6 Effective Tips for Hiring Android Developers Remotely

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Looking for remote android developers to grow your team but unsure how to get started? 

Let us tell you that hiring Android developers remotely is one of the most flexible opportunities to find the best talent for working with no geographical restrictions. But it is essential to handle the process correctly, and you will need a well-thought-out strategy and plan. 

No worries—we are here to support you with the right strategies and tips.  

We have covered nearly all the crucial information right from the critical skills to consider in a remote android developer to the total cost of hiring android developers remotely and common mistakes to avoid while recruiting.  

So, shall we get started? 

A Quick Overview of Global Mobile App Market Size

To begin with, it is crucial to state that the global app market is evolving quite rapidly.

number of mobile app downloads

For example, in 2016, users downloaded 140.68 billion mobile apps. However, in 2023, this indicator amounted to 257 billion downloads. In 2024, the apps download statistics are projected to remain positive, creating excellent prospects for app developers, owners, and advertisers. 

There is no doubt that the app market is highly profitable. In 2022, its revenue was $430.90 billion, and it is expected to increase by 9.27%, which will generate $614.40 billion by 2026. This clearly means that this segment will remain promising for players in the future. 

Crucial Skills to Consider in a Remote Android App Developer

The stats we discussed in the previous section is a proof that a mobile app can help your company grow faster. But it is easier said than done. This means, you will have to hire a remote android developer who possesses the right set of both technical as well as non-technical or soft skills.

Crucial Skills to Consider in a Remote Android App Developer  

Let us find out what are these skills:  

Technical Skills in Remote Android Developers

Here are the must-have technical skills in remote android developers: 

  • Proficient in Programming Languages and Libraries  

Be it remote or onsite, a typical android developer must be well-versed in programming languages.  

They must have a clear understanding of the primary languages used in Android development, Java and Kotlin.  

In addition to this, knowing libraries such as Retrofit, Glide, or Espresso, can noticeably increase the efficiency of the application, as they simplify difficult processes, including image loading and network transaction paths.  

A developer proficient in these tools will allow the app to fulfill the technical requirements and provide a seamless customer journey. 

  • Expertise in Android Studio and Android SDK  

Experience in Android Studio and Android SDK is also a must. These tools help a developer build, test, and debug their apps.  

When a developer is an expert in Android Studio, they master all its benefits, including code completion, syntax highlight, and debugging features, which helps create high-quality apps for business-specific needs. 

Being proficient in the Android SDK provides developers with the tools necessary to create integrated and appealing user experiences on any portable device that uses the Android operating system.  

  • Experience in Database Management  

It is no news that databases are used extensively in the development of an android app.  

As a developer, one must build strong databases to ensure data within the application is well managed.  

Using databases consciously provides a platform for data movement and operation within the app to provide a better user experience, while securing user information for better application trust issues. 

  • Knowledge of Proper Code Documentation  

Proper code documentation is vital for an Android app developer. This process entails the careful recording of the code’s purpose, usage, and structure to ensure it is understandable and easy to maintain.  

Having a clear understanding of the best practices in code documentation allows the developers to conduct a collaborative process with their other team members and make the troubleshooting process easier.  

Non-Technical Skills in Remote Android Developers

Do not forget the fact that you are hiring a remote android developer. This means you should be focusing on non-technical or soft skills too. If you fail to do so, you can end up disturbing the whole workflow of your team. 

All that said, look at the five non-technical or soft skills a remote android developer must have:  

  • Clear Communication  

Remote android developers will never be in the same geographical with their team. They must therefore be able to put forth their ideas clearly whether it is the project requirement or providing progress updates to the team. A remote android developer who does not know how to clearly communicate may unknowingly lead to misunderstanding and misalignment among fellow employees due to the various time zones and physical location. 

  • Time Management  

Remote work is very flexible but demands time management. Regarding the responsibilities of the remote android developer, s/he must follow the given project and timeline while keeping productivity at an adequate level without direct control. When a remote android developer takes accountability and completes all assignments on time, the work is always of high quality. 

  • Emotional Intelligence  

Emotional intelligence is vital in the virtual workplace to create and maintain strong relationships between team members and resolve conflicts constructively. So, remote Android developers must show empathy to their peers, recognize their position, and engage with others gently. By being emotionally intelligent, a developer enhances trust, allows teamwork, and encourages a conducive working environment hundreds of miles away. 

  • Adaptability  

The tech industry has changed a lot and is still undergoing new changes. For developers to succeed in remote work, they must learn to be adaptable.  

From new languages, prompt projects requirements, to error-solving, developers should be ready to change and open to everything.  

  • Accountability  

Work from home implies a great deal of professionalism and responsibility. Android developers who work remotely should be able to personally set tasks and deadlines for certain time limits and deadlines and deliver results without a mentor.  

By expressing readiness to resolve their mistakes and take responsibility for the stipulated work requirements, a remote android developer should demonstrate dedication and inspire trust from colleagues and clients. 

6 Super Effective Tips for Hiring Android Developers Remotely

Keep the following six tips in your mind to hire the right android developers for your team:

6 Super Effective Tips for Hiring Android Developers Remotely 

  • Check Technical Expertise  

Before you decide to hire, remember to verify the Android app developer’s technical expertise and portfolio.  

Ensure they have experience with programming languages, as well as extensive practical knowledge of Android Studio, Android SDK, and good database management skills. It should be noted that the developer always documents the code properly. 

Finally, consider reviewing all previous projects available to see the quality and to make sure it meets your expectations for mobile app development.  

