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As a premier platform for mobile app development, Flutter provides numerous advantages for businesses. This open-source framework has revolutionized mobile app development, expanding business potential to effectively connect with their target audience.  

Statista reports Flutter as the most popular mobile app development technology for four consecutive years, globally employed by developers to create versatile apps accessible across various devices. 

Number of flutter framework used by global developers

With the continuously increasing popularity of Flutter as a cross-platform mobile app development, business owners often have one question, "how much does Flutter app development cost?" 

The Flutter app development cost varies from $20,000 to $200,000. The exact cost to build a Flutter app for Android or iOS depends on different factors and aspects. This blog will explore all the essential elements required for Flutter app development.  

Why Should You Invest in the Flutter App Development Project for Startup? 

Here are several reasons to invest in Flutter app development for startup:  

Why Should You Invest in the Flutter App Development Project for Startup

Top-Notch User Experience

Flutter provides a wide range of customizable widgets that enable the creation of visually appealing and consistent user interfaces across different platforms. It can contribute to a positive user experience, which is crucial for the success of a startup app.  

Fast Development with Hot Reload

Flutter's "hot reload" feature lets developers see the effects of code changes in real time without restarting the entire application. It accelerates the development process and aids in rapid iteration.  

Adoption by Popular Companies

Several major companies, such as Alibaba, Google Ads, and Reflectly, have adopted Flutter. It demonstrates its capability to handle diverse and complex applications, adding credibility to the framework.  

High Performance

Flutter apps are compiled into native ARM code, which can result in high performance. The framework is designed to work smoothly and efficiently, providing a responsive and seamless user experience. 

Lower Development Cost

Developing a cross-platform app with Flutter can be more cost-effective than maintaining separate development teams for iOS and Android. It also reduces the time required for development, testing, and maintenance. 

What is the Cost to Build a Flutter App? 

Determining the cost of developing a Flutter app is not a one-size-fits-all calculation, as it encompasses multiple phases influenced by various factors.  

The cost estimation for Flutter app development typically falls within the range of $50,000 to $200,000 or more, considering the diverse factors inherent in the development process.  

Calculating the precise cost entails thoroughly considering all the variables involved across different phases of development. 

Factors Impacting the Cost of Flutter App Development  

Factors Impacting the Cost of Flutter App Development

Factor #1 - App Complexity

The categorization of Flutter apps into three sub-levels, namely basic, medium complexity, and highly complex, depends on various criteria.  

These criteria include deployment architecture, the development of an admin panel, integration of third-party components, inclusion of built-in features, incorporation of hardware device functionalities, and the adoption of top mobile app development technologies like AR, AI, Blockchain, IoT, etc. 

Here is a Flutter app development cost breakdown based on complexity levels: 

App Complexity Levels 


Estimate Costs 

Basic App 

A fitness app with meal and workout suggestions 

$50,000 to $60,000 

Medium Complex App 

A messenger app with audio and video calling functionalities 

$60,000 to $80,000 

Highly Complex App 


$80,000 or above 

If you want to build an MVP before investing in a full-fledged product, please check critical insight on choosing Flutter for the MVP app development process. 

Factor #2 - App Category

The cost to build a mobile app is notably influenced by the category or type of app created. Various app categories, including social networking, e-commerce, gaming, healthcare, and enterprise apps, come with distinct requirements and features.  

For example, developing a comprehensive e-commerce app that includes features like inventory management and payment gateway integration is likely to incur a higher cost than creating a basic utility app. The unique demands associated with the chosen app category are vital to overall development costs. 

Factor #3 - UI/UX Design

The development cost of a Flutter app is significantly influenced by its UI/UX design, which is a crucial element. For example, a visually appealing and intuitive design comes with a higher cost than a more straightforward and minimalistic app design.  

Although you have the flexibility to choose the design approach for your app, select intuitive designs and animations to enhance the user's connection with the app. 

Here is a Flutter app development cost breakdown based on the design process: 

App Process 

Design Tasks 

Average Development Time 

Average Development Costs 

App design research 

Market research 

Competitor analysis 

Market trend analysis 

Selecting ideal solutions 

Based on the niche and available resource  




UX design 

Rough sketches 

Low fidelity wireframes 

High fidelity wireframes 


Simple- 10-14 hrs 

Medium- 50-60 hrs 

Complex- 150+ hrs 





UI design 

Mood boards 

UI mockup samples 

Final UI mockups 

Simple – 14-20 hrs 

Medium- 80-90 hrs 

Complex- 100+ hrs 





Creating brand identity

Logos, icons, and social media


Animation & illustration 

Visualizing user and on-screen content 

Direct manipulation 

User action visualization 

Based on the level of animations  



Factor #4 - Tools and Licensing

While Flutter is free for commercial use, enhancing functionality and streamlining the development process may necessitate investment in various integrations and tools. For instance, incorporating third-party APIs facilitating communication between different programs through defined protocols becomes essential. Additionally, more advanced APIs may be required for broader usage. 

