Nearshoring IT Staff Augmentation: Everything You need to know

When you’re looking for a cost-effective IT staffing solution to augment your in-house developers’ team, a neighboring country can be a fitting solution. There are several benefits to utilizing talent that isn’t located too far from your region.

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When you’re looking for a cost-effective IT staffing solution to augment your in-house developers’ team, a neighboring country can be a fitting solution. There are several benefits to utilizing talent that isn’t located too far from your region. Let’s look at what those benefits are and the situations where this staffing model known as nearshore IT staff augmentation works best.

What is Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation? 

Nearshoring is outsourcing software development to a country located geographically closer to yours. For example, if you’re based in Washington DC, you could hire developers from Ottawa, Canada. The local time in Washington is the same as in Ottawa. Or you could turn to the considerable coding and programming talent in Rio De Janeiro, which is two hours ahead.

The staffing model is an alternative to onshoring – hiring engineers from your country and offshoring – expanding your in-house team with tech experts located in a geographically distant country, for example, India. Each staffing model has its own advantages. Offshoring is typically more cost-effective compared to the other two models. But you’d have to work around the time-zone difference and identify overlap hours for meetings.

Who Needs Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services?

Some situations in which nearshore IT staffing is a great option are:

  • You’re located in a second or third-tier city that has a shortage of the IT talent you need
  • You’re an SMB looking to add full-stack developers, product managers, or data analysts but don’t yet have an internal recruiting team
  • You want top talent to launch a product or service that will allow you to enter a competitive market
  • You have some experience with outsourcing but desire more control and ease of working by reducing the time zone difference


Benefits of Augmenting IT Staff with Nearshore Talent

IT Staff augmentation is a way to ramp up your development process without investing in infrastructure or a lengthy hiring process. Quality, speed, and cost savings are assured when you use nearshore software outsourcing from a trusted provider. Let’s look at the top three benefits of this model.

  • Education and Experience

Access to world-class talent is a major attraction of nearshoring. You don’t have to look far or limit yourself to your state or country. Neighboring countries may have the talent you need to scale up and speed up time to market. Going back to the previous example, you could make the most of Canada’s tech talent availability and top-quality labor to meet your project goals.

Are you looking for IT staff augmentation with lower rates? You may be more successful if you consider Latin America, whose talent pool is growing and attracting a number of multinational IT companies. It’s worth mentioning that hard-to-find skills in Latin American countries command rates close to or on par with US rates. According to, US companies are gladly paying the right talent six-figure incomes. So, the competition can be tough.

Here’s when going through VLink can help you find nearshore talent quickly and at a price you can live with. We managed IT staffing services covering experts from various domains, including cloud architects, DevOps engineers, emerging data engineers, mobile applications developers, and database administrators.

Once you’ve identified what you’re looking for in the software developer or other role you want, discuss the skills and qualities you require. We will connect you to the talent that fits your needs, on your short- or long-term project. As we have a large pool of qualified and certified professionals, we’re able to match our client’s requirements with the right talent quickly, including for senior IT roles or executive-level positions.


  • Similar Time Zones

A huge benefit of nearshore IT staffing is the easy meeting planning and collaboration possible due to no time zone difference or a small difference of not more than two hours. You or your in-house team can engage with your nearshore team during in-office hours. Fast collaboration can speed up development. You don’t have to worry about managing the delays and frictions that arise within distributed teams in different time zones.

The above factors also contribute to a more enjoyable collaborative experience, which in turn boosts job satisfaction. This is even more important when you’re utilizing nearshoring for a long-term project and want your in-house and distant team members to support one another and remain committed to delivering excellence for the duration of the project.

The other advantage is the greater level of control in decision-making that comes from a single, simple workflow as opposed to multiple workflows required for an offshoring team. You’d save time on coordinating work between teams, which you can spend on other critical business tasks. You’d also enjoy more flexibility in planning work and wouldn’t have to tax your brain on finding a solution that works for everyone.

Better control translates to better quality. Nearshore software outsourcing can make a difference to the overall quality of your product, helping you gain a competitive edge. Yet another way nearshoring can help boost product quality is by minimizing the friction that tends to arise when working in culturally dissimilar teams.


  • Cultural Similarity

A cross-cultural team is wonderful in that offers everyone an opportunity to become more culturally aware while also expanding their knowledge of technology and different markets. On the flip side, a culturally diverse team will require everyone to be sensitive to one another’s opinions, practices, and working styles as they relate to their cultural and religious backgrounds.

Nearshoring is a collaboration spanning countries located on the same continent or involves people who’re familiar with one another’s cultures. Adapting to new working or communication styles is more accessible, which reduces the chances of misunderstandings within teams. It doesn’t require team members to acquire a whole lot of cultural intelligence to blend in and collaborate effectively.


Ready to find nearshore IT talent?

Grow your team with highly qualified tech professionals who have the cultural understanding to contribute unitedly to your project’s success. Schedule team meetings during office hours. Enjoy the flexibility in project planning and collaboration. Speed up time to market, reduce development costs, and meet IT staff shortages expeditiously.

You can start right away – drop us a line about your nearshore IT staff augmentation requirements.

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