Outsourcing Software Development Services- An IT Decision Maker’s Guide

Is your IT team dealing with many projects at once? Outsourcing software development or a part of the process can help alleviate the pressure from your in-house team. You, however, need to find the right custom software development services provider to reap maximum benefits from your outsourcing investment. 

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From startups to big-scape companies, an efficient IT team is at the core of all organizations’ smooth functioning and growth. When your IT team is stretched with an overload of tasks and responsibilities, outsourcing is inevitable to preserve efficiency in IT operations.

In-house vs. Outsourcing

Scouting, onboarding, and training an in-house team of software application developers require office space, a full suite of development infrastructure, and a provision for ongoing learning and training. The cost of this undertaking is more than the monthly salaries. Moreover, your employees will call in sick and require vacations, while you are obligated to pay for insurance, pension, and taxes, all of which add up to your expenses.

Outsourcing software development is faster and more budget-friendly than in-house development. You can choose to delegate either one individual process or the entire mobile app development project. Since every software development project will require you to rethink your team composition – outsourcing gives you the flexibility of finding the right pool of talent for the project at hand without having to keep them in-house for a long time.

Listen to what Michael F. Corbett is the Founder & Chairman of IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals®) and an international author, speaks about the current trends in software development outsourcing practiced by many global companies.

Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing Software Developmen

Reliability, Uncertainty, and Trust

A perfect pitch is never an assurance of the credibility of your dedicated software development services company. You might want to know if they can really walk the talk and are reliable to work with. You can find these answers on their website by checking the company history and what they are offering. 

Also, remember to observe their social media activity, past projects and case studies, third-party reviews, and client reviews that will give you a real view of their performance.

Domain Expertise

No two software development projects have similar requirements. Hence, you may want to look for an outsourced team that can offer you a comprehensive skill set of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. You can ascertain their competency by looking at their portfolio of recent projects.

Knowledge, Tools, and Proficiency


All offshore outsourcing firms claim to have proficiency in advanced technologies and highly-skilled developers. However, do your due diligence before sending out your project requirements. To this end, start with a basic evaluation of their skills and knowledge of the latest technologies. Also, ask about the resources they have used in past projects and their team planning and learning process necessary for staying up-to-date with new or upcoming technologies.

Hidden and Uncertain Costs


For most businesses, outsourcing software development appears to be a smart cost-cutting move. However, there are hidden costs if your outsourced team lacks all-around expertise. Poor performance of your vendor can result from communication gaps. Recurring changes in requirements may mean that you and your outsourced team aren’t on the same page.

Hence, prioritize your prospective team based on relevant expertise and the outlook on service delivery.

Time-zone Adjustment


In this digital age of remote working, modern work models involve alternatives to real-time personal connections as employees are now working from all corners of the world. However, time zones can present a challenge in inter- and intra-team coordination. 

You must ensure daily communication to carry out time-zone negotiations with your outsourced team. If feasible, consider investing in arranging in-person meetings, especially with your nearshore software development company. Contemplate partnering up with a vendor that offers unlimited, 24/7 access to software developers.

Service Quality and Performance


Delegating your software development tasks to an offshore software development team allows you to leverage the greater expertise and experience of professionals. Their detailed QA and testing process facilitates the early detection of issues and bugs, thus reducing the risk of errors in your software. 

To ensure high service quality and performance in their custom software development services, a rule of thumb is to understand the project’s methodology and the tools and techniques to be used.

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Whether you are looking to augment your IT team or want a reliable nearshore software development company to chart your complete development process, VLink can help. Our custom software development services are modeled around your project’s unique complexities, goals, timeline, and budget. 

We always start by outlining project specifications that help you understand your project itinerary and correct any inaccuracies from the get-go. This paves the way for accurate planning and administration of process workflow. We also help you determine the right skill set your in-house IT team lacks and thus put together a team that can truly complement yours.

Working with VLink for your outsourced software development allows you to benefit from our rigorous testing to check your product from beginning to end for any flaws. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure optimal QA testing to reduce the risk of error.



Both in–house development and offshore outsourcing have their pros and pitfalls. Hence, carefully understand factors like time scale, expertise, communication, and budget before starting your software application development.

VLink has diverse tech talent and access to effective Agile and Scrum software development resources. Our workflow processes are transparent, so you can be as involved as you want at every step of your software development project. We boast a great reputation and an impressive track record to show for it. If you are looking to evaluate how outsourcing software development makes sense for your business growth, consult with VLink today


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