Why More Businesses Are Turning to Automation

The need to automate has never been more important for businesses than it is today. Everything from the data being collected and managed, to process improvements– there’s so much that automation can bring to operations.

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For this reason, it has become central to strategy and key to gaining a competitive advantage.
Today, with demands to cut costs and to do more with less, businesses are turning to automation to achieve their goals. It’s helping to lower costs, improve quality and even speed time to market.
Here’s a closer look at the reasons why automation is now gaining momentum in the business landscape.

Lower Prices

Even for businesses who have long understood that making the move toward automated systems was important, for many there was still a barrier to adoption involving the costs to achieve automation. Now, with companies willing to invest in new technologies, and price points for these innovations falling, more businesses are finally making the move to implement automation in their workplaces.
According to one study, 44 percent of businesses plan to increase tech spend in 2020 and replace outdated technologies; representing a 6 percent increase from 38 percent in 2019.

Tech Sophistication

The other great thing that is happening today to allow more businesses to make the move to automation is the availability of the actual technologies they require. With better machine learning, advancements in AI and robotic process automation, it’s now possible to automate rules and procedures in the office backend so they are done faster and with more accuracy than ever before. With this, there are immediate cost savings to operational efficiency gains.

What’s Next?

The key to success with automation, however, is not how many tasks can be automated, but how these technologies can be implemented in your workplace to gain a competitive advantage. This requires creating an appropriate balance between machine-controlled solutions and the use of human workers for their creativity to propel the business forward.
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