Top IT Predictions for CIOs in the New Decade

As we just stepped into a new decade, many enterprises are taking time to look back at the ways digital disruption in their industry helped to catapult them to new levels of success in the last few years.

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For many IT departments, there’s still so much more that lies ahead in terms of innovation. Digital transformation initiatives are continuing for many businesses that struggle to find ways to connect their disparate systems and prepare their enterprises for the digital future. Keeping with this, here are some of the top IT predictions highlighted in IDC FutureScape report along with steps CIOs can take to set strategic, realistic goals.

The new decade will start off with IT organizations shifting from being builders and users of applications and solutions to becoming the ones setting the stage and actually designing and integrating digital solutions. IDC FutureScape also predicts by 2022 that 40 percent of CIOs will be at the forefront of “articulating digital visions and infusing intelligence enterprise-wide.”

As CIOs become more vital to their organization’s success, they’ll also be the ones pushing for even more innovation for the entire enterprise to benefit from. This includes the use of AI technologies and deeper collaboration efforts.
They will also be working toward improving employee experiences while tightening budgets, improving talent and making the enterprise more agile.

Another prediction made by IDC is that in 2023, “eighty percent of IT organizations will accelerate software development to enable them to deploy at least weekly code updates/revisions and business value delivery.”
This doesn’t come without the continued need to protect the enterprise from cyber threats. As a result, enterprises will be working aggressively to modernize legacy systems and invest in new technologies that protect them for new scale attacks.

Finally, in terms of application development and portability, by 2023, IDC predicts that CIOs will be using a “strategic container/abstraction/API playbook to enhance application portability and hosting flexibility.”
What does this mean for your organization? If you’re headed into 2020 and haven’t made the CIO an important part of your IT strategy, it’s time to reconfigure. The future is now and support from this department will be essential for future success.

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