The Best AI Image Generators in 2024 & Beyond

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Gone are the days of laborious photo editing or intricate design software. Now, cutting-edge AI image generators can produce stunning visuals with just a few clicks. These tools are ideal for branding, social media content creation, and making invitations, flyers, business cards, and more. 

In 2024 and beyond, AI image-generation tools have reached unprecedented heights, revolutionizing industries from design and marketing to entertainment and beyond. 

The global AI image generator market size is projected to grow from US$299,295 thousand in 2023 to US$917,448 thousand by 2030, at a CAGR of 17.4%.

global AI image generator market

As the market is filled with several AI models, it takes time to find the best one. In this blog, we will explore which is the best AI image generator in 2024 & beyond for your projects.  

What is an AI Image Generator? 

An AI image generator, also known as a generative model, is a type of software that uses AI to create images as per user text inputs, usually within seconds. It can typically render an image in any style you want, including 3D, 2D, cinematic, modern and more.  

AI image generators have a wide range of applications.  

  • generating artwork,  
  • creating synthetic training data for machine learning models,  
  • enhancing images,  
  • generating realistic faces and scenes for use in entertainment and media industries such as gaming, film, and virtual reality. 

How AI Image Generators Work? 

The best AI image generators utilize deep learning algorithms, particularly generative models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) or Variational Autoencoders (VAEs). These algorithms analyze vast amounts of training data to learn patterns and features inherent in images. During the generation process, the AI model generates new images by extrapolating from the learned patterns.  

GANs, for instance, consist of two neural networks: a generator that creates images and a discriminator that evaluates them.  

Through iterative training, the AI generator produces increasingly realistic images .  

8 Best AI Image Generators in 2024 & Beyond

8 Best AI Image Generators in 2024 & Beyond

1. DALL-E 3 by OpenAI 

Best AI Image Generators for Artists, Designers and Anyone Looking to Create Unique and Original Image 

Pros & Cons of DALL-E 3 by OpenAI: 




Confusing credits 

Not copyrighted 

No app 

Easy to use 


Included with ChatGPT-Plus 


What is DALL-E 3 by OpenAI? 

DALL-E 3 is one of the best AI image generators—and with good reason. It produces more interesting, more realistic and more consistent images quickly. DALL·E 2 was the first AI-powered image generator.  

DALL·E 3 is an advanced version which you can use through ChatGPT or Microsoft Bing's AI Copilot. 

Interacting with DALL-E 3 is remarkably intuitive. Input any prompt you desire, providing as much detail as needed to bring your vision into reality. This AI art generator will produce four images based on your input.  

OpenAI even recently included new functionalities to edit an image generated from a chatbot. These functionalities include easy conversational text prompts and the ability to click on image parts you want to edit.  

Like with Copilot, you can chat and render your pictures on the same platform, making it convenient to work on projects related to image and text generation.  

If you don't want to spend too much money, Image Creator by Designer is an excellent alternative to DALL-E 3, as it’s free.  

DALL-E 3 Key Points:  

  • Powered by: DALL-E 3 by OpenAI 
  • Access viha: ChatGPT, highly interactive chatbot website and app 
  • Output: 4 images per credit 
  • Price: ChatGPT Plus subscription, $20 per month 

2. ImageFX from Google 

The Best AI Image Generator for Beginners 

Pros & Cons of ImageFX from Google: 



Easy to use 

Need a Google account 

High-quality results 

Strict guidelines 

Expressive chips 


What is ImageFX from Google? 

Google's ImageFX entered the AI image generator as a dark horse, arriving more than a year after DALL-E 2 made its debut. Capable of producing high-quality, lifelike outputs, including challenging objects like hands, ImageFX has proven to be a noteworthy contender in the field as the best AI image generator. 

This artificial intelligence tool has expressive chips that make it easier to refine your prompts or generate new ones. It highlights your prompts’ parts and suggests different word changes to modify your output.  

In addition, ImageFX gives suggestions for styles like photorealistic, 35mm film, minimal, sketch, handmade, and more.  

ImageFX from Google Key Points: 

  • Powered by: Imagen 2 
  • Access via: Website 
  • Output: 4 images 
  • Price: free  

3. DreamStudio by Stability AI 

Best AI Image Generator for Customization 

Pros & Cons of DreamStudio by Stability AI: 



Open source 

Paid credits 

More entries for customization 

Need to create account 

Accepts specific instructions 


What is DreamStudio? 

