Hourly Rate in 2023 

The average rate to hire a React.js developer depends on a couple of factors:  

Key factors affecting React.js developer hourly rate 


The hourly minimum wage (as set by the federal or state governments) and average annual salaries for React.js developers will affect hiring costs. If you're looking for offshore developers in countries with considerable tech talent and lower labor costs, you'll benefit from the currency exchange rates. For example, the dollar cost of a React developer in India will be far lesser than that for someone in the US. 

The average annual salary (USD) of React.js developers by country are

  • USA: ~$115000 
  • Canada: ~$100000 
  • India: ~$12500 
  • UK: ~$80500 
  • Indonesia: ~$47500 
  • Ukraine: ~$45000 

If you want to hire onshore in the US, you can keep costs down by sourcing developers from states with lower hourly rates for the skill. Within the US, the average hourly rates of React developers differ from state to state. Developers in the Northeastern region like New York ($76.92), Georgia ($69.23), and California ($67) command the highest rates, while Illinois ($63.80), Texas ($62.50) and New Jersey ($62.05) are more affordable. 

How to keep costs manageable 

It's typically more cost-effective to hire on-demand developers from an IT staffing company. If the company can provide offshore React.js developers, as VLink does, you can save even more. And if you go with onshore talent in the US or nearshore developers in Canada, you will still save money on hiring. 


The essential skills for React developers are HTML plus CSS, JSX, JavaScript Fundamentals plus ES6, Git, Node plus npm, and Redux. Those with advanced skill sets and practical experience will likely charge you more. Keep this in mind when you hire a dedicated development team spanning different skill sets. 


More years of experience in a field typically results in higher pay. A React developer with less than a year's experience will cost you a few thousand dollars less than someone with over four years' experience. The average annual salary of a senior React.js developer (over four years of experience) in the US is $127,000. Less experienced equivalents (0-3 years) make between $118,000 and $124,000. 

If putting together a dedicated development team, the hourly rate will be relevant to estimate costs. The hourly rate of a junior React.js developer is $50, increasing to $60/hour for a mid-level developer and a full-stack React developer, and $70 for a senior professional. 

Project size 

Projects requiring more time and resources will need to be budgeted accordingly. Using dedicated offshore developers will keep costs low. 

Project complexity  

As the number of UI components in a React project increases, managing data flow between them becomes complex. It's important to plan your project to reduce complexity as much as possible. The more the effort needed, the greater the developer's propensity to charge a higher hourly rate. 

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Checklist for Hiring a React JS Developer 

Technical competency is crucial to build a quality commercial app. A developer team consisting of experienced professionals will understand your brief quickly and can be trusted to work with minimal to no supervision. Some technical competencies and soft skills to look for when hiring React.js developers are: 

  • JavaScript: As React is based on JavaScript, the developer should have working knowledge of JavaScript ES6 and its features and functionalities. 
  • React and React Native concepts: This includes building the app components and implementing lifecycle methods for the components. 
  • Coding best practices: Members of your dedicated development team must apply best practices that result in clean and understandable code. 
  • Knowledge of tools, libraries and plugins: Your team should be well-versed with the React Native library and Hooks. They should be familiar using React Native Navigation and Firebase across the full-stack development process. 
  • Experience using popular app development tools: Working knowledge of popular code editors, testing tools, UI tools, and integrated development environment (Android) for iOS and Android platforms will improve productivity and output. 
  • Testing and debugging experience: Check if the on-demand developers from the service provider perform testing variations, logging, and performance and security checks using tools like Flow, TypeScript, Flow, Jest, and others. 
  • Ability to develop native features: Do the developers have the experience to take full advantage of the software and operating system's features? This inquiry is especially important if you want platform-specific features that access the platform's hardware like camera, microphone or GPS. 
  • Performance optimization capabilities: Your team's portfolio should include app performance optimization using frameworks like Prettier, ESLint, Husky, Flipper, Hermes, and others. 
  • Manage external dependencies: The alternative to building every app component from scratch is to use pre-made widgets and plugins. To boost project efficiency, your development team should know when not to reinvent the wheel and how to monitor external APIs for external dependency issues. 

If utilizing dedicated offshore developers, check their English language proficiency, familiarity with western working style, and ability to grasp business requirements correctly to understand the app's purpose. 

How can VLink’s React Developers Work for You? 

Simple, flexible and scalable, React will remain a top player in the commercial web development market. To make the most of the framework for app development, choose our React developers. With over 10 years in the field and bilingual proficiency, plus time zone alignment, our developers can align quickly to your requirements, and create appealing, easy-to-use apps. Contact VLink’s talent experts now to set up your team in no time at all. 

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