How Digital Technologies Are Improving Patient Experience

For years, hospitals were slow to adopt emerging technologies fearing cost increases and privacy risks. Today, however, with the digital revolution taking over, that trend is quickly changing. 

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The market for digital health is expected to grow rapidly and reach $223.7 billion by 2023.
As both hospital staff and patients grow comfortable with technology’s role in their lives, it’s becoming critical that new care plans are created to maximize opportunities.
Here are some of the ways digital technologies are being used to improve the patient experience.

Updated Patient Portals

One of the greatest benefits to emerge from the digital transformation in healthcare is the better patient-doctor connection. Through direct access to one’s own medical records online, the ability to make appointments and somewhere secure to leave messages for the doctor, both digital and physical worlds are now working to improve how healthcare happens.
In addition to better transparency, this is empowering patients to take control of their health. While patients are getting their requests handled quickly and efficiently, healthcare facilities are also freeing up staff to address other pressing matters.

Access to Connected Apps

Another huge tech trend that’s gaining speed in the healthcare field is the use of connected devices and mobile applications. Most everyone is already using mobile devices for everything else they do each day. Many apps being introduced to the market now also help patients to remember important appointments, stay on top of blood pressure and insulin level monitoring, assist with navigating their way to the right location for an in-person visit, and much more.
These apps not only serve as an extension to in-person health, but they also help make wellness a priority while increasing personalization and the quality of care delivered. This is something that’s being demanded now as insurance premiums rise.

Analytics for Better Care

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of digital healthcare, however, is the ability to collect and analyze important data. On both a research level and for personal care, it’s become possible for doctors and researchers to now identify and address issues quickly. Using data collected about patients, they can, for example, help decide the best course of action for patients, predict things like readmission likelihood, and pinpoint an issue in someone’s family history or physical environment that’s causing their ailments. The power provided by processing large batches of information to extract actionable insights continues to advance healthcare tech forward.
VLink has created a number of mobile applications to help healthcare providers meet changing needs. From a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms that allow users to access and store medical records to an app that assists those with chronic illness and disease to better manage care, our goal is to solve the most complex IT challenges.
VLink has also successfully partnered with healthcare providers to help them nurture and extract data to obtain meaningful insights that improve patient experience and gain operational efficiencies. From a platform to help efficiently manage the patient population with proactive outreach programs using outcome-based analytics, to an analytics solution that offers instant access to accurate data, dashboards, and reports on one platform.
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