Stability AI created the most popular, open-sourced, text-to-image generator: Stable Diffusion. Users can download the tool and use it at no cost, but it requires technical skill.  

Stability AI developed DreamStudio to ensure that the technology is easily accessible to all, irrespective of skill level. DreamStudio integrates Stable Diffusion into a user interface designed for simplicity and usability. 

As one of the best AI image generators, DreamStudio includes different customization features, including a "negative prompt". It allows users to specify what they wish to exclude from the final image. 

Another convenient aspect is the ability to adjust the image ratio effortlessly. This feature is essential, given that many of the best AI image generators typically produce images in a fixed 1:1 ratio. 

DreamStudio Key Points: 

  • Powered by: SDXL 1.0 by Stability AI 
  • Access via: Website 
  • Output: 1 image per 2 credits 
  • Price: $1 per 100 credits 
  • Credits: 25 free credits for new account member

4. Dream by WOMBO 

Best AI Image Generator for your Phone 

Pros & Cons of Dream by WOMBO: 



Mobile app 

One image per prompt 

Remix your own images 

Subscription cost for full access 

Multiple templates 


What is Dream by WOMBO? 

Dream by WOMBO is an AI image generator that creates deepfake videos and images from user-uploaded content. It allows users to transform ordinary photos into fantastical creations, adding an artistic touch to their content.  

This app took the first-place spot for the best AI image generator in Google Play's 2022 awards, and it has five stars on Apple's App Store with 141.6K ratings.  

Dream by WOMBO suggests different design styles such as realistic, expressionist, comic, abstract, fanatical, ink, and more.  

In addition to the app, the tool has a free, user-friendly desktop mobile version. If you are looking for enhanced features, there's an option to subscribe for $90 per year or $10 per month. 

Dream by WOMBO Key Points: 

  • Powered by: WOMBO AI's machine-learning algorithm 
  • Access via Mobile and desktop versions 
  • Output: 1 image with a free version, 4 with a paid plan 
  • Price: Free limited access

5. Craiyon 

Best no-frills AI Image Generator 

Pros & Cons of Craiyon:



User-friendly interface 

Longer wait 

Unlimited access 

Inconsistent image 



What is Craiyon? 

Craiyon (previously known as DALL-E Mini) is another best AI image generator.  It converts text inputs into visually striking and unique art pieces. This AI generation tool uses the DALL-E Mini technology to produce images from basic text descriptions. 

This AI-powered image generation tool is ideal for professional artists seeking inspiration or a hobbyist. It encourages users to explore the limitless possibilities of AI-driven art. In addition, Craiyon’s commitment to user privacy and quality guarantees that each creation is unique and secure. 

Crayon Key Points: 

  • Powered by: Their model 
  • Access via: Craiyon website 
  • Output: 6 images per prompt 
  • Price: Free, unlimited prompts


6. Midjourney 

Best AI Image Generator for High-Quality Art Pieces 

Pros & Cons of Midjourney:



Easy to use 

No free trial 

Highly accurate results 

Available only on discord 

Fine tuning features for artists 

Limited customer support 

What is Midjourney? 

Midjourney is a text-to-image generation tool that works on artificial intelligence. It comes into my list of the best AI image generators in 2024 as it produces more coherence, with better textures and colours— and overall results.  

Midjourney’s current version is 5.2. It doesn’t have an app, and it works on Discord chat. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and reads users’ entered text to generate relevant pictures. Thanks to its large community, you can join channels to interact with other artists.  

Surprisingly, experience your creativity with the production of hyper-realistic images, all achieved in minimal time. 

Midjourney Key Points: 

  • Powered by: Midjourney; utilizes Discord 
  • Access via Discord 
  • Output: 4 images per prompt 
  • Price: Starts at $10/month

7. Adobe Firefly 

Best AI Image Generator If you Want to Integrate AI-Generated Images into Photos 

Pros & Cons of Adobe Firefly: 



Commercial safe 

Longer lag 


More specific prompts 

What is Adobe Firefly? 

Like other AI image generators, Adobe Firefly allows users to generate images and other assets using text prompts. It means you will type words or descriptions, and the AI model will produce pictures as per your demand.  

Structure Reference and Style Reference are two standout features of this AI chatbot.  

Structure Reference allows users to enter an image they want the AI models to use as a template. It then creates a new image with the same layout and composition.  

