Reskilling Today’s Workforce to Meet Tomorrow’s Demands

There is an ongoing discussion happening in the business world regarding emerging technologies and the innovations they are making possible. From better, more streamlined communications, to efficient workplaces and cost savings – the benefits of digital transformations are undoubtedly endless.
One area we cannot forget to address as these changes occur is the roles of those in these workplaces that must now adjust, adapt and learn new skills to make the best use of these technologies.
Rather than take the costly endeavor of hiring all new staff members to take on these initiatives, and because of a growing labor shortage, companies are reskilling and upskilling their employees to arm them with the necessary skills to perform well in these new roles.
With these changes still emerging, businesses are starting to think about which IT roles are going to need the reskilling most so that they may be prepared for tomorrow’s demands.
Here are 3 job functions to consider reskilling for.

Cybersecurity Engineers

Due to the constant nature of security breaches happening in today’s business landscape, the role that cybersecurity engineers play is vital. Their roles encompass tasks like developing and maintaining the security of the network and monitoring to defend against any hacking or other security threats.
Their skills and depth of knowledge today must also include managing several mobile devices, those objects connecting via the Internet of Things and so much more. They must use data and work with other teams to quickly create action plans that protect the company at all times. New training courses to understand security for new devices and training on quickly mitigating risks will be essential.

Web Developers

The role of Web Developers continues to evolve today. What was once a job that required understanding only of backend coding and design concepts now incorporates more technologies into the build. They must focus on user experiences and understand how other technologies are being used in their workplaces. From chatbots to page load speed, mobile functionality and voice search, understanding how all of these work in the bigger picture is necessary as they bring them into the development of new applications. Training to expand knowledge of programming languages and new, cutting-edge technologies is critical.

System & Network Administrators

For those employees who are working to choose the new solutions to implement and planning how they will be added to the available networks, it makes sense that they acquire new skills to do their jobs better too. Understanding the benefits and uses of cloud technologies is of growing importance in these roles. Network admins who have traditionally ensured that all systems were performing well must also grow their capabilities to meet today’s needs. Infrastructures are becoming more complex and understanding major cloud services such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud is a given.
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January 28, 2020

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