The Future of Work: Preparing for Human-Machine Interactions

The workforce of today looks completely different from that of even 20 years ago. New technological advancements have shifted how everything operates. As we prepare to move into a new decade in just a few months, we’re looking ahead to the future workplace.

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We’re not just incorporating computers and the Internet into our processes today, but human workers are working more and more alongside machines. They are interacting with one another to complete job tasks unlike they ever have before.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and several other technologies require a new type of laborer for optimal productivity and efficiency to be achieved.
Understanding how to prepare your workforce as these changes start to happen is key.
Here are some of the ways you can prepare your workplace for these innovations so you’re set-up for success from the start.

Create New Job Roles

As machines and robots work to handle more data and streamline processes, new, high-value job functions must be created. This will involve redesigning job roles and creating new ones focused on boosting customer’s experiences and quality output. While machines are made to augment the human worker and bring automation benefits, human workers can be better paired with their compatible skillsets. Using machine learning and intelligence to create new functions means they’ll have a more fulfilling, dynamic and rewarding career than ever before.

Start Training Early

Modernized infrastructures are part of the future of work. For human workers, future-proofing their careers means understanding how to best work alongside machines. Skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and increased creativity will become a more important focus.
This step will play an essential role in how quickly businesses can adapt and grow as machines and humans work together. Working through challenges early will also mean machines have time to learn and lean each other’s strengths. The ultimate goal is for humans and machines to work together flawlessly.

Hire Specialized Talent

While machines are bringing many benefits to the workplace, there will still be a requirement for human workers with specialized skills in workplaces.  Thanks to the internet and mobile technologies, there is also a greater opportunity for workers to be located anywhere across the globe and even hired on a per-project basis to deliver highly-specialized skills needed for a project.
For all those tasks that machines cannot handle or that human workers in the everyday work are not trained to perform, it’s important to continue to augment talent in the workforce with those possessing specialized skills as we move into the future workplace.
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