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It is no news that OpenAI’s debut version of ChatGPT emerged in the year 2022 was the fastest-growing application till date, attracting more than one hundred million users in just the first two months.

Chat GPT user frowth over time

Not just the popularity of ChatGPT but the competition from other large-scale language models also has been fierce from the very first month of its launch.  

Yet another competitor has emerged to challenge ChatGPT’s supremacy in the market: Anthropic’s Claude.  

As soon as we heard the news, we tried comparing both ChatGPT and Claude with utmost curiosity. We have exciting insights for you, and I am sure our comparison will enable you to determine which of these great AI assistants is best for you. 

Shall we dive!  

A Quick Overview of AI Chatbots 

The evolution, or shall we say revolution, of AI chatbots was lightning-fast. They transformed our means of online communications as well as paying the way to faster problem solving and customized responses to the users’ input.  

When we talk about AI chatbots, ChatGPT automatically comes into the conversation. We do not think there is a need to give an overview of ChatGPT, the highly interactive chatbot. Anyone and everyone know that it is an advanced language model by Open AI that stormed the market with its natural language understanding and generation abilities. 

In the last two years, we have seen several ChatGPT alternatives such as Google Bard, Bing AI, Jaspe, and many others.  

As we already mentioned, a recent add to this list is Claude, which is the latest AI chatbot sensation. With innovative features and enhanced user experience, Claude represents the cutting edge of conversational AI technology, promising even more engaging interactions.  

Here is when a big question arises: Is Claude AI better than ChatGPT?  

Let us find an answer to this by making a thorough comparison between Claude and ChatGPT in the next section! 

Differences Between Claude AI and ChatGPT  

Here is a quick glimpse of the difference between Claude AI and ChatGPT:  







AI Model 

Claude 3 (Opus, Sonnet, Haiku) 

GPT 3.5, GPT 4 

Context Window  

200,000 tokens (and up to 1,000,000 tokens for certain use cases) 

32,000 tokens  

Internet Access  



Image Generation 


Yes (DALL-E) 

Supported Languages 

Officially English, Japanese, Spanish, French and almost every language   

95+ languages  

Paid Tier  

USD 20 per month for Claude Pro 

USD 20 per month for ChatGPT Plus  

API Pricing (for input) 

USD 15 per 1000 tokens (Opus); USD 3, per 1,000 tokens (Sonnet); USD 0.25 per 1,000 tokens (Haiku) 

USD 60 per 1,000 tokens (GPT-4 32K); USD 30 per 1,000 tokens (GPT-4); USD 10 per 1,000 tokens (GPT-4 Turbo); USD 0.50 per 1,000 tokens (GPT-3.5 Turbo) 

To make things clearer for you, we have made a brief comparison. This means we have taken different factors into consideration to understand which is better AI chatbot.  

Take a look:

  • Factual Questions
downloaddownload (1)

Claude has clearly won this test. The reason is Claude’s answer consisted of clear numbers whereas ChatGPT’s response was genuinely lousy. It seemed like ChatGPT played with words, but Claude was quick enough to answer. Also, neither chatbot wrote the requested word count, i.e., 200 words. ChatGPT answered with 190 words, and Claude answered with only 167. 

  • Creative Writing

 5 top

5 top tpis

It is a question of time that humans will be replaced by AI chatbots in writing. In order to determine if that will happen anytime soon, we decided to give Claude and ChatGPT a similar question. We asked them to write texts on the same topic. It seems quite obvious that Claude’s text was extremely fun and interactive, to say positively creative. ChatGPT definitely did a great job too, but we felt that it was less interactive. It was depressing and the morale was also not at the point. 

  • Ideation


 download (1)

We were recently hiring for Dot NET developers and so we thought of relying on both ChatGPT and Claude to get some tips to simplify our hiring process. To our surprise, both the responses were quite similar. So, just to make it a bit fun, we asked the same question to both the chatbots exactly thrice. From here, we got some totally different results. Claude, we should say, each and every time gave us new and different tips, but ChatGPT managed to tweak and gave almost somewhat similar responses. For this particular reason, we feel Claude is the winner here. 

  • Sentiment Analysis


 download (1)

For the uninitiated, sentiment analysis is the process of measuring the perceptions of audiences. This comes handy for managing reputation, analyzing call center conversations, and more. To test ChatGPT and Claude with this, we asked them to gauge the sentiments of some sentences. As you can see below, both Claude and ChatGPT provide accurate responses.  

  • Proofreading


download (1) 

We also gave the same paragraph of 100 words to both Claude and ChatGPT and asked them to proofread and edit it. As several losses, ChatGPT won this test as it did exactly what we asked it to do. ChatGPT listed both errors and corrections, while Claude only the errors.  