Evaluate if they have experience in developing apps for different industries, from social networking, and eCommerce to education and healthcare; have they worked with big brands, governmental agencies, and startups in multiple countries? 

  • Decide Budget Beforehand  

Anyway, once you hire an Android app developer, it is highly critical that you have a solid, realistic budget and your project specifications summarized.  

In simpler terms, this serves a two-fold purpose of ensuring that you fully comprehend the financial dimension and helps ensure you are a step ahead in communication throughout the process. 

Therefore, to ensure there is no misunderstanding and to avoid any surprises, you must have a discussion regarding pricing with every candidate.  

The other key factor is selecting the most appropriate hiring model to suit the project’s demands and the proposed budget. All this sets a clear base and helps plan a creative and fruitful communication process. 

  • Be Transparent While Discussing Pricing & Policies 

It is also equally critical to ensure the pricing and policies before getting an Android app developer or a mobile app development company.  

The budget should be apparent and meet the requirements for the job. You must get familiar with the provider’s confidentiality and clarify any vital points. This would certainly ensure a less post-contextual dispute and enable a healthy work relationship. 

Do not sign any agreements until you have thoroughly verified the credentials of all prospective developers or development companies.  

Also, it would be better to clear all these questions before the steps below to set the expectations and avoid potential disputes over prices, policies, and the project’s scope. 

  • Check Communication Skills  

Assess the developer’s communication skills and their ability to comprehend and actualize your vision for the app. This element is important for good working relations, as it will enable the developer to articulate complex technical data in layman’s terms. 

So, look for developers who are proactive in explaining data, updating you on project progress, and are open to recommendations. Experts with good interpersonal expertise are important, as they can understand your needs and integrate them into a mobile application. 

  • Ensure S/he is Expert in Post-Launch Changes  

Find a developer who is willing to make post-launch adjustments and updates. It is essential to verify if the developer has a history of making mobile application changes promptly and with minimum downtime once the application has been released. This includes new functionality implementation, bug corrections, and glitches or other network latency issues. 

If the developer is proactive in post-launch modifications, your application may remain relevant and engaging for users in the future.  

Choose a developer who is ready to adapt the application and is always open to modifications after the post-launch to make your app competitive.  

A candidate should have specific experience in updating applications to fit changing user needs, adjust to various platform updates, and implement the necessary changes. 

  • Select the Right Hiring Model  

Choose a hiring model depending on your project requirements or the level of control you want. If you want to manage the work but not bother about screening and hiring talents, think about a dedicated development team or an outsourcing model.  

In contrast, consider the fixed-price contracts or hourly rates depending on the scalability and flexibility you aim at to ensure budget-friendliness at each stage.


Where to Find the Best Android Developers for Your Team?

One of the smartest ways to find top-notch Android developers for your company is to partner with a mobile app development company. They are efficient and rapid in every aspect of the hiring process, from initiation until they workplace them up.  

Just explain your project in addition to your business requirements—they will take care of the rest. 

You will be able to rapidly shortlist and interview the excellent candidates thanks to this easily accessible pool of pre-vetted candidates. This removes the requirement for recruiting in-house operations while also allowing you to bring in skilled Android developers as swiftly as possible, which means your team will be able to continue to work. 

15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Remote Android Developers

Here are a few questions you must ask while interviewing remote android developers:  

  • What is your experience of working with Android development? 
  • Can you provide the mobile app development checklist you follow? 
  • Have you ever developed Android applications? 
  • Name programming languages and frameworks that you specialize in?  
  • Have you worked on projects that are integrated with backend services or APIs (Application Programming Interface)? 
  • Do you have experience with Android UI/UX design principles and guidelines? 
  • Have you worked in a remote setup before? If yes, how do you streamline communication and collaboration? 
  • What are the tools and technologies you utilize to communicate with your remote team? 
  • Rate your time management skills out of 10. 
  • Do you have a proper workstation and reliable internet connection? 
  • While working remotely, how will you make sure data security and privacy? 
  • How do you deal with potential distractions while working remotely? 
  • How do you maintain work-life balance in a remote work setting? 
  • How do you resolve technical and connectivity issues? 
  • Are you comfortable with flexible working hours to accommodate different time zones when collaborating with remote teams? 

Cost of Hiring Android Developers Remotely

The cost to hire a remote android developer may vary depending on their experience, skills, and overall expertise. If talking about the average remote android salary in the United States, it is $140,000 per year or $67.31 per hour. If you are relying on an outsourcing company, they usually offer multiple, flexible pricing plans that can fit your budget and requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Can android developers work remotely?

As time passes and modern technologies are developed, communication tools are enhanced, and remote work has become a norm in the software development industry. Most companies offer remote options to android developers. They can effectively collaborate with their teams regardless of their location on the globe.

How to hire android developers?

To hire Android developers, you must clearly articulate the requirements for the project, then refer to a staffing company which has experience recruiting such professionals. Analyze the CV and portfolio of candidates, conduct interviews to assess competencies and the level of compliance with the team. Last but not the least, negotiate with the selected candidate and make a job offer with a contract

How to write a job description for an android developer?

When writing a job description targeted at an Android developer, state compulsory qualifications such as fluency in Java or Kotlin, working knowledge of Android SDK, and understanding of UI/UX principles. In addition to this, outline responsibilities including app development, debugging, and working cohesively with in-house cross-functional groups. Also, mention recommended skills in concluding statements such as expertise in RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interface) and agile principles.

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