Omnichannel Customer Experience: How this Buzzword changes everything for your business ROI?

As we continue down the digital transformation highway, technology is becoming more important in our daily lives. The numerous types of digital devices within arm’s reach are making online experiences more integrated.

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Similarly, as people trek on these innovative pathways, marketers and customer support reps will need to actively respond as well.

Instead of a desktop, mobile, or tablet experience, the customer’s journey needs to be leveraged as one, holistic approach — a seamless omnichannel experience that customers can use at their disposal.

However, most companies often fail across digital platforms because they are insufficiently aware of customers’ experiences via omnichannel marketing.

In this guide, we’ve broken down all that you need to know about omnichannel customer experiences. Including what, why, and how to help your company roll over the competition and pursue omnichannel lead generation ASAP.

What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel refers to the multichannel sales outlook to marketing and selling that provides the customer with a cohesive shopping experience.

Each channel works together to create an integrated encounter – It can be via mobile and desktop devices providing a seamless customer experience.

However, the terms omnichannel’ and ‘multichannel are sometimes used mutually, but they’re different when it comes to the definition:

  • A multichannel experience works across more than one platform, for example, email and phone.
  • An omnichannel experience works and covers every possible platform, so there’s never a break from the customer’s perspective.

How can Omnichannel improve customer service?

With an effective omnichannel solution, customers will no longer have to use a single channel to engage with a company or brand.

Studies show that 73% of customers switch between multiple channels while making a purchase.

Also, Omnichannel shoppers spend an average of 10% more when shopping online compared to those who interact with brands via just one channel. Resulting in increased demand for omnichannel customer service. But, not just demand, omnichannel also helps improve customer service. Here’s How-

  • Offers more options for customers to interact with the business.
  • Enhanced sales and customer retention.
  • Improved customer experience backed by context.
  • Better quality of customer data collection.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Builds customer trust with brand accountability.

What is Omnichannel in B2B? 

From a B2B perspective, omnichannel is about being present in all the places where a customer expects you to be. Omnichannel B2B sales give your customers a unified experience no matter what digital platform they are using.

According to McKinsey, a staggering 83 % of B2B marketers believe that omnichannel selling is a more efficient way to secure and prospect new business than traditional sales approaches, given the hurdle of targeting new customers and higher costs. 

How to enhance the omnichannel customer experience?

Using omnichannel engagement means you are using a complete marketing strategy for the benefit of your customers. It overarches customer service along with lead generation. Along with this, you can further improve your omnichannel experience by doing these 2 simple things:

  • By analyzing how the content in your marketing funnel is significant to you client’s journey, you can find out how different types of content appear. You can make decisions based on whether the content is informative, instructive, and engaging enough for the target audience.
  • You should know your customers’ journey end to end to provide them with the best insights.Mapping out a customer’s journey on a regular basis will help you keep an eye out for any changes in behavior.

What is an Omnichannel shopping experience?

Today, customers have the opportunity to make purchase decisions at nearly every turn and click they make on their devices. As a result, merchants or sellers have to keep up and be prepared to make retail as easy, and enjoyable as possible.

When these retail decisions are made via omnichannel solutions, it is mostly known as offering an omnichannel shopping experience. This brings retailers a lot of brownie points when making a sale.

Omnichannel shoppers not only tend to have bigger shopping baskets but exhibit more brand loyalty and satisfaction to respective businesses.

In fact, a survey by Omnisend states that businesses using omnichannel earned a 90% higher customer retention rate.

Boost your ROI now!

As you can see, an omnichannel marketing strategy isn’t something “nice-to-have”, it’s already the future of sales– shoppers expect great omnichannel customer experiences.

There are various software solutions to help you make the buying process a seamless experience or map your customer journey and streamline the sales process, one such all-in-one omnichannel solution is- VLink. VLink works as central respiratory offering services from omnichannel presence to strategic workforce solutions all under one roof. Don’t miss out!

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