How to build an e-learning app like Duolingo? Ultimate Guide

If you want to educate the world via an e-learning app like Duolingo, this blog will help you, from reasons and features to the development process and costs. 

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How to Build an E-Learning App Like Duolingo

Table of Content: 

  1. What is Duolingo App? 
  2.  Why create an e-learning app like Duolingo? It’s time to stats! 
  3.  Must-Have Features of Language Learning Apps like Duolingo 
  4.  Step-by-step process to build a language learning app like Duolingo 
  5.  What is the cost of Duolingo like education app? 
  6.  Contact VLink to Build an e-Learning App like Duolingo. 
  7.  Wrapping Up! 
  8.  FAQs– 


Planning to invest in education app development? Congrats in advance for your success!  

Shocked? How can I be so sure?  

Here is the market overview! 


In the USA, the e-learning market is about to grow to $72.41 bn between 2020 and 2024. Statista says the global eLearning app market is expected to reach almost $400 bn by 2026.  

Below is the revenue of e-learning app growth (2021-2030). 


the revenue of e-learning app growth

Memrise, Babbel, Mondly and so on…….. 


Like these, there are wide array of language learning platform available in the market. With $140 million in annual revenue, 500 million downloads and 40 million active users, Duolingo has become the first top EdTech app or e-learning software.  


 language learning platform available


In this blog, you will explore everything about building a language-learning app like Duolingo.  

Let’s first start with what is Duolingi and its popularity statistics.  


What is Duolingo? 


Duolingo is a language learning platform accessible on the web and mobile devices. It allows users to learn and master new languages, from basic to word explaining.  

Benefits of using language learning apps like Duolingo; 

  • Wide Language Selection 
  • Universal User Base 
  • Engaging Learning Approach 


Why create an e-Learning app like Duolingo? It’s time to stats! 

Here are some stats on why you should invest in e-learning app development like Duolingo: 

Market Stats of elearning app

  • Duolingo earned more than $265.7 million in profits in 2022. 
  • Duolingo boasts an astounding user base of over 500 million registered individuals and 37 million active monthly users. 
  • Duolingo has raised $183.3M in funding over 8 rounds. 
  • With 144,152,500 users, Duolingo is mostly used in the United States. 
  • 49.91% of males and 50.09% of females use the Duolingo language learning app. 


Must-Have Features of Language Learning Apps like Duolingo 


Must-Have Features of Language Learning Apps like Duolingo


Simple Sign-In 

One of the first & foremost features of language learning apps like Duolingo is a simple sign-in process. You can also integrate social media for quick and simple registration.  


Manage Profile & Settings 


Creating a user profile adds authenticity to app users. This feature allows users to manage their Profile while tracking online assignments & other activities. In addition, they can save lectures or educational videos for later revisions.  


Select Course Level

With this feature, users can select course duration and program level per their choice. In addition, they can choose the language they want to learn via the app as per their budget.  

Revisions & Practice Sessions 


Users can integrate this feature into your app to monitor and track their journey and performance. It consists of the user’s history, achievements and punishments. Plus, users can get benefits from speaking, listening & translation exercises.  



If you want to make your language learning app more interesting and innovative, use gamification technology. It will grab users’ attention and seamless the learning procedure.  

Not only do kids enjoy such apps like Duolingo, but adults prefer to use them.  


Assistance & Supports

Every app must have a support and assistance feature for delivering a personalized & fast customer experience.  

 If you plan to build a language learning app like Duolingo, integrate the voice recognition/chatbots feature. It will help users get quick solutions to their queries regarding services, courses and payments.  


Push Notifications 

It’s a key feature for e-learning apps like Duolingo. The push notification feature provides reminders and tracking through daily commands, resulting in increased conversion and retaining users.   

You can make your app attractive and more effective by including these essential features, like Duolingo.  


Step-by-step process to build a language learning app like Duolingo 

 Step-by-step process to build a language learning app like Duolingo


Step 1: Get an App idea   

Before starting your e-learning app development, knowing the reasons for building such apps is essential. You must clearly know what type of education app you want. Then, you can plan functionalities, features, and tech stack you would like to integrate into your e-learning app. 

Step 2: Choose the Right Platform  


Make sure to choose the right platform for your educational app development. It’s a major factor that can determine the success of your e-learning portal. Consider various factors such as app development, timeframe and more to decide. 


Step 3: Advanced tech stack 

Ensure you select tech stack as per your language learning app development platform types. Several platforms include various tech stack approaches and requirements.  


For instance,  

Use programming languages like Kotlin and Java for Android mobile app development. On the other hand, Objective C and Swift are preferred languages for iOS app development, like Duolingo e-Learning app development.  


