Top Skills Tech Professionals Will Need in 2022

Technology is at the forefront of everything we do today. As new innovations continue to be introduced, employers are in search of job candidates who are capable of understanding and working with these new solutions.

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This requirement to upskill is happening across industries and geographical boundaries. New job categories are being formed as technologies like robotics and machine learning take over and require specific skillsets.
Business economists are also pointing to slower hiring rates due to shortages of skilled workers. Here are some of the top skills tech professionals looking to gain a competitive advantage should possess in 2022.

Data Science

Data analysts are expected to be in high demand in the coming years. Across all industries, these employees will play a critical role in making sense of all the data that’s being collected and disseminated through today’s technological advancements. From website interactions to transactions with customers, analysis of the data is important for decision-making at companies.

Cyber Security

The rate at which data breaches continue to plague businesses shows no signs of slowing. Organizations are hiring Chief Security Officers and other cybersecurity experts skilled in recognizing and assisting with blocking attacks.


With more and more transactions happening online, it’s become incredibly important that safety and security measures for transactions occur. With blockchain, it’s possible to have a log of tamper-proof transaction data. Employees skilled in the development and management of this technology are in high demand.

Artificial Intelligence

Engineers familiar with the intricacies of artificial intelligence are important for businesses today and into the future. While machines are taking over many of the process-oriented job functions of today, there is still a lot that human workers can contribute to the workday. As AI & automation merge, skills in AI development, machine learning engineers and algorithm developers will rise in demand.
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