How IT Staff Augmentation Helps to Hire the Top Tech Talent

Every large company requires skill up-gradation and workforce recruitment to keep their company functioning and evolving. However, recruiting new personnel based on the current requirement and spending costs in workforce upskill can be complex. In such cases, staff augmentation is the perfect way to keep the company functioning with no time or resource requirement.

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IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing process to hire skilled tech resources externally to fill the positions in the company either temporarily or permanently. It provides additional tech support to the company on a short and long-term basis. IT augmentation complements the skills of the in-house team. Further, companies incur no recruitment expenditure since the vendors supply all resources.

Read with us to know all about IT staff augmentation, its benefits, and implementation. 

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation refers to outsourcing tech resources to provide externally for the lack of in-house company resources. It can be temporary or permanent, on a short-term and long-term basis. The IT staff augmentation services help the companies add skilled resources to their existing in-house team. The augmentation is flexible as per the organization’s needs and project requirements. 

Staff augmentation usually takes place on a contractual basis to complement the tech resources. It occurs by closely analyzing the existing staff IT skills to identify the additional resource requirement. The vendor employs the added resources directly, eliminating the cost invested by the company in making new full-time recruitments. In most cases, the remote workers as part of the staff augmentation work on a specific project for a particular timeframe. 

IT staff augmentation is the best choice to make when: 

  1. There is a team of engineers already working on a particular project, and there is a need for additional skilled workers to work on other parts of the project. IT staff augmentation proves helpful if you do not have enough time to conduct the recruitment process or there are no suitable matches near your local setup. 
  2. The company works on developing new tech products, and there is a need for additional tech support. A company might be unable to find the desired workforce in their areas. In such cases, it is best to go for IT staff augmentation to get past the geographical barriers and hire suitable candidates. 
  3. There is a need for outside help and perspective on the IT projects run by your company. It is imperative to communicate with the remote workers to make them feel like a part of your organization and ensure that they are working as per your needs. Further, this is also crucial for the in-house team and the remote workers to work together on a specific goal. 

Staff Augmentation vs Other Models

  1. Staff augmentation: Under this procedure, the company gets additional tech support from other vendors on their projects. It is an excellent strategy that provides avenues to collaborate and interact with the remote developers like the in-house developers with the vendors managing the administrative tasks. 
  2.  Managed services: In the case of managed services, the entire process of developing a tech project gets outsourced. The outsourcing company is responsible for finding the right personnel and working on the project independently. The client company need not interact with the remote workers or coordinate with them for tasks. They do not even know which stage the project is at or the involved with the final service provided to them when needed. 
  3. Own R&D center: In case the need for additional developers crosses forty, it is best to open an R&D center at a different geographical location to start a new tech team there providing additional support. It opens a wider talent pool of access for the company. However, this also means that the administrative and organization hassle falls on the company to manage.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation?

Multiple Staff augmentation benefits make it the active choice for organizations across the globe. These include: 

  1. Enhanced productivity: There is enhanced productivity in IT staff augmentation because all developers focus on a single project. In other cases, the workers might be managing multiple projects at once, reducing their motivation and productivity. 
  2. IP Rights: Since there is no external agency in complete charge of your development solutions, you can have the IP rights to your name from the beginning. 
  3. Flexibility: There is additional flexibility in the case of staff augmentation since the company can replace developers as per requirement. Further, companies can access unlimited talent for hiring diverse developers and workers. 
  4. Cost efficiency: In the case of staff augmentation, the vendor is solely responsible for providing the developer with the office space and workstation. It reduces the cost of the client company because it compensates for the services and not the resources hiring, making it a cost-efficient model. 

How To Succeed with Team Augmentation?

Even though IT staff augmentation is a proven successful method of onboarding new developers with little liability, the following steps can help you get most of the services. 

  1. Choose a vendor who provides the onboarded developers with a separate team room with all facilities. It helps in guaranteeing maximum productivity without any hassle. 
  2. Make the remote developers feel a part of the in-house team to ensure smooth functioning and maximum motivation for the onboarded developers. 
  3. Avail of the IT staffing services from a vendor that provides additional support in coordinating between the in-house development team and remote workers. It rules out the possibility of miscommunication between different developers and the company. 

VLink IT Staff Augmentation Services in Connecticut and Massachusetts

At VLink, we provide extraordinary IT staffing services to help our clients accomplish their goals with minimum hassle. We extend IT staffing augmentation in Connecticut and Massachusetts with a large talent pool. We have helped multiple companies get support from external developers to work on their IT projects, initiate new projects, and outsource their work. 

VLink Staff Augmentation Process.

After understanding the clients, VLink connects them with the best developers for complete IT resources. After knowing the client’s requirements, we link them with suitable developers willing to work for them. Further, we also provide the additional team with all the facilities to ensure smooth functioning. Together with that, our team of HRs helps communication between the team and the remote workers to reduce miscommunication and ensure efficiency. 

Why Augment Your Team with VLink?

VLink is the best company providing IT staffing services to its clients. We aim for our client’s success by providing them with the most effective IT solutions. We engineer the best IT solutions for complex environments to support companies in accomplishing their goals. 

We are the best IT augmentation staffing choice because of our complete support and helpful communication while working. We connect the clients with developers to ensure smooth operations till the project ends. The adaptability and scalability of VLink rank us as the top priority of our clients, bringing them back to us repeatedly for new projects. 

IT staffing augmentation is an effective solution that aids both companies and external developers. The companies can get their tasks done and seek the aid of external IT sources without any administration hassles. 

Contact VLink today and get rid of all your IT resource worries.

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