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 want to know the cost of duolingo like e learning app development


Step 4: Create an appealing UI/UX 


A badly designed education app only leads to the failure of your education application. The users will uninstall it if they find challenges in navigating the features. That’s why UI/UX design is important in mobile app development.  


Keep your Duolingo-like language learning app’s design attractive and simple.  

Take into account following factors: 

  • App’s usability 
  • Wireframe 
  • Information Architecture 
  • Visual design 

Step 5: Education app development process 

After completing the steps mentioned above, you can now start the development process of your learning management system. 

Begin with building an MVP version. It’s not only affordable but also helps you to draw attention of target audience towards your app idea.  


Step 6: Testing your e-learning app 


App testing is an essential part of your e-learning app development like Duolingo. After building an education app, keep it 100% bug or error-free before launching it in the app stores.  

Quality assurance eases your e-learning app development process while increasing revenue coming your way. 


Step 7: E-learning app launch 

After successfully implementing all the steps mentioned above, you must finally launch your e-learning app. Having an app launched isn’t the final stage but the beginning of taking your business to new heights.  

Hiring a dedicated & trustworthy language learning app development company is recommended to guide you throughout the entire process smoothly.  


Bonus Tips to Understand the success criteria of the Duolingo App.

  • Focus on customers 
  • Introduce “real-time translation” and writing feature 
  • Localize your app 
  • Embrace cutting-edge tech stack 
  • Follow UI/UX trends 
  • Invest in pre-launch app promotion  

Now that you are well-versed with features and bonus tips to make your e-learning app successful, like Duolingo. The main concern is how much it costs to build an educational application.  

What is the cost of Duolingo like education app? 


There is no such fixed mobile & web app development cost as it fluctuates from one app to another. Still, the average cost of Duolingo, like e-learning app development, varies from $95,000 to $160,000, with an app development rate of $60 per hour. 

Factors influencing e-learning software development cost – 

  • UX/UI Design 
  • Development Platform 
  • Number of Hours 
  • Location 
  • App Complexity 
  • Time & Efforts 
  • App Type & Size 


These factors can affect your app development cost to a great size. To help you get a better insight, here is the detailed cost estimation for different language learning app development processes based on time. 

Here are the required stages of development costs and time frame.  (Table) 

Project Stages Estimated Time Cost Cost 
Discovery 1-2 weeks $18 – $35 
App Scoping & Analysis 1-3 weeks  $20 – $40 
Design & Development 15 – 16 weeks  $250 – $300 
Deployment & Warranty Period 1-5 weeks  $20 – $75 


Contact VLink to Build an e-Learning App like Duolingo. 

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With our extensive expertise, we specialize in creating innovative education applications that incorporate the latest learning techniques, such as gamification, social learning, blended learning, and interactivities. 

Connect with our team of experts today and discover the power of our eLearning application development solutions. Get EdTech app packed with a wide range of features and functionalities designed to enhance the learning experience. 


Wrapping Up! 


In recent years, the importance of learning a second language has grown significantly. However, due to time constraints, people often find attending traditional classroom-based language courses challenging. 

Consequently, they are actively seeking language-learning apps that can assist them in acquiring new language skills and enhancing their vocabulary. 


Thinking Of creating a language learing app


Frequently Asked Questions
What are business models you can follow for your Duolingo Clone App?

Some potential business models for a Duolingo clone app could include subscription-based pricing, offering premium features or content through in-app purchases, partnering with language schools or institutions for promotional partnerships, or generating revenue through targeted advertisements or sponsorships within the app.

How does an e-learning app like Duolingo works?

Duolingo, an e-learning app, works by providing language courses through a combination of interactive exercises, quizzes, and lessons. It utilizes gamification techniques, adaptive algorithms, and user-generated content to personalize the learning experience and track progress for effective language acquisition. 

Duolingo, an e-learning app, works by providing language courses through a combination of interactive exercises, quizzes, and lessons. It utilizes gamification techniques, adaptive algorithms, and user-generated content to personalize the learning experience and track progress for effective language acquisition.

Building an education app like Duolingo offers several benefits, including personalized and gamified learning experiences, accessibility across devices, flexibility in learning schedules, cost-effectiveness compared to traditional language courses, and the ability to track progress and provide immediate feedback, enhancing language acquisition and motivation. 

What challenges might you face in Duolingo, like education app development?

Some challenges in Duolingo-like app development include designing effective language learning algorithms, creating engaging and diverse content, ensuring accurate translations, maintaining user motivation, and addressing technical constraints such as limited storage and processing power on devices. 

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