Top Considerations for Choosing the Best Mobile App Development Company

Did you know that only 0.5% of mobile apps are truly successful?

According to recent statistics, people open an app over 11 times a day, and over 20% of millennials open an app over 50+ times a day.

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Did you know that only 0.5% of mobile apps are truly successful?

According to recent statistics, people open an app over 11 times a day, and over 20% of millennials open an app over 50+ times a day. An average smartphone owner uses 10 apps daily (30 apps per month). And yet, out of every 10,000 apps created, 9,999 will fail. That’s right – a whopping 99.99% of mobile apps fail. While there are several app development services that can create an app for you today, it’s critical to hire mobile app developers who can guarantee the success of your app. Here are 10 parameters that define a best-in-class mobile app development company.

Ten parameters that define a best-in-class mobile app development company

1.     Reviews and feedback

Original testimonials and customer feedback accurately show how adaptable, trustworthy, and successful a mobile app development company is. A reliable company has no problem highlighting client reviews and feedback on its website.  A successful and dependable company will:

  • Have more good reviews than bad ones
  • Reply to both positive and negative reviews/feedback
  • Implement feedback received by clients.

Pay special attention to reviews and feedback regarding projects similar to yours.

2.     App Security

App security is critical to safeguard your app users’ financial and personal data from cyber threats or viruses. A best-in-class mobile app development company will ensure your app’s complete security with:

  • Source code encryption
  • High-level authentication
  • Backend security
  • Minimal storage of sensitive data
  • Multiple levels of data security
  • The latest cryptography techniques.

3.     Effective delivery management

Effective delivery management refers to all the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure the effective and timely delivery of your product. The best mobile app development company will ensure transparency and provide you and all the stakeholders with regular updates at every stage of your app’s development. That will ensure your app is created exactly as envisioned during the pre-development stages. Regular updates also ensure open communication and minimal communication gaps between the developers and you. Equally important, it ensures the shortest time between idea creation to coding and programming, testing, and then acceptance and delivery of your app.

4.     App design standards

There are apps, and then there are brilliant apps. The difference is that a brilliant app is flawless, exemplary, and based on visionary, ingenious, and artistic designs. App designs combine the user interface (the overall style and the correct use of colors, fonts, contrast, and design principles) and user experience (functionality, design, and performance). Hire mobile app developers who understand various app design standards and how to use them properly.

5.     Trusted quality assurance and testing measures

Testing an app for bugs and errors and quality assurance are critical aspects of an app’s development. A reliable company will not hurry through these steps. Instead, they would take the time to:

  • Corroborate scalability across platforms
  • Ensure the app can handle massive users
  • Analyze the app for usability and functionality
  • Guarantee consistency across multiple platforms
  • Verify optimal user experience for long-term success
  • Test the app’s behavior under a wide variety of performance requirements.

6.     The team behind proposal development

A sales team’s role is clear – to entice you with promises that do away with all your pain points. In an attempt to win your business, a salesperson could end up making promises that the tech team cannot deliver. A reliable company will ensure the proposal is created by both their sales and tech teams to ensure they can deliver on their promises of:

  • Functionality
  • Features
  • Timeline
  • Budget

7.     Ethics and values

A reliable mobile app development agency will have ethics and values that mimic your own. A company’s ethics and values might be hard to evaluate before you begin to work with them, but you can assess the company based on the following:

  • The active participation of all team members involved
  • Equality between all the parties involved
  • Accountability and client satisfaction
  • The ability of team members to make immediate decisions
  • The ability of the team to achieve strategic goals
  • The ability to use resources in the proper manner
  • Transparency ensures all the stakeholders have access to information.

8.     Operational practices and management capabilities

There are two aspects of the operational practices of app development services. First, the company must have in-depth knowledge of the software development industry’s latest and best practices. A company that uses best practices is more credible than one that does not. It shows that they have been thinking ahead and conducting extensive research so they can always do the best job possible. 

The second aspect of operational practices is the company’s ability to adapt those best practices to suit your requirements.

 9.     A diverse range of work

Reliable and best-in-class mobile app development services have experience creating many types of apps. The app development portfolio, case studies, and team description on a mobile app development company’s website can provide insight into the:

  • Number of apps created by the company
  • Types of apps created
  • Technology and designs used
  • The various industries served include healthcare, manufacturing, financial, retail, etc.
  • Skills and specialties of team members

10. Technology stack

A technology stack refers to a set of technologies (tools, frameworks, and programming languages) that are stacked together to build an application. When reviewing mobile app development services, hire mobile app developers who can suggest the best technology stack for your app. They should also have the confidence, experience, and resources to provide you with your requirements.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing mobile app development services to ensure your mobile app does not end up as one of the 99 % unsuccessful ones that are churned out. The success of your app depends on the reputation, reliability, technical know-how, experience, and work ethic of the mobile app development agency you choose to build your mobile app.

About VLink: The company has over 16 years of experience developing cross-platform intelligent mobile applications that meet and exceed your expectations. From helping you decide the best take for your mobile app to the development, testing, and delivery of the final product, VLink provides you with a dedicated team of mobile app developers to do it all. VLink has expertise in building iOS, Android, and IoT mobile apps.

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