Style Reference uses an image as a reference for generating new images in the same style.  

Adobe Firefly was trained using images from Adobe Stock, openly licensed, and public domain content. It ensures all the images are safe for commercial use and addresses the ethical issue of image generation tools.  

Adobe Firefly Key Points: 

  • Powered by: Firefly Image 2 
  • Access via: Website 
  • Output: 4 images per prompt 
  • Price: Free  

8. Generative AI Getty Images 

Best AI Image Generator for Businesses 

Pros & Cons of Generative AI Getty Images: 



Commercially safe 

Not clear about pricing 


Not individual-friendly 

Personalized stock photos 


What is Generative AI Getty Images? 

One of the biggest issues with all AI image generators is that they often train on internet content, risking unauthorized use of creators' art. It exposes businesses to copyright infringement due to the lack of compensation for original work incorporated into generated images. 

Fortunately, Generative AI by Getty Images generates images with content solely from Getty Images' huge creative library with full indemnification for commercial use. The generated images will come with Getty Images' standard royalty-free license, providing customers with assurance that they can use the content without legal concerns. 

Additionally, contributors whose content was utilized in training the models will receive compensation for their inclusion in the dataset. It offers a valuable solution for businesses seeking stock photos aligned with their creative direction without the burden of copyright complications. 

That's why Generative AI by Getty Images comes into my list of the best AI image generators in 2024 & beyond.  

Generative AI Getty Images Key Points: 

  • Powered by: NVIDIA Picasso 
  • Access via: Website 
  • Output: 4 images per prompt 
  • Price: Paid (price undisclosed; have to contact the team) 

Which is the Best AI Image Generator in 2024 & Beyond: A Quick Comparison Table? 

AI Image Generator 

Best For 



Output Speed 

Binge Image Creator 

Generating images while chatting & getting answer with the bot 

Mobile and Desktop 



DALL-E 3 by OpenAI 

Artists and designers 

Web and app 

$20 per month 



Ideal for begineer 





Best for customizable AI image generator  




Free + Credits  


Dream by WOMBO 

Idea for your Phone 

Mobile and Desktop 

Free + Subscription 



Best no-frills AI image generator with unlimited prompts and simple interface 





High-quality renderings and crystal-clear images with a Discord community 


Starts at $10/month 


Adobe Firefly 

Integrating AI-generated images into photos 




Generative AI Getty Images 

Ideal for business applications 


Not determined cost  




How to Choose the Best AI Image Generators in 2024? 

As you can see above, there is a list of the best AI image generators, but it's challenging to choose the right AI picture generator app for you. Here are some things you need to check for making the right choice: 

  • Identify the purpose of using 
  • Check high-resolution, realistic and visually appealing results 
  • Understand different types of models 
  • Consider customized features  
  • Read reviews and seek recommendations 

By considering these factors, you can choose the best AI image generator that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals effectively.  

Build a Successful AI Image Generator App with VLink! 

With expertise in machine learning and AI development, VLink is ready to create a standout AI image generator app for your business. Our seasoned team ensures a seamless user experience by using advanced algorithms to generate high-quality pictures.  

With a track record of success in bringing innovative projects to life, we're committed to building the best AI Image Generator App that captivates your audience. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with an AI picture generator app development.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Are there ethical implications with AI image generators?

AI image generators raise ethical concerns regarding privacy, consent, and misuse. Generating lifelike images of individuals without permission can lead to identity theft, fraud, or manipulation. Additionally, generating inappropriate or misleading content could harm individuals or perpetuate misinformation, highlighting the need for responsible development and usage of such technology. 

What is the cost of building an AI image generator app?

The cost to build an AI image generator app depends on factors like complexity, features, and development resources. A simple app may cost a few thousand dollars, while more advanced versions with custom AI models and high-quality outputs could range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why should you use AI image generators?

AI image generators offer numerous benefits, such as automating creative tasks, enhancing productivity, and enabling innovative applications in various fields like design, entertainment, and marketing. They also facilitate the creation of realistic images for research, training datasets, and prototyping, saving time and resources compared to manual methods.

How to use an AI image generator?

To use an AI image generator, input parameters like style, content, or desired outcome. Many platforms offer user-friendly interfaces where you upload an image or select options. The AI then processes this input, generating an image based on its algorithms. Adjust settings until satisfied, then save or download the result. 

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