Wellness Mobile Application

Our client wanted to develop a mobile wellness application for their members with diabetes which would track the wellness activities, improve their health and encourage them to visit the pharmacy stores for the regular diabetes supplies.

Our team designed and developed a mobile application that helps the members with diabetes to track their daily wellness activities such as water intake, food intake, supplement intake, physical activities and biometric measures such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and much more. The app is built on Xamarin framework and is compatible with Android and iOS device platforms.

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Health Coaching: The application offers a 24/7 health coaching feature that enables members to engage with health coaches via chat, email or phone.
Resources: The app provides several resources on diabetes such as recipes, medications, symptoms, and procedures.
Challenges and Rewards: The members can join challenges tailored to patients with diabetes, set competitive goals and earn rewards that can be redeemed. The application also has a feature that allows members to compete against each other and earn more rewards and free items.
Reminders: The members are encouraged to meet their goals by email and text reminders.
Integration: The app integrates with several devices and applications to improve activity and wellness tracking.
*A similar solution can be replicated for other chronic diseases.



The application helps:
• Improve the patients’ health and reduce the number of ER visits to the hospitals by tracking the members’ health and providing health coaching and resources.
• Improve customer loyalty by increased store visits.
• The users to stay motivated by keeping them engaged in the challenges and rewards programs.

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