11 Great Tools To Manage Your Dedicated Software Development Team

Why you need tools to manage your software development team

Picture this: You hire a software development team from a software development outsourcing company to take over one of your most critical software projects.

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Why you need tools to manage your software development team

Picture this: You hire a software development team from a software development outsourcing company to take over one of your most critical software projects. You understand that this team is the driving force behind the project’s success. But you also know that, like any other team in your organization, the only way for this team to succeed is through shared objectives, clear responsibilities, a solid work process, and effective communication. How do you manage this team, focus on what is essential, and avoid making bad decisions?

With your day loaded with multiple responsibilities, a digital tool can help you and your team. The right tools can ensure you set your team up for success. But hundreds of tools are available in the market today, and each of these promises to make your life easier and your software development team more productive. So, which tool will help you manage your software development team better? We’ve put together a list of ten fantastic tools to consider.


Time is a crucial resource, and you don’t want it wasted. Timely tracks how your team utilizes their time by precisely recording all the time spent on everything at work – emails, video calls, websites, meetings, documents, and even video calls. The automatic time tracker can help you:

  •       Manage multiple teams and projects
  •       Add specific projects
  •       Track every step of each project
  •       Capture every billable detail

Gives real-time feedback on:

  •       Whether your project proceeds according to plans
  •       Where you are losing time
  •       What improvements you can make to make the best use of time.


Trello is the ideal tool for managing the multiple moving parts of a software development project.

  •       Build and manage agile workflows securely.
  •       Keep specs, code, and plans in a centralized location.
  •       Use templates to prioritize and manage work seamlessly.
  •       Monitor and manage bug requests, delegating them to the correct team member.
  •       Track commitments and issues to manage your software development project.
  •       Create a step-by-step workflow for your project to move smoothly through the necessary steps without missing anything.


Slack is a single platform for the entire software development team to communicate more efficiently and work faster and better.

  •       Build and review code from a single platform
  •       Reduce the development cycle time
  •       Deploy your end product with confidence.
  •       Resolve issues faster
  •       Launch a better product.


ProofHub is one of the most powerful and secure cloud-based team management systems today. It is designed to help your team work more efficiently by streamlining collaboration and communication. The fully customizable, feature-rich tool is easy to use, efficient, flexible, and helps to

  •       Define roles
  •       Create timelines
  •       Assign tasks
  •       Stay organized
  •       Plan, collaborate and prioritize tasks


Skype has been around for a while and is the face of modern-day team collaboration and virtual communication. Skype connects team members working remotely by offering the following benefits:

  • Almost free and easy to use, with a minimalistic and clean interface
  • Offers a fantastic calling experience – including international calls at affordable rates
  • Offers whiteboard, poll, and Q&A features for better collaboration and engagement
  • Web conferencing across multiple devices and supports multiple languages.

Cold Turkey

Sometimes the best way to get the most productivity out of your software development team is to eliminate unwanted distractions. Cold Turkey is a free website blocker and work-productivity enhancer. It is designed to help teams focus on their work by blocking away distractions like apps, games, social media, and YouTube.


Notion is a productivity-boosting tool trusted by software development consulting firms worldwide. It simplifies and organizes how each team member communicates, performs tasks, and shares updates. The all-in-one workspace can be used to:

  •       Set reminders and keep agendas
  •       Save documents and manage files
  •       Organize, automate, and streamline work
  •       Keep track of priorities and deliverables


Finding and fixing bugs is a part of every developer

’s job. MantisBT is a one-of-a-kind, open-source, web-based bug-tracking system designed to help your software development team save time finding, tracking, and reporting errors and defects in code. Best of all, it is developer-friendly and allows your team members to track every stage in the software testing cycle.


When your team of software developers needs to share code, it doesn’t get easier than a Pastebin web application.

  •       Communicate with other developers via a real-time chat feature
  •       Store and share source code and configuration information with your team
  •       Instantly find any image, line of code, text, or link you’ve ever copied on any of your multiple devices.


Asana is a powerful and flexible collaboration and work management tool that allows small and large teams of software developers to track short and long-term projects. The tool’s features, like integrations, reporting, goals, boards, timeline, workload, and automation, allow team managers and team members to:

  • Track projects and progress
  • Collect creative feedback
  • Take notes and share files
  • Meet deadlines of scrum sprints


Codiga is a code analysis platform and a coder’s best friend. Designed to help engineers save time, Codiga is used by developers to save time writing code.

  • Eliminates wasting time creating repetitive codes
  • Save hours of software development
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the quality of your code
  • Automate code reviews and write faster code
  • Detect duplicates, violations, and security vulnerabilities in 10+ programming languages

Final thoughts

From various software development tools that help your team write better code faster to those that remove distractions, there are management tools that can assist you in managing all aspects of your software development team. The trick is to select a set of tools to help them collaborate and communicate more effectively, meet deadlines, and create the best possible software product – exactly as you imagined it.

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