Why Hybrid Cloud is So Important for IT Strategy

IT departments across the globe are under pressure to improve processes, lower costs and maintain security for their organizations. With digital transformations happening everywhere, many are still questioning whether or not they’re ready to give up total control or if a hybrid approach is better.

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In addition to control, compliance is also a key deciding factor in making the move to cloud and one that many industries cannot tread lightly around.
As we enter a new decade, and business make plans and budget resources for the New Year, here are key reasons why hybrid cloud is so important for IT strategy.


One of the biggest benefits that even those companies that struggle with giving up full control can realize with hybrid cloud is the flexibility to choose which applications and data they want to retain control over and which can benefit from the cloud. This is a nice middle ground and allows the same benefits of cost savings and scalability to be realized, but in a way they’re most comfortable with.


With hybrid cloud, IT departments can keep their support structure similar to what they’re used to. The mix of on-premises, private and public cloud services can work together in a familiar format that’s easy to use and in a way that works seamlessly.


For those industries where compliance and security is especially stringent, the hybrid cloud environment allows for the option to keep some data private when needed without risking fines or violations. With automation of security controls, concerns about data protection can be alleviated.

Disaster Recovery

With the hybrid approach, there is also the advantage of working together with a cloud provider who will take responsibility for things like maintenance, configuration and even backups. This comes along with disaster recovery so that should an outage occur, there is peace of mind knowing virtual servers can be used to operate with the recovery data.

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