In addition, developing Flutter apps involves using specific tools, commonly known as IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) or Flutter app builders. These are specialized software integrations designed for constructing modern cross-platform Flutter apps.  

Popular options include Android Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, PyCharm, and others. The choice of IDE significantly influences development workflow and the overall quality of your apps.  

Understanding Flutter App Development Cost-CTA1

Factor #5 - Development Team Location

The geographic location of your Flutter app development company is a critical factor that impacts the overall cost of app development. Developers in regions with a higher cost of living generally charge more for their services compared to those in areas with lower living costs. 

Here is a cost breakdown of Flutter app development hourly rates as per team location: 


Hourly rates ($/hr) 

Western Europe 


North America 


Latin America 








Factor #6 - Development Resources

The selection of development resources is a critical determinant of the cost of Flutter app development. Choosing between freelancers, in-house teams, or outsourced software development team involves considering distinct benefits and cost structures. 

While freelancers may offer lower hourly rates, they may need more expertise and resources found in established agencies. In-house teams offer greater project control but come with higher overhead costs.  

Outsourced developers can provide a balance of expertise and cost savings, contingent on their location and experience. Your decision regarding the dedicated development team will significantly shape the overall cost of developing your Flutter mobile app.  

Factor #7 - Experience of Flutter App Developers

A proficient Flutter app development company can create sophisticated applications with exceptional features and functionalities. 

Here is a rough estimation of Flutter app development as per the experienced development team: 

Estimate Cost 

Simple App 

Medium App 

Complex App 





UI/UX Designers 




Project Manager 




QA Specialist 




Business Analyst 









Factor #8 - Update and Maintenace

Many Flutter app development companies typically offer a limited period of free maintenance services, usually extending up to two months post-launch. Subsequently, you may need to engage dedicated maintenance services to ensure ongoing support. 

These maintenance services typically account for approximately 15-22% of the development budget. It is advisable to allocate a portion of your budget to cover these potential costs.  

Factor #9- Third-Party Integration

Third-party integrations encompass tools and APIs that furnish external functionalities such as digital payment gateways, auto-filling forms, biometric verification, and 2-factor authentication. 

Most integrations typically operate on a subscription or pay-as-you-go model, meaning the cost depends on your usage frequency. As your target audience expands, you may have higher costs associated with these integrations.  

Factor #10 - App Release on Different Platforms

After completing the development of the Flutter app, the next step is to publish it on app distribution platforms. Both app publishing platforms, Google Play Store and Apple App Store, charge reasonable fees for app launch. 

App Platform 

Release Cost 

Play Store 

$25 one-time fee 

Apple App Store 

$99 Only 

Understanding Flutter App Development Cost-CTA2

Real-World Examples of Flutter Apps with Timeline and Cost Breakdown 

Having gained insights into the fundamental factors influencing Flutter app development costs, let's now explore the expenses and timelines associated with developing Flutter apps for different application types.  

We've assembled information on the development costs and timelines for various existing apps across diverse industries, each representing distinct levels of complexity, to assist you in understanding the landscape. 

App Category 

App Name 

Average Cost 



BlaBla Car 


4 to 6 Months 


YouTube Live 


5 to 10 Months 

Social Media 

WhatsApp, Telegram 


8 to 10 Months 

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to build a Flutter app?

To build a Flutter app, follow these steps:  

1. Install Flutter and Dart SDK.  

2. Use a code editor like VS Code.  

3. Create a new Flutter project.  

4. Write your code using Dart.  

5. Test and debug your app.  

6. Customize the UI with Flutter widgets.  

7. Deploy your app to platforms like Android and iOS. 

What are the challenges you can face when creating an MVP?

Creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can pose challenges such as limited features, potential user dissatisfaction, and scalability concerns. Balancing minimalism with functionality, obtaining valuable user feedback, and addressing technical debt is crucial. Additionally, resource constraints and prioritizing features require careful consideration to deliver an effective MVP while setting the foundation for future development. 

How to reduce and optimize Your Flutter app development budget?

To optimize your Flutter app development budget, prioritize features, choose a cost-effective development team, leverage open-source packages, and implement efficient project management. Reuse code where possible, streamline design elements and employ cloud services judiciously. Regularly assess and adjust the project scope, considering the long-term impact on costs and benefits. 

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