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With the surging popularity of digital currencies, the demand for secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallets has never been higher. These wallets serve as entry points to blockchain transactions, offering storage for cryptocurrencies and facilitating the purchase of fiat currency, NFTs, and the execution of exchanges and trades. 

As of 2022, the global crypto wallet market was valued at approximately USD 8.47 billion, with projections indicating a substantial increase to around USD 77.94 billion by 2032. 

global crypto wallet marketWhile numerous crypto wallets contribute to this expanding market, we will delve into the specifics of the Exodus crypto wallet today. This application empowers users to seamlessly manage and exchange over 260 cryptocurrencies and NFTs across various platforms, including web browsers, mobile devices, desktops, and hardware wallets. 

In this blog, you will learn how to build an app like Exodus cryptocurrency wallet and crypto wallet features and reasons to invest in an Exodus-like crypto wallet development.  

Why Do You Need a Crypto Wallet Development Like EXODUS? 

Amidst the plethora of available cryptocurrencies, ensuring the security of digital transactions has become paramount. The escalating popularity of cryptocurrencies as a catalyst for business expansion has compelled businesses to adopt cryptocurrency wallets for transaction security. 

If you are venturing into the development of your wallet, engage the services of a digital wallet app development company. Entrusting the story of your crypto wallet to seasoned experts is also strongly recommended. 

Several factors should be considered when selecting a wallet for contemporary cryptocurrencies like Exodus: 

  • Seamless functionality 
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface 
  • Support for 100 crypto assets 
  • Swift and secure transaction processing 
  • Compatibility with new cryptocurrencies 

Crypto wallets automate transactions and enhance security, thwarting potential hacking threats. Exodus is a viable choice for users seeking a secure means to store their cryptocurrency assets. 

Crypto Wallet-Like Exodus Key Features 

 Crypto Wallet-Like Exodus Key Features 


Upon logging into a wallet such as Exodus, users gain access to a feature designed to safeguard their assets within the non-custodial wallet using a private key. The application provides users with a 12-word phrase, requiring them to input it correctly to access their account and regain control in case of a lost password.   


The Exodus cryptocurrency wallet operates as a non-custodial platform, allowing users to store various crypto assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Additionally, it facilitates activities such as buying and selling cryptocurrencies, engaging in staking for passive income and executing cryptocurrency swaps, all within the confines of the application.  


Developing a cryptocurrency wallet akin to Exodus proves beneficial to incorporate functionality enabling users to exchange their cryptocurrencies within the application seamlessly.  

The application operates by utilizing a real-time currency value analyzer, which assesses the current rates of the desired cryptocurrency for purchase against the one intended for sale, facilitating the exchange process.   


Another prevalent set of features in crypto wallets involves the integration of a smart portfolio. This feature empowers investors to monitor the crypto assets in their possession, providing real-time updates on their values and even presenting comparative charts with other assets for a comprehensive overview.   

Staking and Compound Finance

For those contemplating cryptocurrency wallet development like Exodus, consider incorporating the capability for investors to generate passive income within the application. The application provides users with two avenues to monetize their cryptocurrencies: staking and compound finance.  

Web3 Integration

The Exodus cryptocurrency wallet is equipped with Web3 integration, allowing users to access various metaverse and Web3 applications seamlessly. Beyond app accessibility, it facilitates effortless trading within those platforms, offering users a comprehensive experience through a single application.   

Customer support

In developing the best digital wallet app in 2023, another crucial aspect involves including 24/7 customer support. When creating a crypto wallet akin to Exodus, achieving this can be realized through various means, including intelligent chat, email correspondence, phone support, and incorporating a comprehensive FAQ section. 

How Do you Create a Crypto Wallet like Exodus? 

How Do you Create a Crypto Wallet like Exodus?

Fix the app idea and features

The initial step in developing an app similar to Exodus involves formulating the business model. During this phase, critical decisions encompass selecting a custodial or non-custodial wallet architecture, defining the app's features, and specifying the target user demographic.  

Furthermore, comprehensive competitor research and market analysis contribute valuable insights to facilitate a streamlined project development process.  

Work on the app's UI and UX

With the app concept, the development process transitions to the design phase for the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet. We emphasize crafting a sleek and captivating application that integrates specialized sections and elements to enhance the user experience.  

In this stage, we construct wireframes and prototypes, serving as a foundation for developers and providing stakeholders with a visual depiction of the application. 


Initiate the coding process

With the completion of the UI/UX design for the Exodus crypto wallet, we advance to the development phase. Tailoring our approach to align with project requirements and budget considerations, here are two approaches: 

A) Building the app from the ground up or  

B) Utilizing popular libraries and tools like the Coinbase SDK, BitcoinJ SDK, or Blockchain Wallet API.  

Depending on the selected method, we proceed with feature development, shaping the desired user flow within the application.  

Testing and launching the MVP version

The next phase entails rigorous quality assurance testing of the solution to guarantee its resilience against hacking and scalability. Our dedicated blockchain services testing team works diligently to ready your app for prospective industry expansion.  

Upon confirming the app's readiness for deployment, we will launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version, enabling real users to engage with the app and offer valuable feedback. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Crypto Wallet App Like Exodus? 

The cost to build a crypto wallet app hinges on several factors, including the application's size, solution design, features, chosen technology stack, and the location and structure of the team working on the application. 

Here is a cost breakdown of Exodus-like crypto wallet app development: 


Estimate Costs 

Backend Development 















Consider VLink for Exodus-Like Crypto Wallet App Development! 

Get secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallets like Exodus through VLink's premium services in crypto wallet development. Our comprehensive range of services covers the entire spectrum, from conceptualization to integration and ongoing maintenance of crypto wallet applications. 

Whether you need a web-based, mobile, or hardware cryptocurrency wallet, our dedicated team of developers is committed to delivering unparalleled privacy and security for your digital assets. Rely on us to craft a cryptocurrency wallet solution that prioritizes safeguarding your assets. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do we make security the primary goal for developing an Exodus-like crypto wallet app?

To prioritize security in developing an Exodus-like crypto wallet app, employ robust encryption, implement multi-factor authentication, conduct regular code audits, stay updated on security best practices, and foster a culture of security awareness among the development team.  

Regularly address vulnerabilities and collaborate with cybersecurity experts to enhance the app's defenses. 

What time is it required to build a crypto wallet like Exodus?

The time to build a crypto wallet like Exodus varies based on features, complexity, and team expertise. Typically, it may take several months to a year for mobile app development solutions, testing, and refinement. Design intricacies, security measures, and regulatory considerations within the development process influence timelines. 

What is the best way to approach Exodus-like cryptocurrency app development?

Approach Exodus-like cryptocurrency app development by conducting thorough market research, defining clear objectives, prioritizing user security, collaborating with experienced blockchain developers, adhering to regulatory guidelines, and continuously iterating based on user feedback. Focus on a user-friendly interface, robust security features, and seamless integration with popular cryptocurrencies. 

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