Mobile Applications Changing the Dynamics of Healthcare

In today’s always on, always connected world, where mobile devices have made their way to just about every area in the world, it was only a matter of time before the devices became an important tool in delivering critical health services to large populations and making treatment and diagnosis more affordable.

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Today’s mobile healthcare market and mHealth technologies are improving patient outcomes by connecting medical professionals to more patients and making care just an app click away.
These new solutions are combatting rising costs and gradually shifting the market towards value-based care systems that ultimately improve patient outcomes.
Technologies such a wireless sensors, video teleconferencing and mobile applications that promote engagement between the patients, doctors and critical health data are leading the charge in delivering better care for all.
Here are just a few examples of the ways VLink has helped clients to build mobile applications that are changing how healthcare is delivered and received today.

Patient Engagement Apps

Designing apps with the patient in mind is an important part of the success of mobile healthcare apps. Users are looking for a simple log-in, up-to-date information and valuable data. Expectations of apps that work seamlessly and quickly to deliver important information is a critical focus.
When a U.S. healthcare company asked VLink to provide a secure platform where patients could store and access their medical data, they architected, designed and developed a hybrid mobile app using Apache Cordova with all data hosted on secure cloud servers with 256-bit transfer encryption.

Get a Doctor Consult via a Mobile App

When a healthcare provider in India came to VLink with a desire to deliver care to patients that saved time and money and provided them with 24/7 immediate access to doctors, they created a solution that delivered on all fronts. Not only did it solve the issue of having doctors available at any time, it also allowed users to store and manage medical information as well as upload images and lab result documents securely and easily. The mobile health app also delivered a method for patients to contact doctors when they had a question about their medical issue or wanted a second opinion. The app searches for doctors based on their focus, location, rating and more and consultations can be made via video, phone or chat.
For doctors, the added benefit was that they can set their own schedule, gain additional income and receive payment right through the consultation app.

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