  • Writing Codes 


 download (1)

Finally, we intended to know if Claude and ChatGPT write codes. The two chatbots were requested to write a python code that will determine the factorial of a number that we specified. Both chatbots written codes in a matter of seconds, with there being a slight difference. ChatGPT simply wrote the code whereas Claude went a notch higher and very quickly broke down the whole code and explained perfectly. This is always an advantage for a person who does not fully understand but just needs a basic idea of the code he will be applying.  

So, here is what the report cards of Claude AI vs ChatGPT look like:  


Who Won? 


Factual Questions  


Claude’s response was to-the-point and human sounding. 

Creative Writing  


Claude's gave comparatively more fun, positive, and interactive response. 



Claude gives different responses (ideas) for the same question when asked multiple times 

Sentimental Analysis  


Both LLMs analyzed the sentiments accurately 



Both do a good job spotting errors, but ChatGPT is a better editing partner because it presents mistakes and corrections more clearly. 

Writing Codes 


Both writes codes clearly, but Claude explains every step of the code 

5 Similarities of Claude AI and ChatGPT

5 Similarities of Claude AI and ChatGPT

There are also quite some similarities of Claude AI and ChatGPT. Out of all, here are the top five ones you must be aware of:  

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP):  

The very first similarity of Claude AI and ChatGPT is that both use natural language processing to understand and generate human-like text responses. Both AI chatbots breakdown complex queries and provide relevant answers interactively. 

  • Machine Learning Algorithms:  

Claude AI and ChatGPT are also based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms. As a result, these AI chatbots can improve more and more with experience. They learn from user interaction and keep improving their response efficiency. 

  • Versatility:  

Both Chat GPT and Claude AI can also be used in multiple domains due to its user-friendly characteristics.  

  • Personalization:  

Both Claude AI and ChatGPT offer personalized user experiences. They can evaluate a user’s preferences, previous conversations, and interaction. This enables them to respond to any query uniquely, hence enhancing user experience along the way.  

  • Scalability:  

Claude AI and ChatGPT are designed to scale effortlessly to accommodate large volumes of interactions. They can serve multiple users simultaneously or even incorporate new platforms without worrying about losing control due to increasing demands. 

Unique Features & Considerations 

The Claude 3 Sonnet is characterized by safety features such as Constitutional Curation and Capability Masking. This, supported by Anthropic’s dedication to ethical AI, has the goal of keeping Claude within ethical limits.  

Despite the surrounding safety nets, ChatGPT 3.5 has been caught up in biases and inaccuracies resulting from its large pool of training data. 

Other than this features, here two more different features in ChatGPT and Claude:  

  • Community Support and Extensibility 

ChatGPT enjoys the vibrant community of developers and researchers for being open source at its core. This community-focused approach has enabled ChatGPT to progress much more quickly and incorporate it into multiple platforms and tools.  

On the other hand, Claude’s community is much more locked down and directly controlled by its parent company, Anthropic, which might slow its immediate scaling and adaptation. 

  • Pricing and Accessibility 

Both Claude AI and ChatGPT have free and paid models, so they can be accessible for different categories of users. ChatGPT offers a free option provided along with a paid ChatGPT Plus option.  

Claude has a free trial and a Pro model. But it is highly beneficial for users to access the summarization with enterprise-friendly capabilities, more context understanding, and more advanced mathematical and coding skills.


ChatGPT vs Claude: Which is Better?

From the last section, you probably noted that Claude and ChatGPT have some notable similarities too.  

Both chatbots are premised on a strong LLM that allows them to easily execute tasks like text analysis, ideation, and data crunching without significant difficulties. But, depending on your particular AI use scenario, you may always find one better than the other. 

All that being said, if you are in search of a dependable AI tool that can improve your creative projects, for instance, writing, editing, brainstorming, or proofreading, then you must become a user of Claude. All its answers will be quite natural and concise. Also, you will not have to work with lengthier prompts and outputs.  

But if you need an all-in-one LLM, ChatGPT is the best option. In addition to text generation, you can also generate photos, browse the internet, or link up to your own custom-built GPT.  

Or, if you wish to take things even further; an AI chat bot that automates all your company processes is the smartest idea. In that case, VLink is who you need to get in touch with.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Claude AI better than ChatGPT?

One area where Claude AI surpasses ChatGPT is that it processes more words. The whole new version of Claude 3 can process over 2,00,000 words, allowing it to better understand context in conversations.

Is Claude AI faster than OpenAI?

While Claude takes 5 minutes to execute 52 prompts, OpenAI takes about 7 minutes.

Is Claude AI more accurate?

Most of the AI chatbots struggle with accuracy; ChatGPT and Claude are no exception. While both these chatbots claim to be accurate but there is time when they hallucinate and create their own data and facts.

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