Data Scientist Demand Heating Up in Healthcare

Data is everywhere today. From the devices we use to the information we pass along online, there is an unending amount of information out there. And those numbers will only continue to soar. The problem is that not all data is easily accessible. Much of it is unstructured.

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Research firm IDC said this will only continue to increase and by 2025, more than eighty percent of all data will be unstructured.
For businesses that must utilize data to improve processes and operations, a way to process, utilize and understand all of it is needed.
This is where data scientists come in and are revolutionizing the industry. Their tools and skillsets unlock the potential of data so that it has lasting improvements for the industry and future generations.

Data Science in Healthcare

One of the largest industries generating an abundance of data each day is healthcare. From smart connected medical devices to patient records, billing, and more.
Making sure all of this information serves a purpose is key in this industry.
For this reason, healthcare providers are placing a sharp focus on data scientists and investing in this highly requested function so that they may gather actionable insights for all of their unstructured data.
While data science skill is in high demand though, and career projections are high, there is still a shortage being faced today.

What Do Data Scientists Do Exactly?

Data scientists use their knowledge and skills to analyze and extract actions from data sets. These can be used for building automated systems or predicting future outcomes. Other capabilities include improved drug testing as well as better health monitoring, response for those with critical illnesses, and reduced diagnostic errors. In addition to understanding data and being able to extract and translate it, data scientists are proficient in programming languages such as Python, SQL, and other tools like machine learning including Apache Hadoop.

Why We Need More Data Scientists

As the demand to improve health innovations continues, the market for data scientists is also heating up. Research points to the demand for data scientists to grow in a five-year period by twenty-eight percent in 2020.
Like many high-tech skills though, the pool of talented and capable data scientists is scarce today. From fierce competition in the market to a lack of specialized skills, many organizations find themselves struggling to bring in talent that can assist with their data needs. These specialists require not only knowledge of programming languages as well as machine learning skills, but they must also be good with analytics and extracting key data for the business. Seeking skilled employees with mid-level to senior-level experience increases the chances of coming up short in the search for talent in many cases.

Why Choose VLink

VLink’s available pool of talented Data Scientists has helped healthcare organizations to gain actionable insights from their data.
One provider needed a way to allow different departments at their facility to access key data and information via a  convenient and easy-to-understand platform. This would replace the current unorganized and disjointed use of systems for gathering, reconciling, and extracting data. VLink provided a healthcare analytics and reporting tool that does everything they need.
Another healthcare provider requested a way to more easily identify patients with urgent conditions and the cost of care provided. VLink created an algorithm to define attribution rules for a physician based on certain factors so they could more easily predict and address patient needs.
VLink was also responsible for assisting one health client with creating a tool to predict which patients were at high risk of developing sepsis so they could provide care and prevention.
Our IT staffing solutions offer a talented pool of experienced data scientists that are available for temporary, project-based work, as direct, full-time hires and highly skilled offshore talent.

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